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Original title: ” meet season ” sow, public praise polarization, middleaged ” dog blood ” where is drama hotspot? ” meet season ” this drama is 1000 breathe out 10 thousand call out exert to come, afterwards noonday sun ” between the world ” after exploding greatly, a theatrical work that institute of audience numerous heart expects. Hold the position of production by Hou Hongliang, thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Gu Nailiang, Zhang Yi is promoted, the person such as Luo Haiqiong presents as leading role to go out act ” city affection big play ” , cast is very powerful. Of course this drama from head hair is premonitory in light of assembled trade war, avenge, the city drama that the element such as affection is an organic whole.

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The consequence that expects the value is exorbitant is this drama after broadcasting, the audience breathes out to was not achieved continuously anticipate, especially rhythm of before two collect is too fast, masterstroke disorder, gut answers new moon span too big, the everybody that treat is at a loss in the mist in the cloud.

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Begin 10 minutes make trouble, jump total pool of person of building, disclose, family feud became neat. Enemy of affection of kind and enmity of brief home and Home Cui from this and come. For from the back of middleaged edition ” Romeo and Juliet ” the foreshadowing that buries next contradiction. Can saying is ” dog blood ” extremely!

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So does this can say middleaged ” dog blood theatrical work ” where are groovy dot and hotspot?

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It is gut firstly too dramatic. After Cui father disclose injures brief factory director, jian Minmin of brief home daughter comes make trouble, excuse rather to the childhood that hides below the bed (Yuan Quan) He Ningshu (Zhang Yi is promoted) caused very big psychology to harm.

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Harmed small Ning Shu because of all sorts of slanderous gossip of factory family member even, so that his character had obstacle and drawback.

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Even if from the back leave one’s native place sister younger brother the two ground that left dispute, also at job of no help, the seed of animosity is buried in the depth of his heart, cause directly from the back black change and break up. And can discover in the story of thrust deep into the enemy forces, jianhong of brief home son becomes the He Ningyou when the university, and Tian Jingye (Gu Nailiang) also have a paragraph of unbeknown university past event.

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Jian Minmin and Zhang Lixin can say exceeding aggressive is rampant, the interest is consummate. She enraged brief father dead to seize a mill, force oneself little brother Jianhong is become (thunder favorable reply) clean body produces door.

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Can say the villain of the piece that evildoing becomes, and Jianhong builds up from nothing into the ability that depends on his however and method, should go up the CEO of group of brief family name. From this middleaged idol play begins to spread out.

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The marriage of Ning You and Jian Hongcheng is not happy, ning You’s husband for many times off the rails, wife control of Jian Hongcheng is about to make a person suffocative.

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Whether are two alone middleaged people met the sincere feeling when afterwards university, a what kind of scintilla can you collide again later? This is ” my before half a lifetime ” hind, look ” former husband elder brother ” He Tangjing’s true Cp, audience nature expects full! Before a few collect are in all the time almost ” quarrel ” , although time span is very big, but see Chang Xianming of this drama Central Africa not hard ” affection dispute ” and ” of the female struggle ” . Excuse to be mixed in processing rather especially ” former husband ” with ” the child ” that paragraph of play, the female’s disappointment, will helpless, must coerce oneself become independent again powerful, so that OK and sober ground faces the create difficulties for sb of former husband. , what is sad not die at the heart greatly, deduce incisively and vividly.

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It is the standard that pick a person secondly. Because the span cent in this drama is 3 phase. When so the director is choosing, did not become the audience a blind person, what age paragraph the actor that chooses to accord with the age. Especially the personate of peaceful excusing You Xiameng of period of childhood small Ning You, university, middleaged Ning You is ” Yuan Quan ” .

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The young Shi Jianmin in resembling opera quick kind Dan Ni personate, middleaged actor is Mr. Luo Haiqiong. Span is very big deductive kind is different also, comparative early days is planted Dan Ni’s firm is hot, pay attention to an interest to resemble mad batch.

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The character of later period was added do middleagedly laugh at atmosphere, although also very make, but the feeling that still had the foolish that nod foolish.

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The Ning Shu that promotes personate to Zhang Yi moreover can say is ” bogus ill charming ” , man Bing’s broken bits revive feeling, whole journey starts a career to avenge, inner play is full, double-faced contrast feels extremely strong, the second is whiten cut black.

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A clew also is buried for Ning Shu in drama, what is his vengeance plans, peace still has the secret with unbeknown what after all on excuse me body. Ning You can put down animosity and Ning Shu however the abdomen is black without floor level.

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Of this drama pick part special give prize, but the character line that the play arranges is too random, return up to now hard li Qing Dynasty concerns daedally between them. Look from the back they want the dispute of kind and enmity that how goes dissolving ten years!

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