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Original title: Hot line of younger sister of a list of names posted up | Hot cling to into group, Huang Xuan Ma Baiyong cooperates again, resource of Xu Zhengxi heat, Jin Chen, Chen Yuqi is invalid sow drama Does heavenly body of the amusement that boil travel together with work conversation and vermicelli made from bean starch younger sister of 01 a list of names posted up ” public prosecution elite ” return a responsibility how after all? Hot cling to receive do not receive ah ~ answers: Will see received possibility at present still is very big, contacted quite long also, this drama ordinary members of theatrical troupe is very charming still, it is to go up above all astral drama, it is teleplay of subject matter of first female public prosecutor of Chinese next, subject matter of first network crime adapts teleplay, again highest check guards a pass, finished product also can have to the actor add hold. Hot cling to after will killing blueness November, in resting all the time, major work is a magazine film follow activity of product business affairs, basically be to have goods in stock, vermicelli made from bean starch people not be very anxious urging into group, hot cling to still have a deft hand next the evening party of 1001 night, can expect to leave stage, ” public prosecution elite ” if do not give accident word,can switch on the mobile phone at the beginning of March. ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” those who provoke trade action is about the same, warm-up of cruel waiting for actor. 20220225160203 6218fd7b47de0 Younger sister of 02 a list of names posted up, also say to get happiness, huang Xuan when can Lu award ah ~ answers: Award still want those who see lot this, itself of yellow a small room is held out those who approbate suffer inside course of study, ” the Luoyang since wind ” love is strange art very satisfactory, still can follow Huang Xuan to cooperate next ” apocalyptic different Wen Lu ” , lu Yang is directed, 12 collect playlet, will switch on the mobile phone March, female advocate it is Lu Jingshan, ancient costume + suspense + funeral cadaver element is put together still is enough absorbing, it is playwrite it is Ma Baiyong be anxious a bit. 20220225160203 6218fd7becb33 Younger sister of 03 a list of names posted up, have look ” is beautiful language endowed with ” ? Xu Zhengxi is true too but ah! Answer: ” beautiful language is endowed with ” broadcast a quantity to still can rise again, goose has the feeling of bit of be overjoyed to this drama, broadcasting a quantity is as better than what anticipate as heat too much, because this drama heat rose,Qiao Xin follows Xu Zhengxi many, xu Zhengxi serves as Yan Zhixuan the figure follows a face for the hand retentive very good, what male star maintains is good, always have odd of day, xu Zhengxi fines jade with week clean ” the princess of shadow emperor ” also be about to prepare to broadcast, best can join in ” beautiful language is endowed with ” broadcast after be over, strike while iron is hot, xu Zhengxi’s Ga still can rise a point again. 20220225160204 6218fd7cb067a Younger sister of 04 a list of names posted up, say next golden morning, ” won’t of love we ” how? Great rejoicing follow-up has what resource ah answer: This drama heat is OK still, sister younger brother is loved small sweet drama still has the market, regrettablly this drama was sowed in actor cruel, of actor cruel sweet drama had not gone out to explode paragraph. Jin Chen is filming this ” ablaze ” , the partner is waited for explode small unripe Wang Anyu, expect value or some, jin Chen can think of dress to have collaboration with song force next, jin Chen’s figure manages or must not say. 20220225160205 6218fd7dc8cfc Younger sister of 05 a list of names posted up, ” former times has glazed tile ” ended, this drama heat how? To the men and women advocate have promotion? Answer: Temperature is average, vivid amount of day of actor cruel itself is quite small, respect of this drama sale also did not spend what big money, what is done not have to help if promoting as to resource, especially female advocate Chen Yuqi, ” lens twin city ” attack repeatedly with this drama two, actually fine gold flower follows Chen Yuqi at that time Zhao Min everybody still can retain these two roles, regrettablly although sequel is female advocate drama, but the part sucks pink to spend the part before still be inferior to, the new theatrical work that she follows Hu Yitian ” overtime empty Luo Man history ” will be about to broadcast March, hope this drama can be terminative her invalid sow drama. 20220225160206 6218fd7e90d75 (partial picture originates network, do not make any commercial use, the person that copyright puts in original work ‘s charge is all)

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