Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Wu Ji grand just denies divorce with Liu Shishi: False, walking along legal approach to solve

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Now, have gain advocate weak Yan Nvxing of picture cartoon suggestion and big occurrence crisis of male star marriage, tell about in this caricature big before male star is in and Dan Yan fastens female star to talk about love, with assistant already secret loves 10 years, this male star wears sweethearts dress and shoe with new female assistant after marry, many netizens guess is Liu Shishi and Wu Ji grand.

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On Feburary 25, the netizen exposes to the sun piece ” Wu Ji grand and Liu Shishi are taking divorce course, announce next month ” message, and the man and female assistant are gathered up to give sweethearts department to wear build. Media begs grand of card Wu Ji at this point staff member, the other side refutes a rumor say: “False, walking along legal approach to solve. Walking along legal approach to solve..

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It is reported, 2013, wu Ji grand and Liu poem poem are filming teleplay ” step by step Jing affection ” when because play lays condition, on November 13, 2013 before dawn, wu Ji grand admits the amour with Liu Shishi on gregarious platform, say: “We cherish this gotten not easy feeling very much, request the outside to give free time and space. ” subsequently, liu Shishi also made a response, admitted amour. On January 20, 2015, wu Ji grand basks in a marriage certificate, publish the good news with Liu Shishi, transmit of immediately of Liu poem poem expresses ” we are very happy ” . On March 20, 2016, wu Ji grand and Liu poem poem are in cling to li island holds wedding. On December 20, 2018, wu Ji grand announces Liu Shishi is pregnant good news. Subsequently transmit responds to Liu Shishi: “Expect! ” on April 29, 2019, wu Ji grand announces parturient good news of Liu poem poem, dispatch says the child will report for duty, mother child in safety.

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