Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Old recipe often tastes, of 10 years of consistent day ” love apartment ” borroweding as before Before a few ” love apartment ” the scallion memory that is generation person, the network is very slow at that time, love a play one year only.

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This apology letter already was deleted by entire network, incapacity of excuse me FUNJI did not find clearer picture anger: Get together again love apartment changes cemetery although the love apartment at that time already endured a lot of doubt, but public praise collapses without all fronts. Making the movie of the banner of love apartment when this, positive content is without a relation with apartment however, taking one numerous actor to go however instead ” dig grave ” just meal operation makes all audience thoroughly asphyxial.

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Closing cereal father to receive an actor’s lines when inspecting baggage for its is afford for thought more:

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Additional, FUNJI arranged all 5 season drama centers main actor go taking a case:

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Additional, the director ever stated this season play is pure achieve formerly. Be gathered up to give a clue to be mixed again by the netizen again in the first collect only however ” lad is written down ” ” bump stalk ” .

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” love apartment ” already be over, but homebred scene comedy still can yield ceaselessly. If one day, homebred drama can rise abruptly really, so picture ” love apartment ” drama Chinese changes this kind flower beauty the play staff also does not have necessary existence. Hope we have self-confidence really. New generation is homebred the innovation of drama and achieve formerly, want to cheer ability travel. — — END — — nod to me! ▼

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