Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Under bright and beautiful garment: After spending fine night in all, liu Yi is right today summer have good opinion more, changed even name

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Tan Songyun and Ren Jialun since this drama since sowing, leaving still is very get authority chase after hold in both hands, their CP feels very strong still. In the gut before, they are in severe adult aid force to fell to spend fine night in all, but although be to performing severe adult,look, 2 people still had further progress.

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Although they did not say it is true together, but the feeling of 2 people heart everybody is very clear. This not after they spend fine night in all, the feeling of 2 people warms up quickly namely really. And Liu Yi is right today summerly appellation changed, because today summer be very the disposition of man, call her small caracal so.

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Everybody still likes this theatrical work very much, but a little inferior is specially good effect, it is the specially good effect of 5 wool money simply. But what doing not have is sweet gut and cannot solve, male advocate look female advocate expression knows, fell in love with namely really female advocate, it is the love that expects them really.

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Female advocate disposition is very of the boy, and organ is very hoarse, but this also is to attract male advocate a respect, the person that bright and beautiful garment protects is very fierce, the schoolgirl that likes naturally also cannot be very cowardly. In drama today summer it is very fierce, a schoolgirl can be become catch fast also be not easy.

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