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Original title: ” 2012 ” of the director newest make ” moon fall from the sky ” affirm introduce, archives expects to decide Say this film simply probably content: ” moon fall from the sky ” be by collect Lan Aimoliji hold guide, the science fiction of the main actor such as Bei Rui of · of Petrick Wilson, haing Li, Qiaoshen Gaide, Yuwenwen, catastrophic film, this are shown in North America on Feburary 4, 2022. The film told about a moon to be driven to leave former moving orbit to fly to the earth by a mysterious force, gravitational unbalance, the earth if doomsday is general, and in everybody when despair abandons hoping, one sees the maniple decision that is like mob develop the old practice of last battle to guard the earth and mankind. Wilson personate of a be bankrupt in reputation before astronaut of bureau of American country aerospace, his the last task ends with failing, he mastered the catastrophic clew that is about to happen, general pulls silent personate his son. Add heart personate one concludes gave a moon to had broken away from its orbital eccentric genius. Shellfish luck personate the director of bureau of American country aerospace of an astronaut one’s previous experience, the task before her provided clue for this catastrophe.

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The stunt of this film is very sufficient invited collect Lan Aimoliji, he hold had guided ” Gesila ” , ” 2012 ” , ” independent day ” wait for well known film, but the public praise of this film attacks however street. ” independent day ” person of star of inside and outside inbreaks the earth, the human defend oneself that perform strikes back battle. ” 2021 ” ” acquired ” it is him mankind looks for trouble, the put down carry pole with its load of earthly do sth over and over again, helter-skelter rat flee gives birth to the mankind. Lord child these a few successful movies belong to a theme onefold, the story is simple and agile. And this ” moon fall from the sky ” public praise is box-office after be being shown oneself can weighs disastrous defeat, for the motion picture that changes mind to needing, affirmed to the issue gives on the hotspot that is the basiccest business level, no more than is mixed with respect to hereat thing the occasion that inspect effect.

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Compare other and similar catastrophic motion picture, ” moon fall from the sky ” story set itself, the stunt that has bright eye of act artfully to get what one wants — the moon bumps into the earth. This is compared ” 2012 ” , ” acquired ” in the occasion that him earth gets angry dead to rectify the mankind wants baronial much. The difficulty that solves crisis problem next nevertheless is natural bigger also. relatively ” 2012 ” , ” acquired ” in the share that the mankind faces earthly mother to be angry to have flee in disorder only, be in ” moon fall from the sky ” in the handles the crisis way that the mankind still has to make clear, think the moon is attacked actively namely, the trick that plays a relieve the besieged by attacking the base of the besieger will save the world.

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This is the film ” moon fall from the sky ” main story framework, in tellurian mankind helter-skelter scamper off like a rat when, elite maniple hits out actively. Sell a copy ” unique day robs ” what tell roughly also is in such story, just be the aerospace feat of oil worker dare-to-die troops mainly, tellurian disaster is the antecedent setting of the story only, go up in story processing the key is more outstanding. And the film ” moon fall from the sky ” trying to mix earthly last phase of an age however march the show share of moon both sides achieves a balance, final however bicephalous effort is get half the result with twice the effort was not done good. After ministry film decides archives, so this should not look after all, this decides with respect to him everybody.

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