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Original title: Uncover secret ” super- can family ” Spring Festival archives removes archives cause, it is such unexpectedly Well-known, be in from the Spring Festival remnant is less than 20 climate, regard Spring Festival archives as the program ” exceed can family ” withdrew file actually on January 5! ! ! Those who cancelled to decide the Spring Festival archives on Feburary 1, 2022 originally is fair reflect arrangement. The reason that withdraw file is the issue that later period makes actually, because later period workload is tremendous,allege and must withdraw file. The likelihood is changed and partial netizen does not have pair of this file programs by specific understanding, this archives ” exceed can family ” the film is You Songyang guidance films actually, a comedic film that the ginseng person that act parts to be aed man of virtual and ability by actor Shen Teng, Allan, Tao Hui, Zhang Qi, Han rich and white Rena act the leading role is right, but announce suddenly to withdraw file external, known little companionate likelihood is a little unpleasant, appear because of what Shenyang vacates, the likelihood is the key that everybody chooses to watch this movie, the heart that announces to remove archives to mean everybody to expect suddenly has some of disappointment again. Do you believe this is the main reason that removes schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater? Next small make up take everybody to know the fact that withdraws file. 20220225100034 6218a8c2f0f71Uncover secret ” super- can family ” Spring Festival archives removes archives cause, it is such unexpectedly Go out because of what accompany this play act while, still having additionally a few also is the popular movie that audience place expects is about to show, resemble very suffer young young people to love ” miracle ” , just about easy melt of teenager of person energy of life the film that 1000 royal seal act the leading role. Still Shen Teng and Liu Hao Ran act the leading role ” the four seas ” , it is the your work that directs a guidance by Han Han. And Zhang Yi is sought director, zhang Yu, of Zhang Yi ” sharp-shooter ” wait for a theater to be able to be shown. Satisfied each ages really paragraph audience taste, because of this everybody special all programs that expect this schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater. But subsequently the film ” super- can family ” in the government suddenly small gain gives masses netizen and audience dispatch to express an apology. According to each of big netizen guess, small make up arranged for everybody probably the following at 3 o’clock cancel reason: The first: Because be the same as schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater,the likelihood is medium the competitor is too strong, alleged it is to be absent silent in erupt to be in silent in ruined, appearance this thing is again right did not pass, because remove the result of archives suddenly true let a person unaware. But movies of Spring Festival grade ” super- can family ” want to see a number special tall, and if be to be ” floodgate bridge ” give way can need not, itself the subject matter of two films is different, one is a war piece one is comedic piece, both between do not have an influence almost, from ” this killer is not quite sober ” can see. The 2nd: Of the dispatch in may small like the government gain in that way, because technical issue brings about later period to make workload,be really big, bring about film to did not finish on time finally? Next netizens can think for certain, early has premonitory content to be able to appear really such mistake, what this reason searchs really is very optional, apparent and all netizen and audience exceed to this excuse dissatisfactory. The 3rd: Because ultimate movie did not pass program examine and verify,having netizen suspicion is, be because of home’s too severe to the examine and verify of film problem? Also not be to do not have this actually likely. Because examine and verify should undertake examine and verify twice, include first trial, there still is last instance after first trial is passed, of course the content of examine and verify of these two phase also is different for certain, first trial undertakes examine and verify to content respect commonly, the ability after passing is licensed card, next just can a few sponsors are willing to advertise for this film undertake conduct propaganda, last first trial is more strict for certain. So, because examine and verify did not announce cancel schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater through bringing about,be likely very. 20220225100035 6218a8c369dc8Uncover secret ” super- can family ” Spring Festival archives removes archives cause, it is such unexpectedly Dan Jiabao thinks, no matter because,be what reason, just withdraw file this fortunately, but later Ren Ran is a lot of OKer time sees the member inside, often still can see them, and, they still can be taken out for certain more program of gay getting a person or of film. But, to here, shen Teng gives this film that act can helpless say good-bye with everybody! Article link: Https:// is reprinted make clear please

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