Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Rich of the Eight Diagrams of direction of Wu Ji grand advocate requirement of hair lawyer letter makes an apology publicly

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25 days, yu Ming’s lawyer suffers Wu Ji grand to entrust, in gregarious platform to rich of the Eight Diagrams advocate hair lawyer cases. Lawyer letter says this user is in caricature grand of Wu Ji of attack by innuendo, dummy, concoctive its affection course, disloyal information waits through transmit again after, the reputation that damaged Wu Ji him grand badly, the requirement suspends tort action instantly, concoctive, calumniatory content is deleted in each platform, make public to Wu Ji grand instantly make an apology. In addition, law place expresses already the evidence that be commissioned treats concerned tort behavior is fixed, sue chase after duty wait for legal work.

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It is reported, recently, have gain of the Eight Diagrams advocate weak Yan Nvxing of picture cartoon suggestion and big occurrence crisis of male star marriage, tell about in this caricature big before male star is in and Dan Yan fastens female star to talk about love, with assistant already secret loves 10 years, this male star wears sweethearts dress and shoe with new female assistant after marry, many netizens guess is Liu Shishi and Wu Ji grand. 25 days afternoon, media begs grand of card Wu Ji at this point staff member, the other side refutes a rumor say: “False, walking along legal approach to solve. Walking along legal approach to solve..

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