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Original title: This peaceful drama is very sweet, crossing-over of soul of two pairs of lovers, finally whether live in peace with each other? Thailand serves as a magical country, as long as it is the thing that their home manufactures, it is teleplay no matter, still be the film, can be denounced by people more or less. But small today those who make up everybody to recommend this ” amlposition lover ” . The Jimei that if look,passes this theatrical work only people, say it is very good-looking, that lets us look together, this drama after all fortunately which!

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The altogether in this drama has two pairs of CP. One is famous star Wat, he and famous model Ginney date, and another pair of Tet are a famous air man, he and Kulanji of a doctor are in period of be passionately in love. Can be these two are without two people of be mixed completely, in crossing-over of some day soul, and to each other unfamiliar domain, can be they made again how handle? What kind of move can the spouse of two their people make again?

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This drama is what will relate this story with a kind of the 3rd perspective, direct what tell about with sober objective fact. As a result of incorporeal crossing-over, cause all conditions that produce, be being mixed to the director is a kind of challenge for the actor, because be the color that a person changed another person, mean a person to want personate to give two kinds of senses, and the actor in this drama came out oneself acting play. Do not have any violate and feel.

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The personate of Wat person it is Lek, he is medium peaceful mixes blood, depend on before ” break down young lady ” and by Thailand people place hep, this also proved, he is an acting clique actor, although grew a piece of meeting to let a person feel,be the actor that relies on a face to have a meal, but his acting also is,get attestation. He what as the personate in drama beautiful heart stars, was gone to by incorporeal crossing-over in the body of air man Tet, two individual it may be said are to be without be mixed, and Tet is more miserable, just entered be about to be wanted by Chou Jiasuo in Wat body loan.

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And another male advocate Tet, his personate person it is Krating, this little elder brother is Neozoic actor, he what be born 96 years, figure it may be said is clad show thin, strip has the flesh. In the air man with the famous personate in drama, because the difference of air man and actor still is very big, the soul of Wat entered Tet body in, mean should relearn how to go serving as air man, but fortunately still Ginney is accompanied beside.

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And in this drama, crossing-over of more than soul sees a drop, still have even if ” bead light brights ” medium female advocate Namtarn and male 2 Krating, these two people are fit string together a play staff and comprised new CP, because Krating is in ” bead light brights ” in very ruffian is handsome, attracted a lot of people to watch, but these two are in that drama,become CP without collaboration, and satisfied a lot of people this. This drama is medium at the same time, not only colour have actual strength, the figure that everybody acts the leading role also is very good, do not know to attract each Jimei people?

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