Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Han singer NO:EL wine is driven piece alarm the punishment that be begged is found out and brought to justice 3 years again inside delay term of imprisonment 20220225120202 6218c53ab3d1dKorea singer NO: EL 25 days, according to reporting NO: EL was in late on September 18 last year wine drives an Er cause traffic accident, the police that hurries to the spot should make NO suffers when alcohol test to its: EL force fights a way. Before this wine drives an accident, NO: EL was driven because of wine in September 2019 with respect to Ceng Yu and look for a person to carry a bag on the head and be sentenced a year of half set term of imprisonment two years of reprieve, and this wine is driven happen inside its delay term of imprisonment. In the front courtyard careful that undertakes today, the judge that is in charge of this case with NO: EL wine is driven and be for many times during probation ask the court is sentenced for be found out and brought to justice again thirdly year set term of imprisonment.

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