Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Wang Neng can direct seeding responds to incident of to turn over, small Zhao Fawen accepts an apology, luo La has entire network backing to support # Wang Neng can say time can prove all # Wang Neng can after incident of to turn over happens, the whole people is replacing Luo La aggrieved, be in elder brother’s wife of hand-hold portable telephone is online last night comfort Luo La, wang Neng also can connect a line in direct seeding in, made a response in the light of this incident, call the processing before oneself means not proper, express regret to this, also hope sequel can appropriate processing is good.

20220225071432 621881d8601f0

Luo La state looks first-rate, the look with one face happy happiness, should not get the influence of these things, more easy say ” countrywide netizen is helping me look at ” , just should have some of misunderstanding among them really, wang Neng also can express ” time can prove everything ” , bless two people to be able to be together well.

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Do not disclose the Xiaozhao of the full name as to incident, gregarious platform again dispatch, be willing to accept an apology and hope to end at this point, do not continue to ferment again, language minor details also looks reach, should be to the netizen is commented on in her socialization platform, said the language with a few not quite good ultra perhaps speech, let her arrive unwell, she herself hopes to be able to return to normal life.

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Nevertheless truth fact says, since do not want to accept the negative effect that the network brings, why was communicated below choice line? This I do not understand exceedingly, if be a misunderstanding merely, be necessary really such? Have the suspicion of loiter heat really, since chose to solve a problem through the network, that is about to had been done bear the pressure that the network brings, these are each other, cannot say to enjoy good side only, refuse bad. Hope each person can choose to handle the way of the problem cautiously, the choice of adult should pay relevant price namely. Graph / the network invades cutout

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