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Original title: These parts that inspecting the Supreme Being is the Ma Guoming that utility man refine becomes so may let your expect be less than

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Unlike before a few jubilate the picture wind of a few anxious, he this year, when appearing on the stage almost full stage art member applausing for him cheer.

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Cavalry is familial (” cavalry searchs the bridge ” medium family) brotherly sister is excited to acme, additionally two person that award prize are very happy also.

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And also appeared on the net countless congratulationing sound, more went up to heat up search a list of names posted up in real time, the popularity that sees him is vast.

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Ma Guoming also maintained when bear the palm as always natural slow-witted condition, the eyes of astonishment seems complete consciousness is less than him to win a prize.

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The Tang poetry that awards prize to him repeatedly is chanted say, he is looking at her, stay: Frighten me?

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Be ” develop the sky ” the honest person Roy in?

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Be ” does compartment surprise on the west predestined relationship ” in the emperor of beautiful heart, ” king of medicine of a book on Chinese medicine ” in lovely prentice young, ” do 4 names catch the boy ” the iron hand in?

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Or ” does cavalry search the bridge ” does Li Zhiyong complete in both respects have asthmatic Tang brother son personally however?

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” everyone is happy ” in utility man part of Ma Guoming

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Part 3: Infanta dates to install hill to the equine, fair-spoken, but do not have a few minutes with respect to Game Over.

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Part 4: Gaoerkang is in Jin Jiasan son-in-law the colleague of courtyard of member of the Imperial Academy.

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Part 5: Yun Yingji of grandma of mother’s brother of the home that cheat gold organizes the moustache worker that decorate.

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Part 6: Another of courtyard of member of the Imperial Academy grows the official of mustache.

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Part 8: The butcher of street affray.

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Part 9: Sell the itinerant peddler of magnifier.

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So that, because of these utility man parts, ma Guoming had a piece of classical plan: A Ma Guoming is legend of a paragraph of Gujin.

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See on graph, everybody noticed certainly, ma Guoming is in ancient costume and contemporary theatrical work personate passes female advocate Guo Xianni’s Ex, among them ” search Qin Ji ” in his personate a get married was called the arrow in battlefield, head that day and the poor child that die, the likelihood is TVB in ” till me medium one arrow ” the actor that this stalk performs accomplish sth fact.

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Statistic of part of Doctor Ma Guoming:

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Statistic of part of Ma Guoming’s police: Besides, he still has had part of countless utility man. For instance everybody familiar to the ear can of detailed classical long drama ” achieve a century ” , his personate manager of a stock, camera lens does not have a few.

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Ancient costume is classical drama of legal medical expert ” the collection that wash bad luck ” in, his personate a king as form of a address for an official or rich man, there is a part in different setting.

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Be in ” clothbound 4 great gifted scholars ” in, his personate the first collect 6 art an audience of the guild hall, also employee of personate silver-colored library.

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” male close female love ” in foolish foolish person, have a name eventually, call Franco.


” after fainting before marriage ” the Joe in.


” the of 5 moon at the beginning of October ” Li Zhujun’s good fellow student, hum, still be person pork setting.


” sword of blood shed in a just cause ” in the batman that caretaker makes.


Had mentioned above ” search Qin Ji ” in die husband.


” apotheosis a list of names posted up ” a doctor that does not have actor’s lines.


” the emperor searchs dragon ” the gatekeeper in, and the young join a regular shift or class of prince.



” samite happy match ” and bead, the scholar that Cheng Zhixuan attends the banquet together.


” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” the setting in board child, and above the shop that then Zhang Tu has appeared is small 2.


” fine hand benevolence heart 2 ” sterling passerby.


” recreation fights a star instead ” the big star in.


” without the head east palace ” the young soldier in.


” negotiation expert ” the team leader of flying tiger group in.


” unique good father ” in the yellow lawyer that shine and passes.




But turn he was done again in head big ending tear open play an expert, the peak that help Cheng is torn open play save Sha Sha.


… … … … … tens of utility man part, bring about he himself spits groove to cross his in drama. — ” in my memory you compare Ma Ming more handsome! ” — ” which Ma Ming? ” — ” of that walk-on. ” — ” of that walk-on..


Old utility man career, ma Guoming did not abandon, he holds to ground of cautious and conscientious to try hard harden oneself acting, eventually, ” second birth predestined relationship ” can be a minor turning point, the Li Mingtang of his personate, not only camera lens begins to rise more, have actor’s lines, return and the main female part at that time — the Su Yingxue of Yang Yi personate repairs Cheng Zhengguo, laid the foundation of Ming Yi Cp.









Be worth what carry is, still have in this drama this year after inspecting, Hui Yinggong of young red a general term for young women goes out act, the person violent wind that values play makes fun of, it is one kind is enjoyed really.




This drama is called TVB edition ” the soul ferries ” , and Ma Guoming also is become in those days the most popular candidate that inspect the Supreme Being. Regrettablly one that year he defeats as before, drew an audience one plaints: I aux would rather you do not win a prize, others is not touched for you, you take have an easy time award, others feels you not worth.



He says from prize takes in nonsense sister round hand: “Above all hm make in order to Ji towel I, my does Dai Yan, receives Zuo ! I am true hm of of of solution knowing Zuo , my be baffled! I Yu , I want elder sister of much Zheng small blueness to be the same as ” heart Yin Yin of 2 deep ” Zuo of act after . I want elder sister of much Zheng small blueness to be the same as ” heart Yin Yin of 2 deep ” Zuo of act after ..



Although ” white strong person ” may not is his best work, but he takes this prize, solid return to the name. Bleachers appears on the stage to issue so much person to cheer for him applause, see the so much on the net the person congratulations he, this also is an affirmation that respects course of study and actual strength to him.

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