Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Can look ” love apartment 5 ” of complete works, can hear: “Be in next admiring! “Be in next admiring!! Before a few season ” sordid ” , the audience has hostility is too normal really

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10 years ago, the scene comedy of our country has many masterpiece, relate story of all corners of the country for instance ” pass outside Wu Lin ” , of domesticity ” the home has children ” , army brigade lives ” the story of cooking class ” etc, but the scene comedy that tells about urbanism of new generation youth still is done not have really. And ” love apartment ” broadcast, can saying is fill this one market is blank. Just, as drama anthology famous spend rise and the popularity of beautiful theatrical work, begin to the audience discovers ” love apartment ” as duplicate as a large number of famous beauty drama even exactly like. But actor and drama just appear to distain to be considered to the doubt of the audience, do not think shame thinks instead even flourish.

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The begin of each collect has this one season drama of a paragraph of singing and dancing, the first collect is original of course ” old person ” , feelings must give whole on. Just drama of this singing and dancing has a place it seems that ” not tract is not vast ” , him suspicion letting a person goes wrong place. But not bad also, it is old friend after all, and sing a little while also ended.

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Lead order programme and tall copy are circumjacent, rot thoroughly the friendly feelings of the remaining in the heart

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Above a variety of, it is really ” love apartment ” the feelings of last bits in heart of incomplete existence audience also gives extinct. Nevertheless, after most propbably play staff also not need, because won’t have again,finish one season, to this, broad netizen expresses: Really good!

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