Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Doubt of beautiful Shan Shan is like response Wang Yuelun to censure her to acclaim intentionally: Also should not fry me with you

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25 days, the Shan of net safflower Shan that has passed amour red to hear with Wang Yuelun is in gregarious platform dispatch, doubt is like response Wang Yuelun to criticise she is acclaimed intentionally, “Also should not fry me with you ah ” . 25 days, wang Yuelun sends long article to deny network amour rumor in gregarious platform, mentioned ” ask certain network red not blind hype ” , express to want to do an everyday person only now at the same time, still say future is right for him, the most important thing is taken care of namely and had accompanied my daughter Wang Shiling, should become to let the daughter’s truly happy good father.

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It is reported, hua Shanshan mixes 23 to had denied the amour rumor with Wang Yuelun in 21.

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20220225120052 6218c4f4cca79Hua Shanshan It is reported, on Feburary 10, the netizen basks in a Wang Yuelun to take a belle to show the picture of body airport. Last year November, also media of the Eight Diagrams ever patted Wang Yuelun and two women bearing close. Subsequently the netizen explodes expect this woman is a net red ” Hua Shanshan ” . 20220225120054 6218c4f678d21

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