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Original title: Does this the Sun Yizhen after the shadow attack really street? Even if be ” Xing Mengji predestined relationship ” — the earliest phenomenon step is classical Han drama, take the addition of childhood filter lens oneself, also do not pass 8.2 minutes. Go up very hard 9 minutes for drama of wool talk feeling? The reason is guessed not hard — ” talk feeling ” this subject matter is not quite serious, b standard is not high… compare with the photograph of drama of movie and TV of a few practical subject matter especially, talk feeling drama is looked like more appear ” go up not to get mesa ” … so say, you Xuanbin is main actor, current had not sowed ” the crash of love ” , be the high component ticket in taking talk feeling theatrical work. ” Jin Sanshun ” though be talk feeling drama, but still have real feeling, make an audience easier be taken the place of gut; Compare to it, ” the crash of love ” namely visible ” fantasy ” . Do not cross the sensitive relation as a result of face Han, this drama returned dark jab jab to satisfy an audience some kind cannot the seek novelty that character says / psychology eating melon.

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The newsreel that this streak sheep keeps serious subject matter is written much, the mood is a little depressed. The sheep wants to bring up today Ga is enmeshed in sweet love, a happy and happy ~ — ” without the head ” talk feeling drama —

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” the fokelore of blue sea ” , the talent cheater group of the mermaid that lets be close to eradicating and human world a Cp;

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” the crash of love ” go out respectively by the Xuan Bin that takes Cp move oneself and Sun Yizhen perform leading role of male and female.

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△ ” the crash of love ” . Tell the truth, be full of do the talk feeling theatrical work that laughs at an element ” the crash of love ” be located on such political setting, was destined to won’t have too much logic.

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E.g. , of personate of Sun Yizhen place female advocate is Yin Shili how come to Korea? When testing company new product, be wrapped all the way by hurricane nip comes Korea…

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Can be so serious hurricane, teleplay was used only ” different common ” had taken, the government did not issue alert ahead of schedule. is heroine foolish Bai Tian Bai Fumei? Not be, her person is set is the strong female president that kills all directions greatly.

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But, female advocate female president skinful ” chicken broth ” , the person is set and did not stand so that live. E.g. , yin Shili disregards follower to dissuade, hold accusing glide umbrella to fly to headroom, bird’s eye earth, free is enjoying the good future after father puts power. “Remain only nowadays fly this higher thing. ” such deep feeling, let the couplet that the sheep cannot refrain from think of Xue Baochai ” good wind depends on force, send the high official position on me ” . But the female president of an on the make, consolidate step by step, do not meet so immature.

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Right now female advocate, more resembling is a too hopeful to future girl. She is in the tower of ivory experience some of actual cruelty, but had been not ground by consult of life firm firm. Yin Shili still is contained ” star you ” the disposition feature of medium 1000 eulogy Yi, for example ” play essence ” , be proud charming, argumentative (blame derogatory sense) …

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But received theatrical work of this talk feeling, after yielding a picture seemingly, declined ” actual strength is sent ” altar…

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But sheep of no less than is said at the beginning, drama of this kind of Han delivers hair in syrup to big Ga namely, make in actual life busy one day audience, happy in the visional world that teleplay place presents happy. What gut undertakes is very fast, those who encounter hurricane is female advocate cross 38 lines, come to Korea border.

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E.g. , female there are two eats to eat the meat in basically seeking 3 food.

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The response that Korea is stationed in edge officer is very big… female advocate local hair style is done inside barber shop, can 8 choose one, do not have so that carry.

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Marriage of rich and powerful family, also reachcapture exquisite ” 5 ark 6 machine ” .

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Labour and capital believed your evil!

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“Uncle ” Xuan Bin, had him the temperament that period of little fresh pork cannot be likened to, mature tender, still placing those who understand test girls to decide force.

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After all, from ” I call Jin Sanshun ” to ” the crash of love ” , 14 years, xuan Bin or in that way let a person ” into hole ” ! Compare ” the crash of love ” , ” I call Jin Sanshun ” be more ” ground connection is angry ” Han drama. — the real sense in talk feeling drama — ” I call Jin Sanshun ” be one very ” be able to bear or endure look ” teleplay, a lot of audiences see three years old from ten years old, every other can be brushed a few years again. Female advocate 3 suitable, give the Jin Xuan of the body by model personate.

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” Jin Sanshun ” medium part, the person is set quite complete, and still have real feeling, because this decides force,insufficient audience can have very strong generation enter feeling. Her meeting falls momently cruel-hearted reduce weight, but more meeting the late night takes food, satiate drink enough talent to effort will reduce weight then tomorrow.

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As a lot of common girls same, 3 suitable brain from time to time perform small theater, over she is leading role, colourful press full-court.



But reality and illusion always have difference…



△ teleplay increased a lot of joke with this kind of contrast. Of personate of black Bin place male advocate, it is to be begged from time to time feel be proud petite wolfhound, also be the felid that does hard at odds.


Accordingly, arrive from eldest sister elder sister little little sister, xuan Bin can reap the woman audience of different age level.



She goes after her love bravely, with 3 suitable fronts ” Pk ” when, a bit handsome even.


Bright not be Han drama automation line really those who go up ” white lotus of scheming green tea ” female 2, her vivid, bruise again and again, struggling to live to come down from dead line. Look at bright dragging frail body really so of effort living, the audience is swung to completely very hard 3 arrange this at the same time.


” Jin Sanshun ” the story that is not the prince in fairy tale and Cinderella, male advocate peace female advocate union is the logic that has reality. 3 suitable resembling is us beside, defend all the time beside male god appearance flatly female fellow, her disposition is humorous, with agree with each other of male god disposition.


Female fellow and male god acquaintance are long already, male god becomes her brother.


Male god is fallen in love with very hard female ” brother ” , but leave her very hard also. It is after all in actual society, coming with what you play is one and the same, but whether are two people other one thing suitably. Human society go-between, do not have earthly bias very hard. Cannot leave at the same time, forget to be not dropped at the same time, male god is in ” comfortable ” and ” bias ” in indecisive.



Need is cured Zhen Xuan He Xizhen, two wounded people are sought to the other side comfort, can harm each other only.


Male advocate be in 3 suitable over there the warmth that tried to be cured, the can subliminal comfortable area that approachs to him. Become so bright ask really male advocate love does not love 3 when arranging, male advocate subliminal answer is ” miss her ” , ” when be together with her very happy ” .


Love does not have pair of faults, miss only.


” Jin Sanshun ” ending nods eyeball all the more: Did not assure to the audience, leading role of male and female can give birth to subsist happily forever. After all love is accompanying the possibility that part company originally.


Cinderella and princely story ended, “From now on prince and princess went up to live happily too ” — such Happy Ending is very cadaverous and bored. 3 suitable had made the preparation that sets out afresh early. We know teleplay is a story merely, fairy tale story is nonexistent.



But we want to use these nonexistent fairy tale old practices namely, will escape temporarily the chicken in real life flies the dog jumps.


△ ” the crash of love ” . Resemble ” the crash of love ” medium love, it is a fantasy more. But no matter be reality or illusion, those sweet love story, it is the good spring dream of myriad girl. More what is more,the rather that, drama of affection seeing word is cannot too truer, with respect to the love in reality also via rising truer — reason rises, still how well fall in love?



Resemble every early youth, also one is similar to ” fierce Lin Zhizun ” , ” save the world ” in 2 dreams. The dream awakes, we return dream of can hardheaded angle of in actual life.

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