Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Long article of hair of Wangyue human relations denies amour rumor and reprimand follows pat: Want to do an everyday person only 20220225120212 6218c5445e02cDispatch of Wangyue human relations 20220225120213 6218c54523ba7Wang Yuelun and Wang Shiling close according to On Feburary 25, wang Yuelun sends long article to deny network rumor in gregarious platform, bask in went out to mix of daughter Wang Shiling close according to, express to want to do an everyday person only now, still say future is right for him, the most important thing is taken care of namely and had accompanied my daughter Wang Shiling, should become to let the daughter’s truly happy good father. Subsequently, wang Yuelun deleted the group photo with daughter Wang Shiling to illuminate, released trends afresh. Full text is as follows: Since recently all the time times get each medium ” care ” … follow ceaselessly pat and so called exposure… I feel helpless… I as once star family member, want to do an everyday person only now, future is right for me, the most important thing is taken care of namely and had accompanied my daughter Wang Shiling! Grow the enterprise of good myself with effort! A few talks that additionally you see on the network also are not a fact! Ask certain network the not blind hype of red what! Do not make up chaos to build why please! If I also do not want to become others at one’s leisure, inscribe of course, miss quiet life only… since He Lixiang since departure, we still give a daughter like the family member altruistic care and take care of… Angela is very happy now happy… assiduous effort study… let us feel very gratified as parents! Hope each media friends make our daughter can healthy grow happily! Give her a quiet and affable environment and space! Also can do with the body after me of course criterion! Work hard! Do a new career! Become a good father that makes a daughter truly happy! Thank everybody here! 20220225120213 6218c545d2274Wang Yuelun takes a belle to show body airport It is reported, on Feburary 10, the netizen basks in a Wang Yuelun to take a belle to show the picture of body airport. Last year November, also media of the Eight Diagrams ever patted Wang Yuelun and two women bearing close. Subsequently the netizen explodes expect this woman is a net red ” Hua Shanshan ” . 20220225120214 6218c5467adecThe net is red ” Hua Shanshan “ On Feburary 23, the net is red ” Hua Shanshan ” on gregarious platform dispatch denied the amour with Wang Yuelun. 20220225120215 6218c547bc136The net is red ” Hua Shanshan ” dispatch is denied

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