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Original title: 1979, zhong Wei finds Huang Kecheng to arrange the job, huang Kecheng: You are be being waited for 2005, drama of a homebred war of resistance against aggression ” bright sword ” horizontal sky is born, the dragon of cloud of leading role plum inside makes the part of a widely known quickly also. In drama ” triangle of advance northwest iron ” it is humanness place more take delight in talking about, so the teleplay backside that place of achievement of high-ranking military officer of my army share adapts this basis, who is true Li Yunlong after all? We come to thorough knowledge below this is grumpy, disposition honest and frank, fight bold and powerful and tenacious ” Li Yunlong ” , understand his brilliant lifetime. Before introducing this put sb on the spot, we need to understand an issue actually, that is ” iron triangle ” archetypal, be many my army general actually ” mix body ” . And the absolutely leading role in serving as drama, li Yunlong is the achievement of the person such as Wang Jinshan of my army general and Zhong Wei actually, mix and come, among them one of prototype that Zhong Wei also is the Ding Wei in drama.

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Wei of bell Wei bell, was born in Hunan to make the same score river county October 16, 1911, cloud of Yuan Mingzhong pace, battle-scarred of lifetime of bell Wei major general, the scar that leaves because of bullet wound up and down all over is as high as 53 place! It is when the battle is the most intense, the scalp of bell Wei major general the quilt plays ream one part, left hand also is hit to cross by bullet, be in even in the battle, be hit even intestines! These scars do not have the illustrious battle achievement that revealing bell Wei major general no longer, this also is why to be after founding a state, chairman Mao nods him to be the crucial reason of chief of staff of Beijing military region personally. Wei major general hits the bell to battle resemble ” mad ” like, extremely bold and powerful, be in at this o’clock ” northeast data of military affairs of 3 years of war of liberation ” in in the script that writes Dong Yewu division, can flank is reflected. The team is medium this unit department most snappy a division, assault force is the most powerful, progress is rapid, the battle is seasoned, attack prevent have both, in order to strike, dash, give a hot pursuit 3 fierce celebrated. Be good at motion fighting, for division of brunt of the first class in the team northeast. And this Dong Yewu division that is known as division of first class brunt, the division commander is Zhong Wei. Speak of the reason that bell Wei major general can attend revolution, still depend on the Peng De Huaiyi 1928 hitting smooth river county, that year of Zhong Wei year only 17 years old. He is working in the ground of oneself at that time, hear county of nearby smooth river transmits an intense sound suddenly, the Zhong Wei in those days still does not know, this is report of a gun actually.

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Wei of stage photo bell feels smooth to river county has happy event which, put firecracker outside, pay no attention to to this in the heart so, till his teacher Yuan Keqi searched,come over. Yuan Keqi, apparently identity is one teachs teacher, but the subterranean Party member that is the Communist Party of China actually, erupt when smooth river county after the battle, he listens immediately come out this is report of a gun. Then he looked for Zhong Wei to let him go to a county making explore news, zhong Wei strong removed courage to feel a county in, zhong Wei is recollected later, “Everybody says I am brave, the calf that actually I feared that day quivered, there is inherent ironside on the world. ” attended revolution with respect to such bell Wei, subsequently Peng De Huaiyi hits smooth river to suffer a defeat, and Zhong Wei also the army that take advantage of an opportunity joined Peng Dehuai, was to join a the communist youth league first, red Army man of Chinese workers and peasants played formally 1930 later, of the same age in August, join a Chinese Communist. After playing a Red Army man, zhong Wei’s warlike and ambitious disposition slowly show came out, in the battle, zhong Wei should hear report of a gun only, can disregard oneself safety forth assault, because this suffers,also pass greatly small not little injury. Arrive all the time 1932, zhong Wei is appointed to be red army group because of battle achievement section chief of division of youth of ministry of politics of the 3rd division, was by preferment again second year the political committee member of 12 groups. Zhong Wei was participated in revive the area opposes war of encircle and suppress entirely 5 times, qualifications and record of service is rich and generous, the Red Army turned over be defeated of encircle and suppress the 5th times 1934, my party decides to have expedition.

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Wei of stage photo bell also acts under orders to lead a ministry to play long march, arrive all the time October 1935, central Red Army arrives at North Shaanxi successfully, zhong Wei also is appointed to be 15 army group head of department of politics of the 78th division. After erupting in war of resistance against aggression, country in all two parties spread out collaboration the 2nd times, the Red Army also accepted national government adapt, zhong Wei also is enrolled in the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan. June 1939, li Xiannian leads bell Wei put under, be appointed to be detachment of guerrilla warfare of independence of comfort of another name for Hubei province committee member of the 2nd round politics one duty, rate ministry launchs guerrilla warfare fight in ground of Hubei Henan have a common boundary. But be in this period, zhong Wei’s ambitious and warlike disposition is offended to him again came to to bother, because Zhong Wei advocates active and active offensive, will open the phase of base area with this. But this nods the deploy that leads with superior however to conflict each other, the person such as Li Xiannian thinks, here the first important or urgent business is to save oneself, consolidate the development of base area. But Zhong Wei is not very self-identity, he thinks the soldier has a responsibility only, that fights namely, call victorious battle especially! Produce conflict with the person such as Li Xiannian for many times so. Again after the time is much later, zhong Wei also is overcome really this is angry, move then came oneself guard class, taking wife child to break away from army, head for North Jiangsu area all the way.

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Stage photo is in the road that heads for North Jiangsu, zhong Wei still hit a few with the Japanese army, this ability breaks through tight encirclement smoothly to come to North Jiangsu, enter Huang Kecheng’s general. Again later, zhong Wei is in Huang Kecheng’s general, start a war for many times with the Japanese army, contused greatly Japanese army taxi is angry, promoted North Jiangsu area the development of my army base area, be appointed to be the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan so the 3rd division deputy brigade commander of the 10th brigade. And watch Lixian to read aloud here instead, after be informed Zhong Wei to sever greater part line, in the heart extremely rusty, fled with respect to cognizance Zhong Wei at once, preparation makes public Zhong Wei’s crime, undertake to Zhong Wei critically. But had not waited for critically congress to hold, li Xiannian was informed on the press that from me party place releases, because Zhong Wei stands to leave meritorious military service and be appointed to be deputy brigade commander of the 10th brigade the message of one duty. This also lets the person click of the tongue such as Li Xiannian say to surprise, can be Zhong Wei is not accused and other action was to violate military law after all, although did not pass to penalize more at that time, but this also is the main reason that why is he awarded major general later and is not a lieutenant general. The bell Wei major general with this ambitious and warlike disposition, be opposite not only the enemy is fierce, and to friendly forces also very ” fierce ” . Base area is faced with the Japanese army and Kuomintang at that time army double block, so goods and materials shorts extremely, the 10th brigade also is in short supply because of goods and materials, apply for to assist to base area. But base area also is ” landlord home does not have surplus grain ah ” , after the collection that has been in one time, the goods and materials that talent pool gives one share gives Zhong Wei.

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Canvas and Zhong Wei sees the goods and materials that he needs did not give sufficient, so in the heart very angry, give orders to let scout the platoon ambuscades go up in the road, the area place appoint the secretary captured firm firm ground to be beaten. Of course paper is not to include fire, this issue is very sharp by the area appoint the secretary informed superior over there, after superior hears of, at once be furious calls Zhong Wei rebuke of firm firm ground immediately. Face the rebuke of ranking Huang Kecheng, zhong Wei also resembles Li Yunlong in that way, identify Song to making careless key point at the same time at the same time, claim to still have such thing actually? Be impenetrable simply! Foolish to Zhong Wei’s outfit fill be stupefied, huang Kecheng follows a bright mirror in the heart like, considering Zhong Wei nevertheless the area can be hit very much, so after a rebuke, also did not penalize too much, went back with respect to Wei letting a bell. Arrive all the time 1945, war of resistance against aggression gains final victory with Chinese people and declare ends, but right now another war, privately be pregnant with is worn. 1946, jiang interpose Shi Ji writtens guarantee a large number of forces launchs full-scale attack to liberated area of my Central Plains, subsequently Zhong Wei acts under orders to lead a ministry to head for northeast, northeast later field army begins to integrate reorganize unit, zhong Wei’s army also is by reorganize 2 vertical the 5th division, zhong Wei holds the post of a division commander. 1946 winter, kuomintang army center advantage military strength to begin ” first south hind north, north is attacked to defend south ” fight guiding principle, send 4 army military strength is attacked to me.

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War of liberation and Zhong Wei also receives military orders to head for assist, in transient backer collect when, abrupt, hear southwest Jiang Jiatun and king Kui inn there tumultuous. Through reconnoiter, discovery is enemy 87 division two battalion are in 262 groups this. Because be in the battle before, zhong Wei is taking 5 division to was not pulled battle greatly dozen, not be to destroy railroad, coordinate brotherly force namely diversionary enemy, the road did not run less to did not eat less painstakingly, did not destroy how many enemy however. So in Zhong Wei’s heart very hold back is bent, it is this to cooperate to fight, in the heart more rusty, hear of suddenly hear the enemy can be hit, zhong Wei is very happy, make judgement: instantly? Lot of ⒆ of  of school of  of  of large of honest of τ of Shun of raw meat or fish? of Jie of source of tip of second caries  but politics appoint put forward crosscurrent however, politics appoint think east entering is overall situation, ranking command is the discipline of iron, we cannot covet at the moment interest, shake headquarters determination, although this battles outhit, we also are wrong. Stern view hits Zhong Wei, it is incorrect that he thinks defy superior commands, dan Yi by accident opportunity for combat and influence overall situation is more incorrect. Opinion be locked in a stalemate, opportunity for combat is about to miss soon, zhong Wei issued determination:” so decided, stay to be hit here, hit a fault, behead drops a head I am being carried, hit! “Disposition firm intense of Zhong Wei, the day will not be afraid that the ground is not afraid of on dauntless drive, from March 10 before dawn arrived at 5 o’clock afternoon at 2 o’clock, zhong Wei is being connected received Lin Biao 3 instant east the cable that receive, he rise superior to. Because Zhong Wei saw the change of war situation, he surrounded 88 division a group, and enemy 87 divisions are reinforcing in outpace. Accomplishment of bell Wei military affairs is good, battlefield ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, fleeting of opportunity for combat, but the eye that does not escape to cross him. He organizes army assault, attack enemy reinforcements at the same time, the case report Lin Biao that changes battlefield at the same time.

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The enemy that war of liberation emphasizes surrounding backer collect particularly achieved the goal that brings the enemy into play, that meaning is very plain, the inning that makes annihilate enemy came, I am here dozen, you bring other unit into play to cooperate me at once! All along persistent Lin Biao eventually by Zhong Wei insist what to move, this battles hit take the branch for the root, 1 even if mix 2 even if be moved,come over, directed Lin Biao, zhong Wei also reputation is accordingly big brace up. 5 division are entire finally annihilate a of 88 division whole group, had turned over the 87 division that reinforce comes to before stall personally again, lin Biao is led again one, 6 even if be in into with one action on the west country of Guo Jiatun full wipe out army 87 division, obtained 3 lower reaches of the Changjiang River to be gotten the better of south completely. Whole fight south 3 lower reaches of the Changjiang River, full force of north of allied forces of my northeast democracy kills captive to hurt in all enemy 15250 more than person, gained tremendous victory. Does Lin Biao say: later?  Duo of  of Ta of ふ of neon of Wan of  of aunt of Gua leech タ swims bully Kuang but? of Sui of  of aunt of タ of Wo of  of  of  of ferment rapid eggplant is below Lin Biao’s clappers, commend of Dong Yetong report, “I 5 division are become enemy 88 division pull out from backer collect when, this division instantly voluntary go into action, this kind of enthusiasm that fight and maneuverability, praiseworthy with carry on. “Zhong Wei is promoted to be 12 column commander by abnormality of 5 division division commander by Lin Biao at the beginning of 1948, this is peerless in system of whole the surrounding country, zhong Wei is from the division commander direct promotion is column commander one exclusive. Nevertheless Zhong Wei can fight, can call victorious battle more, but Zhong Wei’s disposition and disposition are too a bit more fretted still, according to old comrade-in-arms of Zhong Wei, the memory of Liu Ruyan of deputy chief of staff of Guangzhou military region.

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Wei of bell Wei bell grabs a thing is ” ace ” , in those days troops just goes when closing, departmental be to be short of clothes little food, especially the ammo is more in short supply. Once, 5 division quarter at of Zhong Wei somewhere, at this moment two of commander-in-chief of northeast field army carriage cars, from the course in their place where troops are stationed. Generally speaking, resemble the carriage vehicle of headquarters, the army next can make an inspection a bit only with respect to discharged, but Zhong Wei was not done so however. 5 division also lack an ammo at that time, listen to examination staff say, above this replete ammo firearms, this falls to become very happy Zhong Wei, decide to give these two cars at once barred. Give the ammunition above entirely with respect to order unit subsequently move in army, see 5 division officers and soldiers resembles ” cateran of block the way ” general, the officer of responsible escort in transportation is obliged Xiang Zhongwei complaint, this is the ammo that headquarters wants, how were you grabbed? Doing not have those who think of is bell Wei old hand one brandish say, “Hit Jiang Jieshi, what to still divide my your, I lack just right ammo, stay here I can make more reactionary groups! ” a word gives controller rancorred to go back, strike back writes later a piece of a paper strip for sealing, give chief belt goes back, saying is 5 division were used first. Zhong Wei still gives promotion this a paper strip for sealing later, because be in the war of later period, the speed of Kuomintang be defeated is too fast really, my army is chased after do not chase after.

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Stage photo right now in the city suburban it is the quartermaster depot that Kuomintang leaves everywhere, then Zhong Wei is in prewar, handwritten many ” 5 division a paper strip for sealing ” , give bottom bottom line, let them affix this a paper strip for sealing after occupational storehouse, should do a certificate. Still once, ministry of Zhong Wei rate assaults Wen Jiatai, after capturing successfully, captive large quantities of Kuomintang army, but a trial comes down, become an officer without a few actually. This lets the bate in bell Wei heart, give orders to let this approve captive to begin to run round place where troops are stationed then circle, this method as expected very effective, kuomintang is new 5 army army commander Chen Lin is amounted to with respect to amid. And northeastern overall situation already was decided, when doing not have too great war, zhong Wei can give army deputy division commander and politics appoint administer, and oneself run to Harbin to dance, for this Zhong Wei did not endure ranking criticism less. 1948 the end of the year, the opportunity that the strategy counterattacks came, below the directive of the Party Central Committee, northeast field army makes next bright and beautiful states first, the force of block the enemy’s retreat and then destroy him is formed later, preparative full wipe out is adherence northeastern Kuomintang army. But right now the Party Central Committee is aware of the Kuomintang of Shenyang army, have south escape the intent of battalion mouth, then Chairman Mao personally Zhong Wei of name a person for a particular job, command Zhong Wei heads the minitary force of 3 division, wu should escape south block enemy surely. After Zhong Wei receives an order, demur does not say to come to army, and the officers and soldiers of 5 division is in after seeing Zhong Wei come back, know to have again battle greatly want to hit, morale of horse and foot is so high.

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War of liberation is in as expected of Zhong Wei guide below, my army the military strength with 3 division, smashed successfully Shenyang Kuomintang army the intent plan from battalion mouth flee in disorder. Till distant Shenyang battle ends later, the Party Central Committee undertook unity reorganize, zhong Wei is appointed to be a the Chinese People’s Liberation Army the 49th army one duty of army commander. After distant Shenyang battle passes, northeast field army acts under orders to close, zhong Wei also acts under orders to be being taken 49 army all the way south below, arrive all the time July 1949, aggression of ministry of Zhong Wei rate comes Changsha. Here the cornstalk Zhong Lailiang that he saw him long parted more than 20 years, in those days when Zhong Wei leaves home town to attend revolution, bell Lai Liangcai 8 months are big, the feeling that an ashamed remorses is had to this child all the time in bell Wei heart so. This Zhong Wei led a ministry to hit Hunan again, give this son with respect to group person at once so received beside come, preparation and he chats a little well, deepen feeling. Can be father and son two did not say on a few words, the report says the enemy came to army, bell Wei readily take the opportunity to jumped, say ” anxious did not meet the ceremony gives a son. “After 3 days, zhong Wei led a ministry to eat off Kuomintang that army, his excitedly come back to say to the son:” Boy, pa sends you army. Pa sends you army..

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Canvas Zhong Lailiang however Lie wears the mouth says:” Father, I want to plan an issue in Changsha. “Zhong Wei listens was stupefied, he feels from the heart those who owe this child is too much, but he cannot give this child look for a job. Does he think oneself child by what become privileged? Then he exports:” I see you, it is the fellow of a farm, go back. “Zhong Lailiang also very if listening to father, thenceforth has conscientiously land till the land, all one’s life with crops associate with, had not touched a bit light of father. Till new China is built later, my army began to undertake be awardinged greatly holding 1955, zhong Wei although battle achievement is illustrious, qualifications and record of service is very deep also, the old revolution that begins from Red Army times. The error with but the bell is great small size also made many, so central final assess, zhong Wei gives major general military rank, hear this news, the general of this disposition honest and frank was troubled by again rise. Zhong Wei thinks how he is worn again also should award a lieutenant general military rank, award major general military rank now, so in the heart very malcontent, allegedly angry at that time path wants Zhong Wei to put decoration on dog tail. This thing was informed by the chairman later, told Lin Biao then, enrage Delinbiao to called up Zhong Wei to tongue-lash ability to finish sth, actually the chairman also knows Zhong Wei’s military rank is a bit low.

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Lai Zhongwei is the pay according to the lieutenant general is treated all the time after place of war of liberation, the chairman is returned later personally name a person for a particular job, wei letting a bell holds the position of chief of staff of Beijing military region, be a model ” low hold match high ” . Can say, zhong Wei’s ambitious disposition is perforative lifetime, because disposition is ambitious,hit so battle will not be afraid of death, establish meritorious military service repeatedly, return finally by the chairman personally name a person for a particular job. Because disposition reason lets Zhong Wei offend,also can be will be bothered greatly, august 22, 1959, on the enlarged meeting after cottage hill conference, lin Biao indicates a trusted follower to conceive rise in revolt to Peng heart. Zhong Wei looks to go nevertheless, be Peng Zong speak out from a sense of justice at once with respect to station one’s previous experience, good the mistake of criticize Lin Biao, this lets Lin Biao very bear grudges. It is then in the political motion later, zhong Wei meets with person defile by criticize and denounce sb, fortunately nevertheless the chairman still marks a case of this individual character all the time later the battle like fire will, zhong Wei this ability gets rescued. Although get rescued,do not cross right now Zhong Wei, but was forced to leave army however, the deputy office that is constituted to be hall of agriculture of the Anhui province is long, left from this the more than 30 army brigade career that carry. On December 24, 1980, central the Central Military Commission allots the Wei that it is a bell to rehabilitate a file to Beijing military region, via central approval, zhong Wei of chief of staff of headquarters of Beijing military region leaves his post recuperate, by corps job pay is administration surely 7 class, rise again after for pay of the position of a deputy to the chief of an office of main forces district.

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The Zhong Wei after stage photo is rehabilitated finds old ranking Huang Kecheng to ask to arrange the job, and Huang Kecheng understands Zhong Wei very, persuade him then, “You are staying, if fight again,can look for you. ” healthy day of general of Wei of after this bell is poor, take to one’s bed and never leave it again, died on June 24, 1984, die at the age of is 73 years old, still stay before Zhong Wei dies have a letter or note left by one immediately before death, roughly content is as follows. “What pay need not reissue to me after I am dead, because sons can live, myself also did not owe any items of an account; My television and freezer hand in a party as party membership dues. Before holding memorial meeting and spirit to me, leave, scatter my ashes of the dead in smooth river, Tian Yueshu courtyard, the place that we uprise. The place that we uprise..

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