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Original title: Tubal safflower and consider Jie after all who more Liu Mintao? Good actor is somewhat, more should ” do not be somewhat “ □ Zhang Yu

20220225122708 6218cb1cc4e9a

Although ” elite lawyer ” had not ended, the Gu Jie that does not know Liu Mintao to act still has show share, but look at her to grow easy eventually in the expression in drama tone: Gu Jie can wash tubal safflower provide the unwell sense that deputy section chief brings to the person eventually. Though come down for years, liu Mintao’s acting everybody be obvious to all, it is actress in not the clique of middleaged actual strength that anxious does not have play to act, but this unexpectedlies flavour has acting to be able to be competent all parts. The individual feels, city affection drama ” have deep love for ” in that exaggerated is in charge of safflower, it is to many actors one reminds: Even if is clique of acting actual strength, also should consider seriously on choice part consider, it is somewhat, do not be somewhat. Before, no matter part of Liumin billows fictile is expert of check of revolutionary, princess, mark, inwrought still Great Master, doctor and of all kinds mother, or Wen Wan air, or bear adamancy, or intellectual and spell able, or firm and persistent and courageous and resolute, popular feeling of screen image development even if now and then show villain in drama, belong to mostly dignified, calm, outside soft inside firm, hang then, the old still black clothes that her figure temperament suits most kind part, as to enthusiastic, lively, forceful, or amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, do laugh kind part, do not see suitably.

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Every time Liu Mintao is being cast aside ” Qingdao antrum ” come on the stage, when fighting brave with relatives by marriage and certain daughter-in-law battle of wits, have kind of feeling that gives play, her performance is exaggerative, take hold, put flying ego a bit even occasionally. Be in charge of safflower is a small cadre after all, the domain that reached a family, but the sense that gives a person and love dance, the Chang Youli of head of chatter of situation of love Qian Jiang, love is about the same, noisy and excited, resemble performing essay. Tell the truth, safflower is in charge of in drama do laugh at a style, characteristic and the part type before, person sets the temperament with Liu Mintao to not agree with extremely, look at her what once was familiar with and like performance of lack fidelity exaggerated, suddenly feel unfamiliar.

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Tell the truth, every actor has his limitation, even if acting is again good, also not likely what part can be competent. Before, the part of Liumin billows personate, no matter be expert of check of revolutionary, princess, mark, inwrought still Great Master, doctor waits, no matter be Wen Wan air, bear adamancy, intellectual still and spell able, firm and persistent and courageous and resolute, outside soft inside firm, , the majority is belonged to dignified, calm hang then, her figure temperament suits to perform black clothes most kind part, enthusiastic, lively or amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, do laugh kind the part does not see suitably she, be in charge of safflower is. From since going out, the opportunity that Liu Mintao makes a main actor is not much, of the show is a kind costar such as elder sister, mom mostly, but make laugh valve besides hyperbole outside safflower, her fictile part always compares Tuo Tie authentic.

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” parental love ” in Ge Meixia lifetime is rough, a bit selfish but feel sad letting a person.

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Be in ” because encounter you ” in, she is Wen Wanxian kind and gentle Song Xiuhua of Jin Jiada daughter-in-law, outside show intelligent in.

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Be in ” the person that pretend ” in she is eldest sister bright mirror, can sacrifice for the little brother oneself, for familial and firm and persistent bully gas, for national justice stern, rather die than submit. Be firm soft and the aid, woman that has strength of character quite.

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Even if performs mom also is different ” face ” . ” happy eulogy ” in she is to be a daughter to hold broke heart, the thought closes mom traditionally;

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These year come, liu Mintao is by right of part of mother of a lot of sisters in the audience establish differentiate degree, although she is trying a breakthrough ceaselessly all the time, but great majority part is as temperamental as him figure in an on-line, namely she suits to perform old black clothes kind a little so not calm, intellectual, lively, make the part that laugh, and be in this kind of part still have the space that rise, for instance, ” elite lawyer ” in delicate and spell able ” female bully always ” elder sister Gu Jie.

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We say, plasticity the strong, actor that performs what to resemble is good actor, but the role that good actor does not see so that can model all types, for instance, the actor with common appearance cannot perform unique belle, the person with round fertilizer of body form earth cannot perform beg for food, this is very good understand. Actor personate part wants those who have his to think to be created with 2 degrees, but feeling of feature of oneself temperament, disposition, age crucial also to shaping a part, both differs too big let an audience easily give play, this also is very eventful and paradigmatic palpability.

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Lin Xinru is beautiful, acting also does not calculate difference, but the Da that she performs oneself the inviting glamour that photographs soul without Gou Hun.

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Hu Ge can act plum free, but the Guo Jing that he performs appears indecisive, lack bit of master temperament.

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He Rundong figure is big and tall, strong unyielding man of comfortable costar this world the part of and so on, if he acts Lv Bu and Xiang Yu are very wonderfully. But the frail scholar Liang Shanbai of the lukewarm Wen Ruya that he performs, have little physical strength, too violate and, no matter be appearance or temperament,do not build.

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Wang Baojiang acts foolish root, Xu San is much or ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” the Tang Ren in one kind or simple and honest and stubborn, or excited exaggerated part, very good, but he what perform which Zha to contribute an expression to wrap cannot perform an intellectual for certain, this audience hundred agree. Looking is iron lifeblood unyielding man the Hu Jun of the type, peak performing tall, Xiang Yu very classical, but if let him act at the outset paragraph praise, perhaps let Lin Zhiying perform Qiao Feng, that audience is ground of lean to one side objects for certain.

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Perform art circle changeable, each are gotten coquettish 35 years, but come down how many years, sun Wu is not for nothing 6 small age Tong Mo is belonged to, simple and honest and plain Guo Jing is Huang Rihua then, nobody can compare elder brother of pony of Zhou Runfa edition, still have the Huang Feihong that Li Lianjie acts, the white a polite form of address for a young woman that Zhao Yazhi performs, li Yunlong of Li Youbin edition, the Qian Zhijiang of Liu Yunlong edition, Zheng Yaoxian, that is audience memory medium optimal or childhood memory. Recipe? The figure temperament that is actor oneself is added excellent acting.

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Every actor has limitation, have different fixed position, the switch between the domain that can be good at in oneself and character type freelies, gift by acting the figure’s different face is mixed life condition flavour, let a person do not know her (he) where is the limit after all, this ability is real actual strength group. Wish Liu Mintao becomes Chinese Meilier at an early date? Sitelipu.



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