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Original title: Gu Jingwen is 27 years old, wang Yan is 27 years old, jiang Qin is diligent 27 years old, just be real peerlessly beautiful beauty

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The beauty figure of chilly aloof and proud, it may be said makes a person impressive. She in drama, make prince Liu thorough right not only she falls in love at first sight, bear in mind constantly, check even Oriental the first day of the lunar month she also very fondly, visible glamour has how old ah!

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In this drama, the dress of charming reading aloud a slave is very simple still, without any gaudy, wear also be coarse cloth sackcloth only, however as before can so beautiful that let person move do not open his eyes, it is the person with good a copy kept as a record as expected, what to wear good-looking ah!

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Can say, charming reading aloud a slave this part, the beautiful appearance that is not her merely, still have that distinctive temperament. So, whether do you have be confused by her?

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Wang Yan shapes the ancient costume part that spend, can saying is to catch a big, and each very classical still, small make up really quickly some of number came nevertheless! In those days, she when 27 years old, piece acted ” outside Wu Lin history ” medium female one horn of 2 Bai Feifei.

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To why acting female advocate Zhu Qiqi, go out however act female 2 Bai Feifei, king of it is reported admires is so of the answer: Feel oneself are not quite beautiful. To this, many netizens in succession propaganda to the enemy at the front line: Fine division division has misunderstanding to his Yan Zhi! Is this the beauty in fokelore and do not know oneself? This shows, the netizen still is to her Yan Zhi very approbate.

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Although drama is medium,Zhu Qiqi just is female advocate, but the rate that everybody likes Bai Feifei, cross Zhu Qiqi far high however, written guarantee finally regrettablly only the bureau is dead still.

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In this drama, although the 2nd dream has scar of form of a heart on the face, but however a bit is not ugly also. Many netizens express in succession, if the United States also must make destroy a look so, then I aux would rather destroy a look!

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The Jiang Qin when 27 years old is diligent, it is Jing admired really days, tender the beauty of years. So, the bright moon and the 2nd dream, who do you like many a little bit?

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The Gu Jing when looking 27 years old, the king when 27 years old is colourful, the Jiang Qin when 27 years old is diligent, many netizens plaint in succession: This ability is real peerlessly beautiful beauty! So, goddess of this 3 big ancient costume, you most heart water which?

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