Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Lin Chen and Wang Qinian, are you to span is what two play staffs come round to encounter funny force? Jin Dong and Tian Yu, two are acting clique, two special still the successful personage that is good at performing mature reason, bang upgrade face combs, put on very straight business suit, can not be two successful Shuai Dashu!

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Have recently look ” elite lawyer ” ? Jin Dong and cropland rain go out inside act, and what these two people still act in drama is a good friend, as a result this two individual collect are in, the clue feels become lively and vivid rise, the plot of a play that feels this two individual bicker is special be able to bear or endure look.

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Still having here also is ineffable bud, should be the picture that films two individual dress Western-style clothes go to work, should be not Chang Lafeng originally, the Jin Dong in result titbits is filling up a footstep to go forth, and the back that Tian Yu follows in him, also maintaining same frequency goes forth, is this dot in skipping and hopping? Feel suddenly super bud.

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Was opposite, tian Yu still has female outfit in drama! Dress spends skirt all over feminine flavour, female outfit returns him Tian Yu special hey, there is Jin Dong to let others take a picture to him when you see a field, he is built Pose is placed on Jin Dong body, hum, very good, I feel they two people are so tie-in seem to also hold out match.

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The Jin Dong in this or my impression and cropland rain?

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In titbits they, resemble really extremely Lin Chen and Wang Qinian, let small make up cannot help wanting ask a question, excuse me Lin Chen and king are opened year, are you is what had passed through to be comprised designedly from two play staffs funny force combine?

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As expected two individual collect are in to be able to produce different chemical reaction! Jin Dong such composed actor, also can show so piece so leather hour, tian Yu and Jin Dong can not be what veteran cadre, when the family rises hey, mix the youth is same hey!

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