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Original title: Undesirable person: Original female singer is like snow ” cure is hurt ” exposure, did not wear the dress as expected, do not have even bandage ” undesirable person ” the gut of the 5th season is very good-looking, the young associate that believes to seek theatrical work is very much still. Although also have not little vermicelli made from bean starch,saying groovy gut, actually, it is groove just is spat after watching, if did not look, spit groove to also do not have any meanings in that way. As hero Li Xingyun come on the stage, gut also calculates lighted. Not only such, if after snow meets, Li Xingyun and female singer are to scatter candy wildly more, such emotional line is praiseworthy still. Person! It is emotional animal, must emotional play is indispensable ” activator ” . Of Li Xingyun ” Hua Yang stitch ” very fierce, laoli began to drive in drama, let Ji Ruxue take off dress cure to hurt. However everybody did not think of, original female singer is like snow ” cure is hurt ” exposure, did not wear the dress as expected, do not have even bandage. Probably, this ability is the gut that vermicelli made from bean starch thinks to see most!

20220225071023 621880df2afb5

We need to see the look of Ji Ruxue bingle first here, bingle female singer is not constant club like snow. Actually, if,this is dark slick way, very rare animation likes such playing, and it is to cover a road to play a way. Young associate speaks, li Xingyun became a hunderd li to record the pattern of wind alive. Why so say? Still not be the model that feels new more and more ascend wind like a hunderd li, and Ji Ruxue also was become alive ” Yan Lingjiao ” appearance. No matter how say, still should flatter here Ji Ruxue, bingle really more comely, bingle foils gave temperament.

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It is next ” delimit key ” , these are the gut that should lean. If snow cure is hurt,help female singer is before beautiful conjugal love, nevertheless, the picture still is same picture, setting also is same setting. But the director said, first set is ” Ji Ruxue ” did not wear the dress. Of course, wearing the dress also is not to say you can see. This camera lens can be inapproachable, change a point of view you also can experience a kind of hazy beauty only.

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After original gut exposure, vermicelli made from bean starch breathes out continuously, this ability is the gut that we think to look. Right, ji Ruxue is strip cure injury not only, and connect bandage also did not have. Actually, this bandage is from the back add, everybody understands is how to return a responsibility, it is after all ” river crab ” reason, because affirm here,should appear of a bit thing. And bandage is the most perfect set, as to the shoulder that wears a band, that is not important. If let Li Xingyun know small north hurt his snow, that still does not jump.

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No less than is said before us, although Ji Ruxue did not wear the dress, this occurrence keep out content or conference appear, than the left hand of the Li Xingyun in face of as above drawing. In fact, this ability is ” river crab ” of force powerful. Why did bandage change again from the back? Return leave out so not little trouble, the director also need not expend idea to consider the issue of angle and picture, final it is the result that we see, bandage appeared.

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