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Original title: ” between the world ” finally 8 part the plot of a play, zhou Bingkun does poineering work, chun Yan ceases to be faithful, zhou Bingyi final result is satisfactory ” between the world ” , what can say to helped our older generation recollect associate with is miserable. In historical onrush, have pay, have sacrifice, have affliction more. Nevertheless, do not have a person to be able to foretell to did not come, also do not have a person to be able to prevent the changes of the times, had been experienced only or had witnessed the person of that times, ability experiences the bogus between the world and kind, sincere with bully, suffering and pleasant.

20220225160451 6218fe23b2c42

Lively a month, this drama should near end eventually, even if ten million is not abandoned, perhaps sigh with emotion myriad, with the story medium part character has one to fasten eventually. Teleplay is final 8 part the plot of a play, already poured out of on official media, nevertheless, before be being compared wide the origianl work ending that is comment, drama edition ” between the world ” still became some of key alter.

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In short, it is 8 people ending has each different, and listen to me to slowly come. Later development has a large number of drama to appear, the friend that does not like does not mind, open cautiously.

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1, overtake die blessing is incomparable to, misfortunes never come singly. As ” 6 gentleman ” one of grandson overtake, lifetime of diligent and conscientious suffers from unfortunately however again went up ill. The eye looks at son Sun Sheng to want to go to school pay the tuition fee, oneself see a doctor to also need to spend money, and in the home short of money, remain so little money, do not know how to accept or reject temporarily.

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These money were handed in by son go off with hospitalization expenses, and grandson overtake wanting to also cannot suffer from the child again painstakingly, cheat a son to say, little peaceful father’s sister gives the money that sends in the home in those days trashy all the time, let him set his mind at to attend a college. Believing Sun Sheng left Ji Chun.

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This is fastened, it is to part forever. As illness accentuation, grandson overtake feel oneself disease resembles an a bottomless pit, plus without income source, he feels he is living can increase a burden to family only, then, with definitely absolutely means, left with this world.

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It is one year New Year arrives, in breaking the Sun Xiaoning with old couplet to return northeast old home eventually, be informed an elder brother to had died, xiang Yuhong is affirmatory, henceforth of the child read charge is assumed by oneself completely.

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Grandson the ending that overtake lets a person feel brutal, the poverty before be being compared, unemployed, be cheated, it is a drop in the sea it seems that, ailment is collapsed namely grandson last straw that overtake. Let a person feel life is alive, living good, those who do not have disease to do not have calamity is fortune. Those who overtake die, let tear of stream of people, the suffering of the life, to a few people, it is to do not have an end it seems that.

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2, Zhou Bingkun is released from prison, do poineering work again when Zhou Bingkun is released from prison, had stridden new century, and be about immediately to 2001 the Spring Festival. When be released from prison, it is Zhou Rong and Feng , and son acute hearing acute hearing will receive him. Step an entrance door when him, long-unseen sunshine and freedom, make him gratified. But, the great change of the bound comes out outside, let his terrified again, long parted 9 years, can he still blend in this world? He does not know.

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Times great change, zhou Bingkun still does not want to fall, he discovered business chance exquisitely as before. He took an examination of a driver’s license, the decision opens to move the company of the one continuous line that protect clean, hope some day still can let Zheng Juan and child spend superior time, walk out of smooth word piece.

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Just be released from prison, did not deposit money in the home, then, he lends money to close friends, those who hope everybody can be assisted assist. The good friend has money to give money in succession, strong exert oneself. But, cao Debao and Qiao Chunyan’s couple did not extend aid however, they hesitated. They do not believe grasping elder brother will be successful, the money that worries about oneself hits water to float.

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Nevertheless, zhou Bingkun still did remover, and carry the unboiled water that get wind. Nevertheless, good times don’t last long. Get hurt as National Day, lost one large main force, remover also aborts subsequently. Nevertheless, this, zhou Bingkun came eventually lucky.

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enrols him into the company, became a driver. See in the company when Zhou Bingkun once lad when, he understood. has grown, became the pillar in the home, get of junior help, zhou Bingkun sighs with emotion indefinitely. Oneself are old, future is theirs.

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Before long hind, as smooth word piece tear open change, he and Zheng Juan are to be the first more remove, divided a room in new developed area not only, still had an appearance house, they opened a restaurant again. Day gradually flourishing rises, he and Zheng Juan run quickly formally also to new life.

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Than going up ” between the world ” for the gut before, the ending of beautiful still considers Zhou Bingkun and Zheng pretty good, playwrite does not have disappoint Zhou Bingkun fortunately, without disappoint so the common person that make arduous efforts, he and Zheng Juan also are after suffering comes happiness. Good person has good cable, this word can speak out.

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3, of Zhou Cong, Feng makes a person gratified Zhou Cong went the newspaper office works, and tear open the house of change to be striven for in new developed area to Yu Hong, not hesitate the fee that allows Zheng Juan to abandon old building. The ability that oneself should rely on after he says buys a house again, yu Hong they live condition just is the most critical.

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After Feng reads a graduate student, did not stay in big city like contemporary kid, contrary, she returned Ji Chun, went to the company with subordinate group of family name of a white horse with a black mane going to work, and obtained the put sb in a very important position of the company. Meanwhile, water do as one pleases also is in endeavor of ground help Feng is running this company. Not only such, feng returns a Yu Hong, constant progress, and even the person such as Zhou Bingkun arranges the company that took his to be in.

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Can say, feng is doing Zhou Nan to still do not have the business that there’s still time does, she also is in for Zhou Jia, for her home town, do the business of a few in one’s power. Experience so much twists and turns, feng matures eventually, became young adult. From once traitorous teenager, to the sensible young adult nowadays. Experience is too pungent the with twists and turns, become extraordinary. See grow, of the youth that sees new generation take on, ” between the world ” look to future.

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4, if say,Zhou Rong saves atone for, the Zhou Rong when be together with Feng Huacheng is strong, so, after be together with Cai Xiaoguang, become extremely soft. The sniff of give sb a present that becomes to Fenghua before him, now however to give Cai Xiaoguang new piece help assistance, and be most willing to helps the husband.

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In addition, zhou Rong is returned and elder brother Zhou Bingyi, gave brushstroke of grasping elder brother money together, as the starting capital of remover. In the meantime, she also is learn to return, it is a lot of real things were done in the home, feel gratified. Finally, zhou Rong returns the experience oneself to be written into a book, returned Guizhou together with Cai Xiaoguang.

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All the time since, because what had not Zhou Rong done to contribute for this big family, and be censured by the netizen. When she is young capricious, the bend that it is love its are all, even ” betray ” family, brought a lot of trouble to family.

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But, she is final with one’s own hands finish this paragraph of marriage, become penniless. Not bad Cai Xiaoguang is in all the time beside, just saved her, she passes the doing of oneself and daughter again, got saving atone for. See the Zhou Rong of big ending, most propbably is not little the audience can feel relieved.

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5, Zhou Bingyi, Hao Dongmei Zhou Bingyi and Hao Dongmei’s ending are to alter the biggest. Zhou Bingyi is originally in origianl work cancer of the stomach dies, fu of other of Hao Dongmei remarry, zhou Bingkun good-bye in former days ” elder brother’s wife ” , feeling already is to go up the about of generation. But, this ending of origianl work makes a person cannot be accepted very. Playwrite also feels probably too too deplorable, just change to have to compare so the ending of energy.

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After many flounder, zhou Bingyi decides recall Ji Chun works eventually. Still do not have there’s still time to tell Hao Dongmei, she has resigned from the hospital however, the plan comes over to accompany the husband. After wintry plum is informed a circumstance, did not tell to grasp justice had resigned the job, returned Ji Chun again. But, wintry plum lost the job that have deep love for accordingly, then, the heart gives birth to enmity between them, within an inch of divorces.


Later, wintry plum spoke this thing in conflicting, grasp justice also spoke conceal old, the secret anguish in marriage, bring about divorce of two people within an inch of. Final, because grasp justice fish cancer of the stomach, two talents tightened hug to be in one case again.


Not bad, grasp justice the illness gained very good control, nevertheless, affection fastens him of home town, as before will smooth word piece the job that tear open change finished, just retire how to spend old age.


To Zhou Jia for this little family, zhou Bingyi did not bring real profit really, but to the country this big family, real work cannot do not have Zhou Bingyi. Person poor keep in mind is not short, the person has keep in mind each, zhou Bingyi is worth this ending.


6, times of Cao Debao, Qiao Chunyan changed, popular feeling also changed, those who say is Cao Debao’s couple. When Zhou Bingkun lends money to them, they do not have help sb generously with money. When ” smooth word piece ” when tearing open change, they are angle interests only, became nail door.


Final not to be exposed to divides a room at rainbow, chun Yan is returned and rise at rainbow scuffle. When smooth word piece when tearing open change to be about to end, cao Debao wrote a letter actually, inform against Zhou Bingyi to embezzle puplic money. Wait for careful investigation of the person through Lv Chuan fortunately, ability scour off Zhou Bingyi’s injustice. In the meantime, in Cao Debao they are informed Zhou Bingyi is in spite of illness when the job, just feel to there is ashamed in the heart.



Can say, qiao Chunyan also is the person after many rise and fall, cao De Baoze is true soft meal male, do not rely on oneself struggle, want to gain bit of advantage over others only. Even if look ” 6 gentleman ” in the center, have a plenty of diligent and conscientious to pay, have a plenty of think hard however the head is ineffective smooth, nevertheless, also have a plenty of the person that treasure of heart resembling Cao is considering him this kind only. And Qiao Chunyan also becomes accordingly resemble no longer so generous before, it is a group of eldest sister of philtrum big. The ending of Cao Debao and Qiao Chunyan, cannot say an accident, can saying this ability only is the world true.


7, deep feeling is imperceptible, ” between the world ” want end eventually, in the past a month, joys and sorrows of life, trifles. Characters in a play spent lifetime, and my it may not be a bad idea had been like half a lifetime general. ” between the world ” medium Thespian conflict is acuteness, it is concentrated. The story that produces on person of Home Zhou Jiayi, already true truthless.


True is, one stake stake have in reality happen, and similar issue, the likelihood is in all the time happen. Truthless is, art changes processing too cross concentration, cause impressions level, too miserable intense, let many audiences weep. Of course, probably reality is more miserable than drama of movie and TV intense.


But that is hind word, my heart exposed to the sun is smooth, the mirth in hoping to live is bit more, affliction is a bit less. To ” between the world ” next big ending the gut of 8 collect, what what wants to say does everybody have? The welcome leaves a message discuss!

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