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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” Song Xiaobao ex-wife, Huo Yunlong’s elder sister comes on the stage, hold out match with king technician The rural light comedy that makes by this hill medium ” rustic love 14 ” from the twelfth month of the lunar year 22 since broadcasting very popular all the time. On Feburary 23, pass a month broadcast periodic, member edition will end formally in this day.

20220225071110 6218810ea55fb

But from ” rustic love 14 ” in light of gut and narrative mode, had not come on the stage finally at present. The contradiction of line of a lot of feeling in drama still is in become acute, without assuasive evidence. And big ending draws near, again new actor is joined, if be put in drama of other movie and TV,affirm abnormal. But ” rustic love ” everybody was used to. ” rustic love 16 ” had left patted. Is the 14th big final result significant still?

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In the old practice that replaces recently, always the king technician of strong orchard takes a female client to be consumed to mountain villa. Result, because of mountain villa rotate, the clerk goes burning boiler, this sufferred intense dissatisfaction of the client. This female client has a lot of to be able to be offerred. Her true name is, acquaintance calls her, she also is act in drama ” upright and foursquare ” of Mr. Zhao prentice one of, it is her close elder brother.

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Allegedly Huo Yungong and suddenly cloud dragon are twin, but their appearance and temperament differ completely. In addition, huo Yungong still has another capacities, that is Song Xiaobao’s ex-wife. Say Huo Yunlong is wife’s younger brother on the net, song Xiaobao, it is out here.

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Before Song Xiaobao becomes famous, he and suddenly Yun Gong are the partner on duo arena, cant cries ” a pair of frame ” . Through long collaboration, they each other produced feeling, went finally one case. 2017, song Xiaobao and suddenly Yun Gong dealt with divorce formalities, opinions vary about the reason of the divorce. Specific it is we also do not understand what situation, party also carries this paragraph of marriage rarely now.

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Huo Yungong is this to gues-star come on the stage. Be in when her king, when playing with technical personnel, I feel they can develop completely. No matter will look from Yan Zhi or temperament, they are quite suit. King technician currently holds the post ofcummer plum with his deputy always, want to call far from. Additional, depict their emotive setting is too little, each other are too unfamiliar, this is not love should some appearance. Be in plum in deputy total memory, king the eldest brother that still is inferior to her as the position of technician and 2 elder brother. Illuminate such going down, how long can they become have more than is needed again friend.

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If playwrite can be thorough,mining comes from Huo Yungong and king, technical personnel, very should interesting still. ” rustic love 14 ” near end, ” rustic love 16 ” filming in full blast. This drama should pat how many, became the topic that the audience often discusses. With respect to eye antecedent condition looks, ” rustic love ” did not halt the plan that take at all, still fostering actively ” below one echelon formation ” .

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Recently, 010 3 0 10 ” star 2 generation ” add many parts newly, those who present as leading role to act the leading role is a pair of twin of Zhao, elder brother personate ” the treasure of king ” ” , little sister personate ” than carrying ” . Some searchs the new undergraduate Dong Yang of treasure service station, it is actually ” Yu Tianniang ” actor Xiao Suqing, daughter. King and Yang Xiaoyan, the one’s own son that son Wang Jinsheng is Tian Wa and Guo Liying actually

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Act Xie Tengfei, cao Tongrui, it is the Cao Xing that acts Ma Zhong, son, and Pi Zhigao is plum deputy total close elder brother. ” rustic love ” similar case still has a lot of.

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In the mountain villa before, date on the meeting, have a daughter that wears purple dress, meng Zi of the wine in 010 3 0 10, daughter, be called He Yanyan. One pair is ” mountain villa chef ” working couple is to act Song Fugui actually, zhang Xiaofei, with the He Meiling that acts Li Wenjing, daughter and son-in-law.

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” rustic love 14 ” , it is true, ourselves person contends for fetch. Illuminate such going down, people pats Xie Tengfei jokingly 80 old age, come true really likely still.

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