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Original title: Jin Dong hair receives Guan Changwen deep feeling fine is much, close with Yuan Quan according to occupy C, was La Yingying alluded however? Teleplay of article / Ding Minjun ” elite lawyer ” be about to receive big final result, jin Dong also published long message to fasten Luo Bin on gregarious platform this part.

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Jin Dong expresses in the article, all people should abide by law and have legal consciousness. And of law abstruse justice also not be to rely on work of a movie and TV only can illuminate is clear, but Jin Dong and whole film the group is used up oneself can convey oneself to want to communicate the thing that come out.

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Jin Dong thinks every time meets to need lot, he is cherished very much also thank this to encounter very much and whole filmed process. Jin Dong still is basked in went out with with the actors of the group close according to. The partner in the drama such as Tian Yu, Liu Mintao, Zhu Zhu appears in Jin Dong’s photograph entirely, but disappear alone only however female advocate La Yingying.

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And in this group of photographs, have a piece of Jin Dong and king gull close according to. Should speaking of the source between two people also is very deep, they from ” the person that pretend ” and ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” period fights side-by-side.

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Though two people in drama still fail together, but can see them be the same as casing again everybody also already very happy. The Jin Dong in the photograph takes the arm the shoulder in Wang Ou go up, still compare piece ” Ye ” gesticulation, look a relation very close. And he and ” before half a lifetime ” between medium partner Wu Yue close according to flat further, the face between two people is stuck together almost, between sister younger brother interacting also is very warm heart.

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In addition, jin Dong the C in this group of photographs the photograph that is oneself and Yuan Quan, with ” before half a lifetime ” reach ” elite lawyer ” in the two concerns between the individual are same, what the expression in this piece of stage photo comes out is a kind scanty the feeling that leave and defies, also be very do sth for the occasion.

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But should say Jin Dong most those who care about, flat perhaps say who and Jin Dong concern most iron, be in last pieces of this group of photographs it seems that in can find out the answer. In last pieces of photograph, surprise of thunder favorable reply gives looking glass, stick up to Jin Dong had the mouth, and aside Jin Dong is in hard hold back laugh.

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Arrange order by the photograph only nevertheless, and close the movement also will surely not see Jin Dong and friend quite actually or illuminating is the close scanty relationship between the partner. The friends that just string together even guest and female appear in the photograph that 2 Zhu Zhu release in Jin Dong, female advocate La Yingying was not mentioned to be done not have more however in the look good as result of recieving praise in the photograph, drama is confused people also can’t help generating doubt, did Jin Dong forget La Yingying?

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But the thing that should say outgoing message receiving an official is so main, actor and its group also are can careful consideration, appear so such circumstance makes everybody very fathomless more.

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Jin Dong conveys acknowledgment to also do not have what problem to these friends, show without an any regulations teleplay receives Guan Nan advocate dispatch must be mentioned female advocate. So everybody also does not have necessary kink at this one thing, as long as work is enough good, main actors of male and female can endeavor to finish oneself film the job is good.

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So, had looked ” elite lawyer ” young associate people who can you prefer?

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