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Original title: See a teleplay enrage liver to ache, have Zhou Rong such mother, pardonable such daughter of having | of source of long attempt of short passion of article | language comes from teleplay of | of movie and TV of stage photo material ” between the world ” love of affection type | / close affection / ego is a center

20220225160343 6218fddf2e894

Heat sows drama of medium time family ethics recently ” between the world ” , if must single out a person that gets an audience to love least of all. Chengdu of Zhou Jia’s most beautiful 2 girls week, before can be being entered at least 3. Say the daughter is small cotton-padded jacket of mom, but Zhou Jia this small cotton-padded jacket, it is however everywhere air leak. Zhou Rong’s selfishness, engrave in in one’s heart. At every turn is a center with ego, experience from what take no account of other, no matter be a friend, sweetheart, still be a family member.

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Su Xiaoguang likes Zhou Rong, she is not not to know. After all, su Xiaoguang was in charge of Zhou Bingkun to make make old wife’s younger brother. Zhou Rong was married Feng Huacheng, encounter housing problem, go begging Cai Xiaoguang. Cai Xiaoguang is taking a gift, ask for help handles affairs to her. The thing did not do later, zhou Rong finds opposite party, the gift that sends out Cai Xiaoguang directly, to wanted to come back. Zhou Rong such act, never mention it Fenghua wants to be illogical into them, the audience outside screen also wants to be illogical. An adult, affection business is so small, the thing that sends out, sprinkle the water that go out, still take toward time want? After calculating her to take no account of her even the problem of the house, also take no account of the Su Xiaoguang that gives her help, want how to be in oneself.

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What do these calculate, zhou Rong treats the manner of family, just more be bitterly disappointed letting a person. Disobedient to parents that year, a few children in the home, must go go to the countryside, only can one stays beside mom. Family member, must offspring old Yao Zhoubing expenses goes, let him go go to the countryside. Because Zhou Rong is the girl, still be a beautiful girl. In that time, she went out, not regular meeting encounters bit of what thing. Next Zhou Rong leaves a letter, run in Guizhou hill with respect to a person. Her departure, not be to give a little brother the chance that takes in the home. Her departure, it is to search oneself love only. Because of parental opposition, make later so far old, not with the connection in the home.

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If not be lord child from a great distance runs Guizhou sees her, excused her. Be afraid him Zhou Rong, it is won’t active come home, seek excuse parentally.

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Because Feng Huacheng’s mouth does not have block, be taken away directly in the railway station.

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Week mother hears this, faint on the spot plant person, old sleep deeply does not wake. There is Zhou Rong in the home, do not let her know. How does she set her mind at the heart is outer the ground, follow this oneself small home for Feng Huacheng only, rush about. Even if she knew the mother is in the home later the issue with old sleep deeply, besides cry besides one nose, never be beside serve a few. Should read, should go the other place goes other place, the life of herself was not delayed.

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Did not love daughter to be lost temporarily to the daughter a married woman’s parents’ home. This is lost, make namely old. At first, because Feng Huacheng is caught,be. Later, because she wants to go to Beijing attending a college,be. Again later, zhou Rong went again Guizhou. During this, zhou Rong never has thought. Never think, should receive the daughter come over. Suffer from again again tired, mom follows a daughter, want together.

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In Zhou Rong just now and then come back to visit a daughter in those years, is in grasp female home, take care of in what Zheng beautifuls below. From little girl of 45 years old, blossommed the old girl that erect and stands.

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Zhou Rong says later is for the daughter, returned old home. But because of the building that leases temporarily with respect to one room, the cause that does not live. Had blossommed the of old girl, inconvenience is squeezed with the cousin again, flounder husband’ses father as a child lived in home of big mother’s brother. Zhou Rong always is saying a word, should receive come back, raise beside. This word says, it is more than 10 years.

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But till this girl, from clever but the person’s about blossommed the traitorous appearance that person abhor dog disrelishs, zhou Rong just receives the daughter answered oneself beside. And at that time the chasm between Zhou Rong and daughter, already abstruse the ground cannot exceed. Feng Huacheng has a word to say very rightly, zhou Rong to the daughter, lack natural mother love.

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She always feels to raise the child to follow raise puppy like, give one impediment, aspic is not worn, hunger is not worn went. Her oversight the daughter arrives as a child big, to the demand of mother love. The child is not the weed between hill, blink, was brought up with respect to oneself. In a few years that when need mother love most in the child, she is absent, the child was brought up, also do not need him.

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To the husband not virtuous Fenghua becomes big Zhou Rong ten years old, but the feeling between them, it is Zhou Rong active, the thing in the home, also be Zhou Rong said to calculate. No matter be to fling caution to the winds in those days, run to Dashanli alone. Or two people abandon the capital of a country, return native place to work, it is Zhou Rong in decide. Want in those days, zhou Rong the great beauty of this the first of all, from a great distance, it is love to be hurried off to to Feng Huacheng. To a man, be how old vanity and contented. When two people are best, feng Huacheng come back to take a flower to her everyday. Or jasmine, or camellia, perhaps come from roadside, perhaps come from cliff.

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Marry nearly 20 years, zhou Rong leaves a kitchen rarely, it is Feng Huacheng cooks in the fried dish all the time. Young when, zhou Rong adores Feng Huacheng. In Zhou Rong’s eye, feng Huacheng is the most romantic person. But the growth as age, feng Huacheng is gradually mature, compromise to the life. And Zhou Rong, also look down on such degenerate poets with lay associate with gradually. Of Zhou Rong cold-shoulder, feng Huacheng looks in the eye, experience in the heart. Feng influences didymous family later betray, zhou Rong, result cannot do not have.

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Not close to the little brother, mother of disloyal to sister-in-law week is everybody’s mother, not be Zhou Bingkun of a person. Can be week of mother is bedfast so old, it is Zheng Juan however with Zhou Bingkun two people are being taken care of. So old, 2 often be Zhou Bingkun’s husband and wife two taking care of. At last, lord child abrupt disease is sent, will before long at the world, zhou Rong coming back is. Grasp female how do you return a responsibility, if pa has an at any rate, I was not over with you. She has what kind of qualification, what kind of footing, this goes out to standing to talk for not the life that the waist is fond of.

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A person raises original Zhou Bingkun, zheng beautifuls a person wants to take care of a son, little brother, bedfast mother-in-law. At last, still add a dad to not be fond of the niece that the woman does not love. Zheng Juan is right how, others is not clear, zhou Rong can not know. Now and then come back a few times to visit a daughter, still plays together with them by day well. Arrived in the evening, crying to making that home that agrees to return beautiful having Zheng only. The child is sensitive, zheng beautifuls otherwise is fond of , is the child so adhesion she? The favour that such fostering, week Chengdu in every case has bit of conscience, should know oneself issue all one’s life to do an ox to do a horse namely, also should repay Zheng Juan the loving-kindness to oneself.

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And Zhou Rong such person, it is a center with ego, selfish be used to. Remorse to make up for the ashamed to the daughter, she goes looking for Zheng Juan, persuade Zheng Juan hard, the hope agrees with Nan Nan to be together with . Zhou Rong’s between the lines, censuring Zheng Juan for oneself, do not be child consideration. By the side of the audience ear that hears this word, remember that word. What you lose is a leg only, and who loses then, the love that can be her. Someone else, have oneself more the world of length and breadth of land goes hovering. But Zheng beautifuls, only glazed word piece the scope of operation with this small one party. Nan Nan is in alien eye, it is Zhou Bingkun’s son, following is the cousin that has kin. If this two sibling wanted to be together, that is equivalent to a Zheng Juan in those days the scar of good not easy heal, be lifted again, the person that gives all understanding Zheng Juan looks. You let Zheng Juan this assemble all one’s life the Home Zhou daughter-in-law of good reputation, how be later the smooth word of this gossip is a fearing thing piece base oneself upon. Zhou Rong so do, let person be bitterly disappointed really.

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As beside the person’s be utterly isolated, the daughter is close to with him, husband abandons her to leave. Be very fond of her parents all one’s life, also because of old die in succession. At this moment Zhou Rong, how to wear, again the person of ego, also cannot hold to all one’s life.

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