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Original title: Lean ” the kiss makes fun of ” of rich eyeball ” see olfactory you ” , online teach you ” beautiful type ” kiss The love drama televise of another romantic warmth, that is ” see olfactory you ” . What this drama basically tells about is gustatory talent Liu Wei is searched and do not have gustatory girl why not drunk the exchange that taste produced after because a have to accident is in,kissing, began ruminate together to search taste and be immersed in a paragraph of story that be in love with.

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The first time see ” see olfactory you ” the Han theatrical work that can make a person in spite of oneself remember to act the leading role one day by Chinese hackberrya ” see olfactory girl ” . However ” see olfactory you ” be not traditional sense to go up break up take theatrical work, usually, break up pat or ” two pat ” the successor can be in more difficult condition, because before make quality taller, bead jade is advanced, the successor often bore very great pressure. Those who pat is good, do not have namely result had not had; Those who pat is bad, became waste the model of classic work.

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Han edition ” see olfactory girl ” , men and women advocate the hold together of the relation is close affection first, male advocate the little sister is long-term and insensible after awaking, became female advocate; Back-to-back move is the hero saves the United States, male advocate in brim of life and death will female advocate saved come back; Finally is there was feeling between two people. Of domestic edition, it is the kiss that results from an accident. Because two people are kissed accidentally, crossing-over taste. Two people around move this, produced give up not dispute, mutual effort helps the other side walk out of predicament, final two people produced love.

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In drama, the osculant picture that every market gives surely is the dot of one old memory of this drama. Liu Wei is searched with why the not drunk kiss that spend type, it is the topic that heat discusses all the time, a variety of postural kiss play, make audience head hole big leave also again and again exclaim: ?  lip swims antrum band tip neon of adept of shelfing  ≌ goes  of  of ㄑ of Juan Si of Ping of bad beautiful a gathering of things or people returns bring a case to court of  raw meat or fish not Huang of twinkling of add Can raw meat or fish does not bite  Can raw meat or fish sends captive? of excuse me of Ge of cease  of  of Jia He San ” knock candy ” , a day be the love respect that is others

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