Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Chen Gong wants to act in a play with Ma Jingtao collaboration only, ” it is I love him every time but he does not love me “

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Among them ” this life this age ” the audience is familiar with not quite relatively, this is a teleplay that by two sides 3 ground make together, of Chen Gong personate is a fine-looking and capricious old young lady.

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This play related the story that beach of a Shanghai avenges. Hero is about to sign up for the enemy that kills father, to be close to personal enemy, pretended to mention love with the daughter of personal enemy, daughter of this personal enemy is Chen Gong personate, hero of Ma Jingtao personate.

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The Chen Gong in drama deduced a coddle since childhood, but the rich home woman that is full of longing to pure love however, she throws love intently, do not know to performing deceit after one’s death in her however.

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Chen Gong is in the appearance of an actor in drama is extremely fine-looking, and this kind fine-looking in give kind-hearted and accessibly nature fully, have the feeling of flower of kind of terrestrial riches and honour. The audience is very fathomless, why beautiful, rich, love you again, the woman with dye-in-the-wood good luck, is hero apathetic?

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No matter about Chen Gong the controversy of acting has how old, have a bit really everybody be sincerely convinced, that is: The leading lady that makes supporting rule by Chen Gong is in an unfavorable situation quite, because Chen Gong’s beauty always can have built the beauty of the first heroine, the eye of the audience is met from beginning to end around move Chen Gong.

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This full length teleplay deduced very the vengeance that convention is without new idea story, if do not have Chen Gong fine-looking maintaining, imagine the audience has patience to see end from the beginning very hard. Those who do not have Chen Gong is beautiful, who can one collect not does be born look ” this life this age ” ?

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