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Original title: Explore class ” slept at 11 o’clock ” : Wu Xuanyi explodes expect Huang Zitao is held broke heart, zhang Jike is again beautiful go which sleep which skill

20220225120029 6218c4ddafa35

(Ma Rongling / article Sh/ pursues) a few days ago, completely star of net head archives persuades to sleep put together art ” slept at 11 o’clock ” class of constituent media explore, huang Zitao initiates Morpheus to challenge as initiator, yi Nengjing, Zhang Jike, Yuan Hong, Wu Xuanyi is received below ” battle post ” . Final, “Fast sleep Tibetan mastiff ” Zhang Jike first place finishs a challenge, again beautiful go which sleep which skill. Wu Xuanyi was not asleep from beginning to end after trying the numerous step that aid Mian, after the event is being accepted in interviewing, she explodes makings Huang Zitao is held in the program broke heart, let her kind of dream is answered ” creation 101 ” feeling.

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Boil the latest night, be short of become aware at most, sleep late it is protracted, difficult to fall asleep the general worry that waited for Morpheus problem to had become contemporary person, to sleep early difficult disease evolution, quick worker recreation makes total net head archives star persuades to sleep put together art ” slept at 11 o’clock ” fervent sow, cry piece ” High what High, breakfast sleeps ” catchword, focusing Morpheus is healthy, roll out star Morpheus challenge. Huang Zitao will serve as get sleep person, invite 16 actor honored guest and 8 quick worker to amount to a person to comprise ” dozy challenge is round ” , cup of contend big Morpheus. Head period the program gets together neat seriously ” fool sleep ” oneself this the Yi Nengjing of each organ, not dozy 95 offspring express Wu Xuanyi, ” ability of Fan Ersai Morpheus person ” Zhang Jike. Of these 4 challenger fall asleep preparation draws wind each different: Somebody drew out what carry ” fierce male necessary ” purple small pillow, solution of carapace of mobile phone of glue of online DIY butter presses somebody, the fitness before somebody sleeps 8 minutes, returned somebody to boil one crock ” 6 flavour filling air-water ” etc.

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During Huang Zitao is reincarnate ” life assistant ” , for challenger people provide the various service that aid Mian. The small report physiotherapy that tries besides Wu Xuanyi and massage aid Mian, still have white noise, gem gal, hypnotic wait for pattern means. Make a person most ” big horizon ” should belong to Yuan Hong to choose ” gape infects a law ” , 3 people are successional in the room gape, look so that other people lays tired idea suddenly. These means that aid Mian look novel, have profit greatly. Head period in the program, 3 honored guests besides Wu Xuanyi challenge a success entirely.

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The Huang Zitao that launchs a challenge to this one result also very be surprised different, media is accepted after the challenge ends group when visitting, huang Zitao expresses: “Did not think of successful rate is so high, the number that succeeds first is forecasted to may have one person only before me. When patting play to perhaps work at ordinary times, the Morpheus that wants to had been entered is more difficult really, did not think of everybody sleeps today so fast. ” he still gives out advocate: “Hope everybody sees this my program, can improve the condition that sleep and way of life really, did not stay up late again, staying up late is incorrect, you should be long-term consideration. You should be long-term consideration..

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And the Wu Xuanyi that challenges failure exclusively this was used to ” revengeful sex stays up late ” . She says frankly, if do not have the job the following day, oneself boil before dawn 45 a little bit to just sleep commonly, ” east dry dry work on the west, I very enjoy the time that has oneself, can cherish quite. ” before entering this program, wu Xuanyi becomes aware the alarm bell of the body. “Had done not have before, but begin to insomnious circumstance appears this year, because the body is held in the arms,ailmented possibly namely, ability can remind to. ” should be asked about this to participate in a program to whether be opposite the knowledge with Huang Zitao new break, wu Xuanyi laughs at character: “He is held broke heart, be in before ” creation 101 ” when also be, supervise us to practice, let us sleep earlier, also can help us be pulled, give us a lot of proposals, instantaneous feeling was returned at that time. Instantaneous feeling was returned at that time..

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Should stay up late become normal state, slept early to become difficult problem instead, major Everyman does not have Zhang Jike ” go which sleep which ” skill. “We have actually stay up late training, it can exercise your volitional constitution, after perhaps assembling partly at 7 o’clock partly at 8 o’clock from this morning namely, to the following day midday at 11 o’clock half before cannot sleep. ” path of Introduction Zhang Jike, also admit at the same time, oneself still were asleep. As ” fast sleep Tibetan mastiff ” , zhang Jike raises for insomnious crowd action: “Want to find the Morpheus time that suits oneself gradually, often wanting to be asleep desperately in insomnious process, meet otherwise more and more sleep to be not worn. Meet otherwise more and more sleep to be not worn..

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