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Original title: ” day dragon 8 ” : Mu Wanqing and king words handsome, after all who is the first belle Perhaps be to get numerous ” day dragon 8 ” the influence of drama of movie and TV, since Wang Yuyan is the first heroine,a lot of people always feel, and will paragraph praise those who confuse mesmerize, so Wang Yuyan is the woman with complete the prettiest theatrical work certainly, sure more good-looking than Mu Wanqing. But if we read the origianl work of Mr Jin Yong carefully to meet,discover, be not however actually such. Between origianl work, belt black gauze is when Mu Wanqing just came on the stage, so first time depict when her appearance appearance, it is her when brook edge drinks water, kept below half pieces of her face, article of book Central Plains is: “She leaves mental tip, complexion white be bored with, one if is carried on the back, smooth and glittering and translucent, even half Xiaoma child also do not have. Small mouth of a piece of cherry is address and decorous, the lip is very thin, two fine fine tooth is like broken jade general. ” subsequently, jin Yong used 8 words to describe at this moment the Mu Wanqing that there is water on the face ” jade bear bright phearl, hua Ningxiao is shown ” , such depict lets a person feel special to have picture feeling.

20220225071221 6218815513cd8

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Will see the picture to Wang Yuyan appearance again, when Mr Jin Yong is keeping Wang Yuyan’s appearance, do not have solid write, just wrote Wang Yuyan and immortal elder sister very resemble ” at the moment this girl besides dress alien besides, face, eye, nose, lip, auditive, color of skin, figure, brothers, not was in unlike actually, as if is Na Yu resembles reviving. ” but although very photograph resembling, still differ somewhat however ” at the moment the girl is dignified however in contain babyish, by comparison, however this girl is more some vividder before jade resembles comparing ” , the depict that handsomes to king words that is to say is very resemble immortal elder sister, but the immortal elder sister that still be carved without jade it seems that and becomes is fresh. The response that in the appearance of the Mu Wanqing in other people eye and Wang Yuyan Xieer’s woman sees Mu Wanqing is: “She this cross-eye eyeball is born too beautifully, called a person to see exceedingly is envied, wish I also am born so a pair, be born on the face of your this Zhang Meili, more disastrous. More disastrous..

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Yun Zhonghe is kind of medium cacodaemon, his evaluation conviction is not actually big, but he can not hesitate to rip turn against with Yue Laosan for Mu Wanqing, roughhouse, it is it is thus clear that in Yun Zhonghe’s heart, mu Wanqing compares common belle certainly many strong. Dao Baifeng sees Mu Wanqing the first reaction is ” this girl is really beautiful also ” , be opposite later paragraph praise those who say is ” girl of your that wood just is unique and incomparable beauty ” , ruan Xingzhu’s evaluation is ” this girl, be your daughter a thousand pieces of gold? Click of the tongue of click of the tongue, it is a beauty of beauties really ah ” . Actually above what these people say is again much again good, also be inferior to the evaluation of this individual is next convincing, this is offended is Duan Zhengchun of the king austral the town, duan Zhengchun and Yun Zhonghe are different, yun Zhonghe is to satisfy his animal desire only, and Duan Zhengchun is true wind month ace, read all one’s life female countless, his evaluation to the female is to want what a few dimension spend prep above someone else. From a few his beauties the bosom friend can see, what Duan Zhengchun savours is tall, of eye accurate. And when he sees Mu Wanqing for the first time, be such ” the king austral the town saw son look, foregone its meaning, see Mu Wanqing appearance is beautiful, acclaim secretly: “Praise eye is right. ” the woman that can allow Duan Zhengchun to acclaim secretly, say whats are redundant again actually.

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Paragraph praise to Mu Wanqing and Wang Yuyan the evaluation of appearance says to cause Wang Yuyan to everybody finally more beautiful than Mu Wanqing this one inflexible impressional is main reason, that is a lot of people it is a station actually was in paragraph praise 2 people are needed in light of the perspective. First for say paragraph praise the reaction when seeing Mu Wanqing, paragraph praise when the Mu Wanqing that sees half face for the first time, in the heart easily, feeling Mu Wanqing is solid is a peerlessly beautiful belle. Mu Wanqing complete picture sees in first time later when, duan Yuquan body one shake, the gave oneself first kiss that cannot refrain from, using his word to say is ” I see you are born too beautifully, cannot help really ” .

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Be in paragraph praise when with wood beautiful Qing Dynasty gets along, ever more than those who thought of Mu Wanqing is fine-looking, even can cruel-hearted;acquiescence;connivance Mu Wanqing destroys a look after he is dead, be in it is thus clear that paragraph praise in the heart, mu Wanqing is absolutely beautiful, so paragraph praise when encountering Wang Yuyan, be what kind of? He sees Wang Yuyan in first time when, what think of above all is not this girl have much beauty, however she very resemble immortal elder sister.

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From now on later be in paragraph praise in the heart, what Wang Yuyan became immortal elder sister is vicarious, the author also nods palpability when giving a name for this two chapters this, the Na Yizhang that jade of immortal elder sister resembles sees in Duan Yuchu, paragraphic name is called ” all along is crazy ” , and the Na Yizhang that sees Wang Yuyan, be called ” from now on drunk ” . Paragraph praise from what come on the stage that momently, the author wants to be his fashion into namely ” crazy person ” , he is in when understanding male and female issue, right flower, right chess, had shown oneself to the book ” crazy ” . And when paragraph praise arrived age, after the issue that the men and women understood in muddled, the first lets what he is obsessed with for it is immortal elder sister, and the account that makes him such be obsessed with should be to have 3, the first it is him had not seen however before this like immortal elder sister such woman, should knowing this jade is statuary is not beautiful only, she is returned ” smelt metal is colourful clever, the state that quite Gou Hun photographs soul ” , paragraph praise the teenager that is a work that never passes a men and women, and be raised all the time be in palace king government office, ferial li of seen opposite sex the elder besides oneself is slave-girl of a few servents, where had seen this waits for a woman.

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The 3rd, paragraph praise when seeing immortal elder sister, be oneself were immersed in hopeless situation in, he feels is immortal elder sister helped him walk out of predicament. Say to let so paragraph praise fall in love at first sight, one by accident lifetime is not Wang Yuyan, however immortal elder sister, wang Yuyan just is immortal elder sister is vicarious. Just be to be in triplex of edition ” day dragon 8 ” middle praise crazy all the time arrived finally, and in repair newly of edition ” day dragon 8 ” middle praise woke finally, when paragraph praise when the jade that sees immortal elder sister again resembles, he understood: “I see language beautiful is her previously infatuate, whole heart is bound to her, complete cannot own. The family makes fun of, nipping, my a bit does not become aware abashed. Language beautiful is niminy-piminy to me, go-by, I also care nothing right-down. such belittle oneself, regarded her as because of me only in cave ‘ elder sister of immortal elder sister ‘ , make me befuddled, muddle-headed unexpectedly, did a shameless toad. That is not language beautiful had what charm to enchant I, it is myself heart is born completely ‘ heart demon ‘ , enchanted oneself. Enchanted oneself..

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Say to be in origianl work so, wang Yuyan is a peerlessly beautiful belle really, but think she is whole book the first belle, it is to stand in completely paragraph praise the judge that the perspective goes to doing. Actually from paragraph praise the evaluation can see Wang Yuyan and king madam and feature of Li Qiu water are basic and same, but Mrs. Wang is done not have in numerous beauty bosom friend of Duan Zhengchun particularly outstanding, saying Wang Yuyan is in the book so also should be top-ranking level only, do not be alone the existence of first gear. Of edition of other explicit publish in installments ” day dragon 8 ” in, of Wang Yuyan be called Wang Yuyan formerly, sound angry without so celestial being also wave. And Mu Wanqing is called Mu Wanqing all the time, mr Jin Yong uses paragraph praise the buccal evaluation to this name is: “Water wood Tsinghua, beautiful Qing Yang. Surname well, name it may not be a bad idea ” , since gentleman of commonplace of just think gold can give Mu Wanqing such his very satisfactory names, what reason does not give her a perfect appearance again?

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