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Original title: Accompany run 20 years, nominate 12 times, arrive from utility man leading role, he is worth while! Yesterday evening, astral brightness prize-giving ceremony is deferring the myriad with annual TVB held eventually after a many month, those who expected for ages after inspecting the Supreme Being, also announced eventually. Bean rotates leap hallooes, equestrian bud bud is taken eventually inspect the Supreme Being!

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Ma Guoming still is the muddled Hhhhh that pats slow partly as always!

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Drama of corresponding medical treatment profession ” white strong person ” the prize that also took optimal drama part. (bean in a way is accident, ” white strong person ” still have TVB very much the professional drama of consistent characteristic, and ” golden night edifice ” the breakthrough that can reflect TVB more, opposite for heat and echo are betterer.

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And Hui Yinggong is recumbent ” iron explore ” take after inspecting, reach vole successfully, take circuit come back to be held in both hands again after shadow hind after rising to inspect, be worthy of is red elder sister!

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Male part of the most welcome TV is Zhou Baihao (” muti_function wife ” ) .

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And female part of the most welcome TV this year is a double yellow egg: Yang Qian (” muti_function wife ” ) , Li Shi (” Jin Xiao edifice ” ) , this is TVB this award appear for the first time the circumstance of double yellow egg.

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Zhao Xiluo is depended on ” golden night edifice ” in touched mad mother-in-law child the part carries off award of optimal female costar.

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Song of the most welcome TV is Zhou Baihao ” Gao Fei yielding love ” .

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The bear the palm that optimal program chairs person ” recreation everybody ” Wang Mingquan, dark beauty, Su Yongkang, Yu Decheng.

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Still have optimal blame additionally repertoire is ” marry carry to the side of this world 3 ” , ” exemplary conceivable ” , ” evening views the world ” , ” dark beauty trip is round ” , ” walks along Australia ” ; The leap progresses male art member, zhang Zhenlang; The leap enters pace daughter art member, zhang Xi Wen; Myriad brightness performs actor large award, liu Dan. —Equestrian bud bud is taken inspect the Supreme Being, eventually when! —Let bean begin to arrive with respect to excited all the time excitement from last night today’s is: Ma Guoming! Eventually! Take inspect the Supreme Being! !

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Accompany 12 years run, “Civilian anthology inspect the Supreme Being ” Ma Meng bud need not be accompanied hard again eventually ran!

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It is pretty is intense that the competition inspecting the Supreme Being this year returns TVB.

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Can call year harbor to produce divine play ” golden night edifice ” inside Chen Shancong’s expression perfectly.

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Still have gold optimal like award male the Jiang Hao language that mix also is current the candidate that inspects the Supreme Being.

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The main actor that spends good theatrical work fors years before, there is elder after, ma Guoming relies on to take prize still is special not easy.

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The work of Ma Guoming bear the palm ” white strong person ” although not be Ma Guoming,should take the work that inspects the Supreme Being most, but Ma Guoming is taken inspecting the Supreme Being was to long for a lot of years really! (after all ” white strong person ” it is double male advocate play, ma Guoming was taken inspect the Supreme Being, but it is male likewise advocate Guo Jin An just nominates however just)

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The TVB that Ma Guoming also is special typical case ” boil ” come out inspect the Supreme Being.

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From inside all sorts of walk-on slowly harden oneself comes out, just go up gradually next, be on the position of leading role.

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Give so much year, many drama have Ma Guoming the nomination that gets male part of optimal hero or the most welcome TV.

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But dispute often met Li Yaoxiang regrettablly ” big eunuch ” , just accompany run (still was patted the expression with one muddled face.

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This part did not take those who inspect the super also regret with true emperor!

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Took male part of the most welcome TV only, accompany again ran one year to inspect the Supreme Being.



Although bean self still hopes Ma Guoming depends on Zhang Yijian and equestrian season,these two parts take this prize, after all these two parts have very much representative, and feel well ” white strong person ” double male advocate configuration, it is odd male advocate drama. (” white strong person ” inside that part that tell the truth or feels Guo Jin An is met more grab an eye a few.


But no matter not have why! Accompany run so long, ma Guoming is taken inspect the Supreme Being early solid returned to the name!


The TVB5 previously is unripe (Huang Zongze, Chen Jian sharp edge, forest , Wu Zhuoxi, Ma Guoming) , someone else had left TVB nowadays, only Ma Guoming still stays in TVB, also take at long last waited so long inspect the Supreme Being. Equestrian bud bud is worth while! Hold red actor in both hands to leave mew not little, those who return those who staying to be able to maintain a crossbeam is not much also. The drama anthology kind of expert, a little aesthetic also exhaustion and new idea are short of. ” iron explore ” it is with penguin movie and TV is combined, of inland having a place and property of harbor in harmony. Plus still have Hui Yinggong ” after the shadow ” of the identity add hold, also be special TVB alarm bandit piece, besides Hui Yinggong big female advocate play, also the new pattern with very special that’s all right.


” white strong person ” special TVB, the duty field theatrical work that typical TVB is good at, medical treatment drama.


Fast rhythm, nervous feeling, slant the duty field theatrical work of style of beautiful theatrical work. Good-looking it is good-looking, wrapping around by force also at outback great majority the theatrical work that the skin of duty field discusses dog blood love greatly, but a bit what to still differ. TVB still is TVB, breakthrough of it doesn’t matter.


What let bean feel summit of summit of TVB hopeful regain truly is ” golden night edifice ” , can say be year abnormality to make really!


Although gimmick and skill still do not calculate before last to multiply, but set is novel and interesting. The unit drama of before 8 collect and mode of preexistence this life, transform suddenly to the 9th collect again, male advocate female advocate on series connection of preexistence this life, go again and the unit story of all resident links whole large building rise, this structure deserves praise really! Telling ghost story to reflecting reality again however.


Conception good set is good also, for whole very pretty good really!


(the inflexible impression that does not cross pair of mainlands too affect impressions. Look only ” iron explore ” and ” white strong person ” , can say TVB still is in only place is excelsior, without the breakthrough of what materiality. But ” golden night edifice ” come out, actor of small cost second line cannot become the restriction that makes a drama difficult give prize. Bean feels TVB really or can expect! ! ▽ is small now bean | Butter

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