Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: The dress group under bright and beautiful garment gives power, this cheap specially good effect also loved, brilliant brilliant teacher is really tender! Because the reason of specially good effect drew my attention,this drama is at first under bright and beautiful garment, next I am holding tried state of mind in the arms to look. Because a lot of netizens state they can accept this to plant not quite,still be less than the specially good effect of a minute of money and 6 yuan of a jin shrimp, but also someone says they like this specially good effect, so I also want to try my whether accept. After looking, I follow the acting that falls in love with two leading role with respect to discovery like still having dress model, I also fell in love with this poor specially good effect deeply

20220225122430 6218ca7e5aabc

Director group states all square investment gave drama dress group, hope dress group can be mixed in the actor’s dress modelling respect is below a few more kongfu, looking is very good to the actor really. Two actors Ren Guochao and Tan brilliant brilliant also do not lose hope, showed very masterly acting, look at them to go down to grow sentiment in so poor setting, but still can let a person look fix eyes on, proving two people also is in actor’s lines feeling and performance fluctuated many kongfu. “” the couple became the new CP in hearts of a lot of the audience that seek theatrical work immediately. It is correct that this also proves to make the choice that just joins all fund dress group, dress group very give power

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The netizen follows Guan Xiaotong Ou Yangna graceful wait to make contrast with Tan Songyun, feeling brilliant brilliant to follow them is same an age paragraph person, feel Tan Songyun still compares them occasionally even a few smaller, this also is the advantage of baby face. The disposition with Tan brilliant furtive brilliant also is special put so that leave, the life with put together yearning art can see. Be called by Zhang Zifeng together ” young lady elder sister ” , but amuse with He La different, tan Songyun elder sister of this young lady is to depending on good nature to be born forcedly however unripe defeated smaller than oneself He La to amuse, circle pink countless. Even if is to begin the work again, she what had been without the mother beside still is that very optimistic girl, in taking the mood the job absolutely, get along very harmoniously with everybody, drive very actively also with participate in

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What she should follow Ren Guochao’s so interesting soul to get along is very comfortable, the atmosphere in the drama of two people is too good so that I also cannot help wanting not to know when to just can see them,be in in program of put together art fit, do you expect

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