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Original title: Accompany your love apartment of 11 years, is your youth inside?

20220225120821 6218c6b5d40d3

Be in this one ” love apartment 5 ” broadcast after the end, ” love apartment ” series also ended thoroughly, also took away the youth of generation person at the same time.

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Be in ” love apartment 5 ” on the news briefing, direct Wei Zheng to divulge: “Absolutely not, won’t have continuation again. Won’t have continuation again..

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” love apartment 5 ” before broadcasting, the audience had been experienced await for a long time, and the government was to send 8 minutes of train in excess specified length more premonitory, still announced final season altogether 36 collect.

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From premonitory in light of, each main actors in drama harvested his love, more many audiences breathe out continuously the volume number of final season lets a person be touched want to cry.

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Face ” love apartment ” by black disturbance, the in house public house masses eating melon in prevue in succession reincarnate black pink explodes oneself the crisis: “Last movie slot dot is much, fabaceous valve has two to divide only ” ” this season acts the leading role collect is not neat, how does this story still say downward ” , such propagandist means in recent years solid it is scarce.

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Be in from black later, ” love apartment ” played emotional card, beautiful fine to child Qiao Hou gives classical actor’s lines ” gush of my salt soda water is dead you ” ; Zhang Wei appears from doorway of old place toilet again; Hu Yifei moves back and forth from inside each setting, vocal.

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After this the 2nd season, the 3rd season, the four seasons is every other rolls out 9 years almost, accompanied generation person grow, became the green memory of generation person.

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Imperceptible, ” love apartment ” series had accompanied us 11 years. The picture when the interview of a few main actors that the government gives off, pullbacked us again at a draught at the beginning when.

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The Louyi that did not graduate when vogue deeps and clear, there is a person in personate love apartment dare the old Hu Yifei of defy, those who having become terror-stricken at the news making a person ” play shine ” , still have a classical pet phrase ” Biao Han’s life, do not need to explain ” .

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The Sun Yi that married before taking sport continent, personate relies on the Lv Ziqiao of chart least of all in love apartment, the person of dissolute flower heart that loves to play flight chess is set, fooled all schoolgirls cannot fool the United States alone only however fine.

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With the Li Jinming that Chen He is of the same age, in personate love apartment all the time won’t the Chen Meijia of count, hope to encounter male friend of a handsome young man all the time, encounter broken bits all the time however male, ” gush of my salt soda water is dead you ” walk along the four seasons.

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A flock of youths that just walk out of campus, because good luck coincidence goes, acted to suit oneself and the part that owns bright disposition feature.

20220225120837 6218c6c576f5b

Just perhaps walk out of campus because of everybody just about, to the enthusiasm of this times, they let everybody remember their name with their effort, remembered ” love apartment ” series.

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Although ” love apartment 5 ” from begin to film suffer controversy, still experienced the predicament that the main actor leaves in succession, but everybody still was made hard for final season.

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Still remember be in at the beginning to although dropped a flesh,take the sport of an archery also not the Lou Yixiao of throat.

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She is to be full of enthusiasm in that way as before, to new element of affiliation singing and dancing, lou Yixiao uses the melodrama major of own university, picked up major to finish this new job satisfactorily again.

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Li Jia boat serves as all main actors in the first is entered group, filming in the process, pat for a time break down.

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Sun Yi continent is advanced after Hengdian of a work kills blueness, oneself drive 5 hours are entered directly group.

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Because Li Jinming does not want to there is a regret in final Ji Liu, if every time has him to feel to did not achieve very good result, with respect to meeting requirement the director is patted again.

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In final Ji Li, ceng Xiaoxian and Hu Yifei went one case eventually, lv Ziqiao and Chen Meijia entered the life after marriage to still have his child not only, zhang Wei and newcome resident also open a paragraph of love story.

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Outside no matter be,still making fun of in play, these actors that we are familiar with had his perfect final result.

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In this drama, can see the bend affection of each actors is paid not only, OKer unlock a lot of ” love apartment ” the mystery that series scrape up comes down is round. For instance, downstair small black who be?

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” love apartment 5 ” also left a show finally, actors can have to leave in apartment ceremony. The audience that gives all love it explain well.


Does Wei Zheng say: ? Unplug Liao of  of Yao of stupid explore of Mou of Sun of Su of formic M  bakes neon of Lan Mei of Shu  Ya plaque of act of trade of clothing of secondary Gua of exhausted error ǜ washs rice admire of instrument of  of post  of Wan of  of Zheng  formic M is artful  of M of  of Zheng of Mu Xun of  post dirty Mei! ?


We always kill belly laugh because of the photograph loving each other of Lv Ziqiao and Chen Meijia, also can help the United States because of Lv Ziqiao however fine look for catenary of turn around and stretch out one’s hand and weep silently.



” love apartment ” series accompanies us 11 years, it is the youth of our generation person, it is the memory of our generation person. Best friend is beside, the person that loves most is on. It is our everybody the appearance with yearning place.


We go up personally from Hu Yifei, acquired go safeguarding oneself with doughty appearance, go safeguarding the everybody that oneself care about at the same time, how to go waiting for a person to love her person.


Go to school personally from Ceng Xiaoxian, all friends are missing when having money, the person that loves for oneself is paid silently, although won’t be conveyed,also want to be guarded silently.



Go to school personally from Chen Meijia, leave a town for a few people and thing with its, be inferior to looking round the person that sees those him love.



Love apartment, good-bye cough up.

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