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Original title: Jiang Xin wears bath gown to get wet in the rain too helter-skelter, crus of tiger back ursine waist is fine however, area of platoon of 5 assistant lackey is large

20220225122245 6218ca155be9a

Recently, the netizen encounters Jiang Xin to take the sport that get wet in the rain in street edge occasionally, it is very helter-skelter that the video that shares from the netizen can see.

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This drama is Jiang Xin and Gao Weiguang act the leading role together ” exposed to the sun and unripe ” , namely of drama edition ” scram! Tumor gentleman ” . What tell about inside is young caricaturist Xiong Du in double setback of experience career love, be in adversity personally, mix bravely however the story of serious illness make a stand against, the Jiang Xin that does not know drama edition whether the Bai Baihe that surmounts film edition ~

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Filmed the spot still has a tank car that day, the staff member is maintaining umbrella keep out to film by instrument, and coat of Jiang glad dress is carrying a bag to go on the driveway to get wet in the rain, whole person Song is pulling shoulder, look crestfallen, a pair of downhearted appearance, looking is a sad play that suffer from affection.

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Below the weather of so colourful Yang Gaozhao, to make the effect more distinct, the driveway opposite side still has passerby to maintain an umbrella to walk along the Jiang Xin that pass and gets wet in the rain to form sharp contrast, the play sufferring from affection of the desolate below a rain is born so.

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Subsequently, jiang Xin still is turning over the gown that wear bath, dress slipper hair is wet come out to discuss the issue that take sport with the staff member on, very respect property.

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From the point of the photograph, ursine waist of husky tiger back shows Jiang Xin’s figure fat, but crus however very fine Bai Xi, the framework that goes up completely with the body does not match, add cheek delicate hand is only old, resembling it seems that so is dummy same.

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Because bath robe is worn instead, so the male assistant beside helps Jiang Xin pulling bath gown all the time, open in case, and Jiang Xin is happy to dance be opposite with the staff member beside play, it seems that very respect property.

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Look carefully, there still are 5 assistants to be on the side beside Jiang Xin lackey is worn, some helping take the clothes, some helping take a thing, some helping brush a hair, some is in charge of that pull bath gown, some is in charge of that fill makeup, platoon side looks very large.

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Even a on the side male working personnel also sees need having what help before collect, in light of driven graph more be clear at a glance.

20220225122254 6218ca1ed66bd

Just be worth cold winter now, the staff member on the side is wearing sweater and coat heat preservation, jiang Xin was carrying wet hair on the head to be patted again however drenched continuously the play of two rain, still should notice those who had patronized him body.

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Gues-star before Jiang Xin is early ” elite lawyer ” also sow in heat recently, she is in drama personate ” Lin Jing is small ” go up the line professions to Jin Dong still kissed him readily! Small 8 feel they are held out those who match, this thinking can develop a paragraph of old practice, as a result two collect got offline, be to let person meaning still was not used up really.

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What Jiang Xin goes all the time is the road of actor of actual strength clique, serve as star as to figure respect or want pilot, so that better press close to wants the part of personate. But she drinks water namely probably the sort of can fat female star, allow Bei ~

20220225122258 6218ca222b8c8

20220225122259 6218ca2342fcd

It is a cup of simple coffee and bowel of one flake ham only occasionally even when breakfast, but no less than do sth to a person is poor coming, lens still is shown on fat.

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When she wanting to speak 3 advantages on him body in resembling interviewing, jiang Xin also is summed up very to oneself reach the designated position.

20220225122303 6218ca27259e8

Wanting glad saying Jiang also is not to do not have work to add a body, but the likelihood was to meet the match with more driving the corresponding period, perhaps be deficient in bit of luck and duration again. But small 8 believe, jiang Xin can sparkle sooner or later shine.

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Jiang Xin wears bath gown to get wet in the rain too helter-skelter, crus of tiger back ursine waist is fine however, area of platoon of 5 assistant lackey is large

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