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Original title: Chen Saicheng, this I am scolded did not export Begin, camera lens rancors to go up in the face of a woman continuously, her pop eye is shedding a tear to be in telling the story that just produces — she, bump into ghost. Laura calls A lukewarm, be stationed in in bar sing. When end class subway sitting to come home in night, hear the voice of classics cuss suddenly, back-to-back move is pushed energetically firm is pressing next subway firm to cannot stand up, but police discovers however through monitoring evidence, her back does not have a person at all.

20220225121906 6218c93a1dc70

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Need not guess, this is she is lying absolutely, homebred drama is impossible there is sth fishy. But, do not believe. 3 days ago, the water of A of friend of wealthy old woman with warm A jumps in the late night the building commits suicide, before dying, Duan Ji’s strange Zhu Wu jumped on weather station; Before a week, a is lukewarm when bar prepares begin, on the neck ineffable appeared the clutch mark of path red, breathe not to rise beatingly tiredly subsequently.

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Hoarse, nose a familiar flavour. It is it so — ” case of Chinese quarter explore “

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Be in that year. Threaten thinks Chen Saicheng will ” Tang Tan ” make it an IP, build to be like free power general ” Tang Tanyu time ” .

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Gather up father’s younger brother is right at that time the first reaction of this word. Idiotic nonsense. Till now, gather up father’s younger brother ability recognize this is actual. Chen Saicheng’s ambition, the likelihood came true. Net drama edition ” Tang Tan ” , serious will ” Tang Tanyu time ” shape formally.

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It is right result. After many netizens had looked…

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It is so good to have really? Gather up father’s younger brother comes today check examines goods. Unripe fierce above all, advocate start a group quite unripe fierce. The old cast of Tang Tan of continuance shadow edition, and the director is new personality completely however. The first story ” the dance of datura ” benefit of director Ke Wen, just depend on ” manslaughter ” Jing is colourful give a group. Regard new personality as the director, his color is bright. Be good at camera lens rancorring face film, by as far as close, the change of an eyes, be full of oppressive feeling. The design of smooth shadow, it is the mystery that hides in camera lens more.

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And arrived in net drama, look reach benefit of short of Wenshui River stalking or branch plays boldlier. The camera lens of first act, by black brighten, feminine voice is slowly loud case. It is a few seconds only, make a person creepy.

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Subsequently, camera lens is pulled quickly far. It is the lens in lens so, the heart for the time being that mentions voice key point is smooth be born, however wonderful trice the appetite of the audience.

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Besides benefit of short of Wenshui River stalking or branch, other director also is new personality. ” the name of the rose ” director Dai Mo, yao Wenyi. ” ghostliness invitational tournament ” director Lai Mukuan. The group is in-house with emulative for core, the idea that can make sure new personality is directed more bursts forth, and the determination that does good work. Simple point says, unripe calf is not afraid of a tiger first. And new personality directors are born more without giving thought to fierce, can receive so that live. Take the first story for — serve as in order to blame force confused look cut a point. A Wenmo name drops subway course, when the life hangs a gleam of by person rescue, she says after the event however oneself are to be pinned cannot stand. And before this she still heard very harsh classics curse suddenly. Indecipherable, can saying only is absurd.

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Somebody committed suicide. One has money those who have powerful connections is beautiful wealthy old woman, the husband loves her very much. What suicide reason does she have?

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So, is this killing? Do not leave final conclusion easily. Discover after investigation, the dead is in dead before before long, take all the time fight depressed drug, still speak of oneself to be able to hear the voice of classics cuss frequently, the retaliation that saying this is divine Buddha in the mouth… be cause trouble of ghosts and gods really? Then, this law case gave detective with respect to pass on. “Tang Tanyu time ” crucial figure is so direct appeared. Lin Mo, byname forest black dog.

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Person character was reflected on the name. “Black ” , leading role is not the good person on common sense, however Yi Zhengyi evil, it is the mysterious figure that often appears at the night. “Dog ” , his profession is chemical teacher, skill is olfactory delicacy, nose resembling a dog is same can the thing that all ordinary people do not hear nose.

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Lin Mo is in the world renown detective pop chart the 4th, be Tang Ren is prentice, because deal the debt that the master owes,be being invited this to come round to handle a case by police also is.

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Look suddenly under, it is to give birth to fierce speak or write in a dull or flat way. Young scrutiny comes, it is spotless fit together perfectly however. Mere 3 minutes. “Tang Tan ” core character has received a baton, the old practice with new open. Mad next, what the story sleeps lightly abruptly is mad. Still be the first story, ” the dance of datura ” . Incident wants before restrospect to is old — high school dormitory, 4 girls are best sister. It is A water respectively, a is lukewarm, enlighten Nan, cha Ya.

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Girls rose to go on which a little in the dormitory the thing of the university. Cha Yaxian speaks of, oneself want to take an examination of Bangkok university, a is lukewarm want to take an examination of the government office outside learning, enlighten Nan also says to want to take an examination of Bangkok university, and A water says to want to go to abroad reading. 3 girls hold a group in the arms to look at A water, persuade her to stay. Final she compromised.

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After agreeing, petition of deity of Buddhist of 4 girls whereaboutldirection hopes to be taken an examination of together attend Bangkok college. Can be in draw near a few days of the university entrance exam, accident happening. A water got very serious typhoid fever, still caught additionally 3 people, brought about 4 people to lose the chance of the university entrance exam, can plan an outlet oneself after graduation only. 4 people go abuse Buddhist deity.

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4 girls, experienced the oddity of unimaginably queer early or late in not long ago. Station of A water weather jumps the suicide after Zhu Wu; Enlighten Nan wakes up discover housetop became much oneself fingerprint, when driving ineffable out of control dropped water in; The sewer in Cha Yajia plays a Buddha bead, still feel by hand entwine the body cannot breathe…

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It is magical retaliation. Normally for it is a person in cause trouble. Most those who be afraid of is write the story common. And ” Tang Tan ” , it is demarcate ending is informed, but in the process, you guess the trend of bos story forever however. For instance, titles brings religion classical. ” the dance of datura ” leave piece, continued the tradition before Tang Tanzhi. Place of my former times makes all evil trade, all by without only then corrupt be angry is crazy. — ” China severe classics “

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Explain simply even if — the fault that created in the past, because have an insatiable desire for,be read aloud, resentment, not differentiate dispute. Era enters a case in, this one word just is the germ place of law case whole. Again for instance, “Commit suicide ” the truth. A water is decided to be by police commit suicide in weather station and die, jumping to wish dance, seeming is sharp cause trouble of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease really, her spirit is controlled. Actually the truth is buried in each camera lens already in. This is the balcony position of A water home.

20220225121924 6218c94c5e963

This is water of A of attic weather station jumps the position of the building.

20220225121924 6218c94ceef5f

Careful observation, it is actually in same position. See the A water that takes in monitor again. Never had shown a face actually.

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Is A water the suicide really? She jumps down on weather station, be still the balcony? Is then this true A water? Every place decides case, every detail, hide actually mystery. At that time detective, it is the Lin Mo in drama not only, however the everybody before screen. So mad and bold also take the place of the audience among them. Look downward more, ability can sleep lightly suddenly more. Delayed effect is full sow two weeks, net drama ” Tang Tan ” the achievement that handed over satisfaction letting a person, whole ” Tang Tanyu time ” created bigger situation. Aftereffect. The much cry and little wool is the common fault of homebred movie and TV. This respect ” Tang Tan ” also let a person had worried really. After all two films before this, comedic and superabundant, and inference is insufficient.

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But net drama is different, it is not the child of brief period, easier by fine fine consider. That is to say, once certain problem is discovered, all be defeated by overall. Net drama ” Tang Tan ” exam paper perfectly. Although 3 short story. But a lot of gut and detail, knocking knock bury next foreshadowing. For instance, crimaster pop chart. A detective game, covered suspense lover of the whole world.

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And someone else ever also alluded somewhat more or less in shadow edition. The 2nd is Qin Feng, high intelligence quotient analyses Li Chaojiang, having photographic capacity.

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The 3rd is wild Tian Hao, day book is detective, sino-Japanese mix blood. ” Tang Tan 2 ” be alluded from time to tome, ” Tang Tan 3 ” Tokyo piece was to arrive his advocate. The 5th KIKO, top class hacker, have crucial effect frequently in detecting a case.

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The netizen is guessed will be guessed.


Chen Saicheng’s ambition is quite old. Final result may be to want completely to be less than. So he ever had appeared here, he is so early had disclosed the fact. The rounder fuse that makes on story and logic from be in harmony, was this to make great efforts sufficient. Net drama ” Tang Tan ” , as ” Tang Tanyu time ” after shaping germinant. It was accomplished. Although still have not little progress space, gut is for instance logistic, character branch is confused… but as drama of a homebred net — do not be a purpose in order to make money, it is however yield better content; Not small case of bureau be confined to, want to model the universe with older structure however; Not be simple ground becomes the audience fool, admit to design each case really however, ceaseless corrective replacement, subject matter of will homebred inference strides slow and steady ahead. Chen Saicheng this work, not only let a person scold do not export. Contrary, meet hate is late. Here

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