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Original title: ” between the world ” draw near ending, does public praise go low continuously? Netizen: Skill good shop sign, by batter down ” between the world ” above criticism. As CCTV, begin drama, no matter be fame or welcome degree, compare very hard with contemporaneous work look.

20220225071301 6218817dba530

As the development of gut, this times that attracted countless audiences eyeball makes fun of to had neared end greatly. But ought be the enthusiasm that seek theatrical work when upsurging continuously, public praise glides continuously however, be oppugned by the netizen even: “Skill good shop sign is hit to get have cuts and bruises all over the body. ” how be to return a responsibility after all?

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Often make up, from the point of individual angle, ” between the world ” leave high low go, because,basically be 4 big hard injuries. 010-101 ” between the world ” in have countless females part, but what take heroine scenario truly is Chengdu of week of beautiful of the Song Dynasty. In 3 children of Zhou Jia, as only girl, she is very fond of by parents as a child, by elder brother protection, be taken care of by the little brother. Although her life is very hard, but she is very happy and comfortable.

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Be the happiness because of the family, nurturance the disposition that she paddles her own canoe. For love, she can abandon family, a person is off to distant parts, can say even ” had not been born when her ” . Although it looks very independent, but it also is indicating the brushstroke of week Chengdu inhospitality and selfish disposition.

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Later, zhou Rong heroine bright article, show share developed acme, of Beijing University talented woman, well-known poet wife honor each falls on her body, say to gain both honor and money to be divided nevertheless. However, these undeserved reputation also became the chains of her body. Plus her disposition, she and Feng Huacheng were on the road of the divorce finally.

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However, this does not affect Zhou Rong to continue to succeed. Although do not have Feng Huacheng, be like,his back still has crazy the Cai Xiaoguang that if await drunkly,wears. Can say, zhou Rong’s life has matched wonderful, the aureola of leading role also differred.

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When the child is small, the home is helping the little brother raise, he works hard, busy career. See the child more and more after not be close to oneself, concern for alleviation mother and daughter, he helps daughter Tan Lian love. Finally, I let Zheng Juan agree with the feeling of this kind of nondescript with thickskinned, I do not know Zhou Rong is to stem from what psychology reason. The likelihood is the Everyman of ideal prep above of bookman.

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I must say, song Jia is worth double heart, he makes Zhou Rong completely vivid come over. No matter be young when high-spirited and vigorous, when still divorcing, do not agree to lower one’s head, it is vivid.

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Big female advocate the script goes bad a field, is leading role aureola true so be convenient to use? If said to take the scenario of heroine, so south the scenario that took heroine to counterattack. He is born in under the mistake, his life ought be enveloped in a shadow. Zhou Binkun became the light of his life, enlightened his lifetime.

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Common saying says, the favour of drop water, emerge fontal look newspaper. The third that Zhou Na does not say to he gives to award female very appreciate, but he also should use up filial piety. But rich father came, the manner of he and poor father fall out lets synthetic perspiration colour really.

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Break silver to have conscience? According to normal principle, the life is full of the family of love in, zhou Na’s disposition not so should actual. More what is more,the rather that, this rich father once still had injured the person of his mother deeply, when the airport is sent off, blurt out ” pa ” , how do knowing really cry.

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Still a bit must say, although playwrite has can advocate cold door goes out expensive child this, but have a place rather too child of home of drive up week, zhou Bingyi and the week of on one generation the Beijing University on Chengdu take an examination ofing is excusable. The Zhou Nan that can leave one people of a certain kind and Feng take an examination of clear north to follow have a meal like drinking water simple, those who be like clear north to leave for them namely is same, and the child that watchs others home instead, hardly one is become big implement, if to highlight leading role fierce, that anyhow also is taken an examination of plain big, those who big what hand in also go.

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Nevertheless Zhou Nan also is not on the body nod completely without glitter, when following Feng is parting, establish next oath to want to take pa Mom to walk out of smooth word piece, from here also can see, in Zhou Nan’s heart, zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s position are anybody of be not a patch on.

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But a word of Feng gives directly often make up pullback reality, so these are the surface says the move is Orphean only, arrived Feng that, move word leaving light piece it is to help sb to fulfill his wishes their two the individual’s feeling, good lord, one whole do not have greatly language lived.

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In newest gut, zhou Nan is ready to help others for a just cause to die unfortunately in abroad, although this individual sets all the different kind to be not worth, but the fall from the sky of a young life still lets a person feel to sob. Ought be auspicious time, be about to learn to go back to the motherland accomplish one time serve as greatly, can stop life pace at this point however, when can saying only also life also.

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How to wash again also won’t white, the bad sex of in one’s heart does not change. Luo Shibin regards the amount to in whole department theatrical work as not much great villain in drama, if sow the wind and reap the whirlwind also calculated, can go up in his body not only not, became the entrepreneur of a return home after getting fame or money instead, you say gas is not enraged. And in newest gut, have Luo Shibin to wash white suspicion more, make investment to home town, the thing talks on a dining table with Zhou Bingyi, Zhou Bingkun, was like the estrangement between a few people to be done not have completely.

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But if everything can develop orderly according to this also have not cannot, zhou Nan had two father be very fond of, zhou Bingyi helped assistance successfully also, zhou Bingkun is happy also running from what be in a slap-bang shop. But the day fails the person wishs! How cannot the deep-rooted bad habits of in one’s heart of guest of person of a white horse with a black mane also change, after the message that is informed Zhou Nan to go up personally accidentally, pulling Zhou Bingkun to come up is academic, actually this also can understand, exclusive after all bone blood was done not have so, the affirmation in the heart will be afflictive.

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But speak to Zhou Bingkun when him: “Nan Nan is my son, beautifuling as Zheng is my woman, the ort that you just ate me to remain ” when, never mention it Zhou Bingkun, with respect to screen outside often make up fist hard, had waved even on barrage ” even death would not expiate all his crimes ” model of written characters.

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Really, smooth pummel already cannot vent one’s anger, want to say aloud only: “Grasping elder brother is hit well ” honest too make a person angry.

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In the end of good and evil has a cable eventually, be well-meaning crammer only? Common saying says, be apt to has be apt to to sign up for sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, and this ever had seen in a lot of teleplay, although leading role process experienced the twist that pass and twists and turns, but finally still is big satisfactory final result. But ” between the world ” in, zhou Bingkun and Zheng beautiful husband and wife weigh affection not only justice, on children of filial piety parents, be issued to lower levels, and to brother, friend also be to be able to be helped with respect to the side, it is two old good person completely.

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But good person fails finally to get good reply however, obviously Luo Shibin speak rudely, zhou Bingkun utterly discomfited, but Zhou Bingkun of in the end should be imprisoned condonable. Zheng Juan just is obviously in those days victim, can fall on his knees in Luo Shibin’s the head of a bed, beg his wife to let off Zhou Bingkun, true too let popular feeling fill in, let this husband and wife cross his day to be no good well?

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Dare not imagine even, after put in prison of grasping elder brother, zheng Juan wants how is a person taking half big child to spend the time that does not have grasping elder brother, keep the home that does not have grasping elder brother. And grasping elder brother is released from prison after more than 10 years, the job was lost, rice bowl was done not have, still be out of line with the society, how should he run ability regain society, bear the heavy responsibility that has opening of the paste that raise the home afresh, want to make popular feeling acerbity.

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Altogether, ” between the world ” this drama is a good theatrical work really, complete ” between the world ” all sorts of reality, all sorts of paying no attention to think out to appear one by one with all sorts of the seamy side, although mentally is accepted very hard, but is this the portraiture of real life? At present, this drama also is about to near end, the ending of everybody basically also was decided come down, so you are satisfactory, or is idea bad smooth?

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