Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Sujian believes a response to sitting 165cm: I am sitting 165 stand up 190 20220225120234 6218c55a486c0Su Jianxin 20220225120235 6218c55b6c347Sujian believes outgoing message On Feburary 25, su Jianxin is basked in sitting according to him response 165cm, “I am sitting 165! Stand up 190! The leg length that so 190-165 is equal to me… dug hole this to give his. ” the netizen speaks in succession: “You are sitting taller than me ” ” alas, I can comfort you to do not have a thing only, miscalculate do not lose face. Miscalculate do not lose face..

By u4uu

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