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Original title: Chen Feiyu does not act ” night 2 ” , also took away red snapper of modelling, playwrite, leaf along with all the others? Facing countless doubt, ” night 2 ” still leave sowed.

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” night 2 ” leave certainly pat, but back-to-back move announces Chen Feiyu goes out no longer act ” night 2 ” , this lets directly ” night 2 ” suffer doubt fully, a lot of people are expecting, a bit curiosity is brought again in expecting, that left Chen Feiyu namely, ” night 2 ” still can good-looking?

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Chen Feiyu acts ” night ” when, feel modelling actually also not very is delicate, look at the slovenly in La, also accord with quite male advocate set, but you never mention it integral modelling is looked at quite handsome still, the Yan Zhi of tie-in Chen Feiyu, the teenager with full role feels, a lot of audiences still arrived because of this part Get Chen Feiyu’s Yan Zhi.

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And went to the 2nd, change the Wang Hedi that is said to compare Chen Feiyu Yan Zhigao by everybody to act male advocate, do not have Chen Feiyu instead so raise a key point, although modelling also is dingy modelling, but what made person sense apparent do not have the first however is handsome feeling.

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is male not merely advocate, the feeling on other part model also dropped many, person of Yi of the Song Dynasty feels lovely without before one, modelling does not follow the first completely.

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After seeing a few market, ” night 2 ” gut also got oppugn, somebody feels the 2nd gut has the part that demon changes, because a lot of places undertook altering in great quantities, what some places mix the first completely is right do not go up.

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This falls is to want to suspect really, chen Feiyu is joined no longer act ” night ” later, did a lot of element all that support this theatrical work change? See Chen Feiyu do not act so ” night ” , the true impact to whole department theatrical work is very big!

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