Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Does Wen Dao of ancient Tian Lefa read aloud Chu Yuan: ? Does Scandium of line of act of  of moth leaf carry change Sheng sex Xin goosefoot? 20220225080011 62188c8b8b251Wen Dao of ancient Tian Lefa reads aloud Chu Yuan On Feburary 25, gu Tianle grieves over in small gain dispatch Chu Yuan: “These days dark cold current, because of Chu Yuanshu leave more see freezing, recall the part when cooperating with him, remember he is taught to mine. ” he recollected himself to make gold the Chu Yuan when optimal like award hero is right oneself word, teach his film to want to have pursuit, cannot abandon easily. He expresses: “Although Chu Yuanshu had gone, but I believe the everybody yearning to him and respect, can have along with time only add without decrease. ” netizens leave a message in comment area in succession grieve over: “A good actor is good to another actor, it is inheritance. ” , ” forever recall! ” . It is reported, on Feburary 21, hunan of Hong Kong celebrated director, actor dies formerly, die at the age of is 87 years old. 20220225080012 62188c8c0f80cChu Yuan

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