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Original title: Wang Baojiang wanted to should be directed again! Guide oneself act to be made newly oneself be about to leave through putting on record pat, do you expect? Become big Ga of a gleam of from careless root counterattack, wang Baojiang was become unique that. However the closest period of time, his message is less and less. Actually Wang Baojiang’s talent is beyond question, just he current should be to be immersed in new fixed position period temporarily confused. Although give path hind, most screen image is the sort of foolish in foolish angry, but the dream that Wang Baojiang has to become behavioral actor all the time actually, but now unluckily these a few years more and more series of the Chinese quarter that be mixed by series ” solidify ” the fixed position of humorous star and play road, be to need to be adjusted appropriately really

20220225071427 621881d305afd

Doesn’t Wang Baojiang have acting? I think, the person that says this word may have what misunderstanding really to acting. A lot of people say, picture ” soldier assault ” , ” the world does not have a thief ” this kind of drama, it is Wang Baojiang instinctive quality goes out act, connect apotheosis ” tree gentleman ” be said into Wang Baojiang instinctive quality goes out act, feel he lives in the country, it is such person. If look,can pass ” the Wu Lin of a person ” , had seen the Feng Yuxiu of Wang Baojiang personate, probably won’t so said. Although the main actor of this drama is Zhen Zidan, but Wang Baojiang’s acting is complete however piece window, his ferocious, his crackers, be like two different people when peace. Wang Baojiang performed Feng Yuxiu, this is mixed the role is completely different figure before him, also be the famousest villain in drama, this is the proof with best acting.

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This, he guides oneself act oneself ” in anise basket ” put on record, was about very quickly also to switch on the mobile phone. The story is about fistfight, the type belongs to behavioral encourage annals, although be not dinkum behavioral motion picture, but when anyhow also has foot of fist of put to good use. Since the director ” be troubled by Tian Zhu greatly ” failure, after winning golden broom award, wang Baojiang did not become a director again, give the motion picture that act less also, besides have ” Shaolin Temple gets Bao Chuanji ” besides, did not see he has new work two this years. But very much recently perform art circle actor to become a director, and score huge success, wang Baojiang won’t be put down at this point readily. This not, ” in anise basket ” cross careful, also be about to see him hold those who guide is new piece.

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” in anise basket ” those who tell about is the old practice that a veteran teachs the child to learn connecting with the boxing skill, change the story of the destiny from this. From the point of this story outline, have treasure of a bit king it seems that strong oneself shadow! Wang Baojiang is not easy also, it is very difficult to become behavioral actor from humorous star transition, after be being finalized the design over there the audience especially, the breakthrough is more difficult, hope his new film ” in anise basket ” won’t be to resemble ” be troubled by Tian Zhu greatly ” in that way, the chamfer that be spat is the work that cuts leek.

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