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Original title: Escaped Xiao Zhan, had escaped plum now, fail to be touched so that live however he! Recently, ba elder sister by the young associate beside people bring profit wildly a drama — ” under bright and beautiful garment “

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Not only such, more the netizen breathes out greatly: Escaped Xiao Zhan and plum now, do not escape to cross elegant childe to hold the post of Jia Lun’s acting to kill after all however, crisp fragile, with Tan Songyun in interacting, acetic flavour surrounds is sweet really to Zuo

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” under bright and beautiful garment ” this drama builds up besides what have the actor of actual strength youth such as Ren Jialun, Tan Songyun, Xie Qing and Han Dong outside deducing, have the support of your kind effort of old show bone more, for instance rancorring day rancors rancorringly small the teacher waits for the Mr. Li Chengru of 4, fourth Yong Dai in emperor of bridge of the personate in Lang Ya a list of names posted up

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And most the performance that those who make Ba elder sister surprizing is Ren Jialun actually, with before male advocate ” Wei is smooth ” figure is different, this male advocate Liu Yi (Ren Jialun is acted the role of) ” bad ” getting it may be said is one is assured and bold with justice he is bright generation the son that the bright and beautiful garment of become terror-stricken at the news letting a person defends old man, be in charge of clear jail, a suit flying fish is taken, the waist hangs embroider spring knife, the face is antediluvian Jing Mobo, actually is cruel and evil

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Catch person, beat, retrorse slotting tool, the face spills water to Your Excellency in land is common occurrence in the eye

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But value of this armed strength explodes crime of black firm of watch, abdomen and the tall callous lid of the make a decision that reduce attack uses exquisite eyes capture however the heart of myriad netizen

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The eyes when handling a case leads the gas field that shudder oneself, convict of dead dead gaze at when resembling simply is to wanted to eat him alive general

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See this fierce eyes, aloof and proud and firm is hot

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Even if is all sorts of rancorring faces the vent one’s ill feeling that comes to land adult blow on the face also can be felt below camera lens, it is to be afraid of really

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But when the land adult that becomes us is immersed in love, change what leave hard in the pit of the stomach as love to be proud again charming ghost

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Still have peek female advocate when one that when be discovered is alarmed

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And advance as gut ceaselessly, land Yours Excellency and today not negative people’s expectations always was Xia Ye to send to us another sweet Zuo candy. One character shoulds not, land adult drives with the eyes first one asks this the eyes, who can support so that live? !

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Be in early actually ” big Tang Rongyao ” later, ren Jialun sits in heart of Ba elder sister firm ” Gu Yan male advocate spokesman ” the position, who is there to you can escape in those days below we should like to ask the eye that can wide smooth king talk that pair? !

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Tear of the hold in mouth or eyes in connecting a key point is so provoking fondly

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And be in later ” the white snake of day Ji is fabulous ” in, one person cent acts the role of Ren Jialun two horn, he can be the hold up Wang Xuxuan that bestows favor on be addicted to not to have the limit at the same time

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Other one side also can be male friendly force explodes the violet announce of abstinency old immortal of canopy

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Look so, the eyes makes fun of all the time since the killer mace that is Ren Jialun, what did he explain to cry to everybody with proper acting ceaselessly ” a 1000 character “

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It is bedcover ministry is inflexible probably ” little fresh pork ” acting cruel is gotten too long, in this believe in ” Yan Zhi decides everything ” times, a lot of people say, the boy with this comely features is Ren Jialun TV screen infuse a Qing Dynasty flows, he explains with actual strength ceaselessly, grows handsomely actor also need not ” face paralysis ” , also can have acting

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After this drama broadcasts, echo is very good, ren Jialun also prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, his ” wide smooth princess ” also spread all over great river north and south between one night

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But everybody did not think of, becoming red when, he announced as joyous as cummer Nie amour, let the cummer before heartbreak of numerous wide smooth princess becomes

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Such operation can say to be encircled in recreation very scarce, can look in Ba elder sister, he is not is temporarily actuation, probably he is to think to company old cummer is explained, probably he is the work look that those who want to let an audience be approbated only is him more shifty-eyed than those amour, ren Jialun’s practice lets a person obviously for nothing. Obviously can ” rely on a face to have a meal ” , took the course that actual strength sends however. From ” Datangrong boasts ” to ” the white snake of day Ji is fabulous ” , arrive again nowadays ” under bright and beautiful garment ” , ren Jialun is using work to confirm his acting ceaselessly

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Regard a public as the character, ba elder sister very admire Ren Jialun to go up personally then the portion takes on, amour should admit, like to act in a play acting of serious harden oneself, do not acclaim do not spell discharge, act in a play regard as the job while, oneself also him live well the life

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little cummer pink, much the Ren Jialun that gave career pink returns to masses eye shot afresh this year, also make us once more deep-set the God of this appearance in the glamour in him, answered really probably that word, “Person beautiful thing is little professional ability is strong, be at ease pink! “, and arrive from husband of the whole people householder, ren Jialun is an actor already, it is father of person husband, humanness again, give attention to two or morethings of 3 kinds of identities dream and responsibility

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To star, the actor is a profession only, it is the story that stages others in the screen, but after the aureola that come out stars, they also are average people, they also had wanted their life, also want to assume the responsibility that has pair of families

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Go working well, do the thing that oneself are interested in, have oneself idea, ceaseless effort goes surmounting the past oneself, fearless; Go living well, do this thing that do, know bear and take on, what a high grade actor brings us is such in the main

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