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Original title: Middleaged edition ” Romeo and Juliet ” : “Does midday manufacture ” ” meet season ” can you still explode again? Author | Insignificant problem leaves year the first ” explode ” drama ” germinant ” brings temperature, just just somewhat retreat; Noonday sunshine is made newly with respect to another when taking oneself ” meet season ” , trend people. This is adapted be able to bear or endure from A novel ” fall beautiful season ” , the city affection that 10 years around two families place of dispute of kind and enmity draws the outline of two acting numbers is great drama, once go up,the line gains market attention: Relevant data shows, should drama head is sowed that evening, take implode of next actor cruel station the heat value of 9000, entire network heats up search 243+ , small gain advocate the topic reads a quantity the data of 9.41 million, also flank confirm goes out ” noonday drama ” consistent heat. Nevertheless, its are in currently defend inspect end to still had be notted show piece ” heat is sowed ” effect. “Noonday drama ” the resource configuration that all along has drama of other movie and TV to cannot be likened to, ” meet season ” not exceptional also. This focusing thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yi is promoted, Gu Nailiang, Luo Haiqiong, Liang Guanhua, and Chu Ran of Li Naiwen, king, Zhang Liyou circumstances gives the city affection theatrical work that perform, reveal again go abroad ” drama door face ” industry position. Meanwhile, it also lets what in former days the market notices ” midday enables discharge actor to configure ” the discussion that gets the oldest rate.

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The market is at present medium, the acting that promotes about Zhang Yi discusses, heat house does not fall high. Head sow the small gain vocabulary entry that # Zhang Yi permitted # of strength of former voice actor’s lines that day, read a quantity to amount to 5419.3W, discussion 5.5W. This is not noonday sun first time and young actor collaboration, in before ” domestic head ministry flows indefinitely, of noonday sunshine can you bring new theme bonus? ” in one article, a bit drama is read ever undertook combing mixing to this phenomenon evidence. This, zhang Yi is promoted, string together actor king Chu Ran as to the guest therefore join, magnify the trend further undoubtedly. But this still is only hind word. Wrap around in the body middleaged edition ” Romeo and Juliet ” public praise wind is judged below, ” meet season ” drama anthology opens bureau did not appear all of one suit reputably. Its public praise quality after all how? Building on ” discharge ” style of driveway, creation is revealed gradually ” topic drama ” after the trend, noonday sunshine whether create a new myth? Middleaged edition ” Romeo and Juliet ” , ” meet season ” still can good-looking? Talk again ” meet season ” before, come first popular science an important information, namely this drama is noonday sunshine and author A the 4th when be able to bear or endure ” together ” , also be to direct Jian Chuan Yu , A to be able to bear or endure the 3rd work that has cooperated, make before ” happy eulogy ” ” Dou Ting is good ” , ever gained huge success in the market, the work personal details that also is noonday sunshine added a brilliant. Hou Hongliang ever was mentioned before media, the feature that noonday sunshine interior can direct according to differring and the subject matter that they are good at are recommended for its hold guide work. Apparent, ” meet season ” what direct with Jian Chuan Yu is comfortable deserve to spend, got noonday interior is approbated. And this amount to can not maintain a midday more ” 2 generation ” director title, be good at filming the director of city affection subject matter, also did not make the market disappointed it seems that. Come newlier already at present of the 4th collect ” meet season ” , in the director hold guide inside limits, still calculate stability. This leaves bureau explain clear Cui Jian with 16 minutes only two ancestors the kind and enmity, main actor after yielding year after year (the person such as thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan) ordinal the city affection drama that come on the stage, depending on ” rapid rhythm ” clench masses eyeball. The netizen speaks, “In every case opens time (it is midday together ” 2 generation are directed ” ) open bureau rhythm quickly, unapt also groove is spat after every play broadcasts. Unapt also groove is spat after every play broadcasts..

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Affirmative backside often is accompanying dispute. With two families dispute of kind and enmity is two acting numbers story setting, after telling about Jianhong to become as middleaged as Ning You meet again, in all the face is middleaged the crisis, change family feud contradiction in all, ” meet season ” the theatrical work of Gu Zao harbor that doubt of story sequence of ideas seems belongings of as familial as the TVB of earlier period kind and enmity, marriage slightly similar. Also accept media at this o’clock to interview in thunder favorable reply in get demonstration — ” a bit similar and inchoate ” old age ” (Tvb drama) ” . From at present already more in gut, the masses can reach the following big news nod at least: 1. Absolutely irreconcilable of family feud of brief home, Home Cui, incognito the Ning Shu that surnames with the mother (Zhang Yi is promoted adorn) , after manhood as before cherish rancor, retaliate Cui Jia to native place wait for one’s chance from Shanghai recall. 2. Jian Hongcheng of Home Cui second (thunder favorable reply is acted the role of) with Ning You (Yuan Quan) it is college fellow student, jian Hongcheng falls in love at first sight to Ning You, be rejected by the peaceful excusing callosity of know the inside story however, and marry with other, in the road of the affection of the two people after middleaged meet again, also be this drama core, and this also is spoken to be by the audience ” middleaged edition ” Romeo and Juliet. 3. Around in the two kind and enmity in the home still have crisis of their respective family, age, and the wait for one’s chance of dealings of business of have the aid of makes reprisals, this more drama of gut dramatic.

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“Drama ” it is the current netizen principal opinion to its, but this is not cloggy of this drama ” good-looking ” , at least from relationship of gut rhythm, figure is at present daedal in light of not messy however gut trend, ” meet season ” be not without the advantage. But this kind of drag in gives drama of kind and enmity of two acting people, Tvb to hit the Thespian theme that appear already, it seems that also not quite hold dominant position of more public praise. After all associate with involves two era person kind and enmity, deduce pathos ” Romeo and Juliet ” TV work, often with ” dog blood ” , ” cover a region ” link up with. Do not know noonday in relief light energy to deny change this type subject matter develop a tendency. What can book is, this certainly will can be the year big play that a topic spends admirable, heat thering is no lack of. It is after all before focusing ethics affection, middleaged audience never absent, and this is ” country drama door face ” noonday sunshine manufactures, heat can be locked up ahead of schedule almost calm. Below one ” ” Dou Ting is good ” , ” happy eulogy ” ” be about to be born. Enable ” discharge actor ” , the hug heats up search, does noonday drama also begin ” the blood that scatter a dog ” ? The problem of gut level, actually is only ” meet season ” the ground floor problem that reveals at present; And character of place of above paragraphs of no less than, cooperate with discharge actor, also bring more controversy for noonday sunshine. Actually, noonday drama enables discharge actor, have inkling early. From inchoate Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Yang Zi, Zhao Liying, to this year ” germinant ” wheat of Zhao Jin of two medium young actors, Bai Jingting, and at present the Zhang Yi in sowing drama is promoted, noonday sunshine is right of young actor enable, the trend is more clear. This bit, hou Hongliang ever also was making public a circumstance to had been talked about, say noonday interior enables an actor, look only appropriate, have nothing to do with discharge, and not repellent discharge. In the bookshops ever all the time hearsay, the integral remuneration of the actor in noonday drama won’t exceed whole to make 4 into, not little even famous actor or artist is in piece when performing noonday theatrical work, meeting choice falls oneself remuneration. Implication, also spoke ” noonday drama ” the importance at the actor. This is the mutual achievement of card of one defective goods and actor.

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Of course, their collaboration also is not all perfect, because have flow,not little even work is of the actor more join, and without reason gets controversy. Be just like was in a few days ago sow ” meet season ” , the acting that netizens promote to Zhang Yi appears almost piece ” magnifier ” the subtle observation of type. The every act of discharge actor, also wear in the relation the public praise of this drama lives or die. Nevertheless, if push the issue that appears in noonday drama entirely,come actor level, quite unreasonable also. From ” happy eulogy ” beginning, “Noonday drama ” actually also is in facing another problem — namely infinite to hot search (topic) draw close. ” happy eulogy ” medium ” bloodsucker ” the Fan Jia’s mom of type, have a netizen the hot search topic related Ceng Tong plan and it does not issue 20, qiu Yingying and location of male friendly posture cause ” Hymen ” discussion of viewpoint of value, ever also heated up discuss temporarily… similar still have ” Dou Ting is good ” medium by the whole people expeditionary ” Su Dajiang ” , ” I am Yu Huan water ” medium ” feminism ” , and ” Qiao Jia’s children ” medium ” complete a personage leaving other ” etc, ever had sufferred intense heat of the netizen is discussed, “Noonday drama more and more to ‘ hot search ‘ draw close ” , ” topic go ahead of the rest, work subject matter is setter and setter however. ” actually, noonday drama is not be in painstakingly to ” hot search ” draw close, however from beginning of IP select material, appeared a few essential problems. Be just like with its collaboration count second A is able to bear or endure, her work by the reader praise for ” maker of hot search topic ” , this also lets a lot of adapt the noonday play from her, chase fadein to show ” hot search ” temperamental.

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And this kind can will ” hot search drama ” make finished product the ability of simple theatrical work, company of the movie and TV inside course of study also does not see more. Noonday sunshine is a amount to is not much. ” happy eulogy ” fabaceous valve gives a mark 7.4, ” I am Yu Huan water ” fabaceous valve 7.3, ” Dou Ting is good ” ” Qiao Jia’s children ” fabaceous valve grading all is 7.7… also the making ability that flank confirm gives noonday sunshine. If want to come from long-term development angle,can look, focusing ” hot search ” , make the short domestic theatrical work in the parent, also be the clever energy of life that spending noonday sunshine undoubtedly. Had begun to many netizens leave a message on the network, “Compared with see noonday sunshine become domestic ethics subject matter, I am missed more do ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” of period them. ” ” noonday drama ” what position be in after all in home? “Midday manufactures, belong to high-quality goods surely ” , do not know from when to rise, noonday sunshine leaves the first impression of the market, had grown from a company of average movie and TV for industry surveyor’s pole. And grow noondayly, company of as other as home also movie and TV, endless likeness. Group of shadow of Yu Shan of be born out of, form the creation group that is core with Hou Hongliang, Kong Sheng, Li Xue, go all the way with ” country drama door face ” those who take on they, ever also had had swaying in the midst of a raging storm twice. It is to be in the first time after savor and the benefit after having discharge actor to cooperate, establish actor department, the company one fraction share sends with the actor that having deepness collaboration with its, form with its bind calm relation, this lets noonday sunshine within an inch of walk up ” biased ” , but Houhong’s fortunately bright seasonable brake, this ability lets them be in manufacture ” high-quality goods ” on road, run quickly madly all the way. Nevertheless, wang Zhe’s road is not to accomplish in one move. The 2nd swaying in the midst of a raging storm that noonday sunshine place faces, it is to come from be opposite within course of study its ” 2 generation are directed ” hold guide the controversy of level. In the midday that is core with opening time ” 2 generation ” in directing a group of people of same interest, noonday interior also is badly in need of a batch outputting the new director with more stable, more outstanding performance. Of course, this is not to say midday ” 2 generation ” the director is not quite outstanding, be in however ” country drama door face ” the brand is added hold below, the market also is no longer to his requirement can reach passing, moderate level only, make the high-quality goods, brand that carries face of door of drama having a state, it is them the collective a carring pole that this group of young directors get on personally. (open time hold guide)

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Noonday sunshine is in after all in industry of domestic movie and TV why to plant position? Undeniable, they are outstanding undoubtedly. Be in company of domestic all movie and TV especially, appear on the market in seek, capitalization during, hou Hongliang however external enunciative, “Of short duration takes no account of capital level run, devote oneself to centre of gravity content level however ” , this to company of a movie and TV character, spirit is commendable necessarily. A small episode is, current noonday sunshine backside also has two to appear on the market the company invests, one is limited company of management of Suzhou annals large investment, another is Chinese culture, occupy respectively than 9.44% with 6.41% , the share of 3 people holds Hou Hongliang, Kong Sheng, Li Xue as before 60% above, this also is to prevent company excessive capitalization. From the point of content level, while noonday sunshine frequency gives high-quality goods, also had had controversy work. Example is oppugned to be by the netizen like what above paragraphs mentions stand by ” hot search ” a few work, and ” happy eulogy 2 ” , open time hold guide ” Qing Pingle ” etc, ever had gotten the part censures, but from work whole output looks, even if is occasionally open to question work, also control 7 minutes in fabaceous valve — the moderate level that make is undoubtedly ” protect ” . Just compared to the same period midday still belongs to place of hill shadow period to make ” parental love ” ” north is smooth without war ” wait for an excellent work 9 minutes, still come in and go out somewhat.

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Know on before ranks of such a comment lean, “Noonday sunshine has the place nowadays, rely on a person of the same trade to foil completely. ” probably one’s words is too sharp, but the current situation that is industry of current movie and TV really. When increasing project is shortened by without reason by capital left and right sides, cycle, “Good work ” one ticket is begged hard. Yao remembers at the beginning of 2000, tang Ren movie and TV or home have clever energy of life most ” drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” the company that make, tangde movie and TV still also is done not have deep-set ” Ba Qingchuan ” in alga lustre, still have the Zhouyi movie and TV that is called to return to by the masses again and again in gregarious platform (masterpiece ” pass outside Wu Lin ” ” teenager king ” ” day of water month hole ” ” Xiao Shiyi man ” ” green river is loved absolutely ” etc) … make a person remain fresh in one’s memory. Of noonday sunshine ” high starting point ” , to the practitioner inside course of study, it is a height, also be boundless one of endless flow of movie and TV common stone. The market should grasp the state of mind that holding an objective, justice, go look upon company of each each work, movie and TV, ought not to because of some work its ” apotheosis ” , more ought not to because of individual work glide, and negative the brilliant success of its associate with.

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