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Original title: Middleaged CP is returned to ” idol play ” , the Cenozoic Era uses playlet rich future

20220225160943 6218ff47e5582

Author | Ear east old supervise the manufacture of | rancor rancor in January, bai Jingting is in ” germinant ” in infinite loop, left once upon a time explode red wrong all the time move at a heat, this fell to have quite hard masterpiece eventually. Feburary, ma Saichun is used ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” overturn body battles, the person with arrowroot osmund too fat dragon is mocked before, saw drama must say ” this so fat that be opposite ” . Playlet collect, fabaceous valve the mark of 7+ , it is the common feature of new atmosphere of young actor career. Another, from 2021 ” stars sea ” be bungled piece ” in occasionally ” concept, flop of middleaged CP flop jumps into this sea. Yellow Lei Zhou Xun 3 build enter ” small quick home ” , hunan sanitation closes inspect win firmly. Bud of Zhi of Chen Kun laborious ” be defeated win ” defend in Zhejiang at the same time inspect, defend with Beijing inspect broadcast, enjoy ” one drama two stars ” pay. Tall round circle reappears follow piece of Lu Yi Wang Yaoqing acts ” perfect companion ” , hunan is defended inspecting is the first broadcast platform. ” this life has you ” center is sowed 8 times, screen of Li Xiaoran Zhong Hanliang 3 build, in bandit my Sai Cunyu is renewed in time ” have not enough time to say I love you ” leading edge. Of thunder favorable reply and Yuan spring ” meet season ” after close therewith, it is as before ” one drama two stars ” pay, zhejiang is defended inspect east to defend inspect head sow, broadcast that day, the new theatrical work of white lily and Tong Dawei ” our marriage ” defend in Beijing inspect sow.

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Middleaged person’s histrionic collective point is apparent also, conservative, face is familiar with subject matter, station network is synchronous. Anyhow, topic quantity clicks a quantity to see the Cenozoic Era, carry close inspect this one, the TV station still trusts old face. This phenomenon, how come? 01 man-machine concern flow before changing 13 years, ” humble abode ” conflagration, head TV station of Shanghai of the path that sow frequency, one did not go up astral channel. Although leave,sow 4 days to be achieved close inspect new tall, but the area that can get signal of Shanghai TV station besides minority, most person does not have the good luck of seeing sth rare see it for a short while. Should wait for buy of local TV station copyright arrangement broadcasts, ability is able to see. But budget of local TV station how many, copyright purchases personnel to be opposite ” humble abode ” impressions how, that is the thing of try one’s luck. Down TV medium and network media about ” humble abode ” discuss, small 3, undercurrent of curule, Fang Nu, measure, content desire emerges move, ” humble abode ” give a group very quickly. It goes up in actor cruel net later line, the audience is to have the active right that thinks market where seeing sees which market, but net fast do not give power.

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Still remember in those days, see drama want to shift to an earlier date amortize half hours, sheer rate of progress planned speed gradually erubescent, see video ability do not get stuck. Otherwise, lucky when net fast fluent see card ten minutes, unfortunate time minute card pauses, to load of ground of 6kb, 15kb is worn, anxious get angry is changed very easily abandon theatrical work. That time, external condition is being restricted, although the multifarious player on Internet and resource also have, but the main channel that people looks play, still be TV. Punctual standard feature, linear is broadcasted, the audience counterpoises actively weak, passivity is accepted, it is very long period of time inside, the relation of TV and audience. Internet is changing the relationship of person and television, also changing TV to make the impact that just picks buyer with copyright. Had turned round to look, from local TV station fire rises ” humble abode ” , it is a place it seems that TV station with civilian battalion cartel manufactures the final Gao Guang of teleplay. As provincial on the star is defended inspect each columns to build more and more complete, of strong viewing rate appeal to beg rise gradually, local TV station is the main force of copyright of drama of buy movie and TV no longer. After with teleplay when Chinese film the first Hua Yi, China plan appears on the market the first in succession, the relation of local TV station and company of civilian battalion movie and TV, become supply gradually from collaboration square as square as demand. Speech adaptability in tactics brings about infirmly, it is influence Xiang Wei inspects move. The golden age that the TV station relies on to make drama sell copyright is not returned, meanwhile, netizen year after year increases, the person that video platform development, careless root is created tries water with drama of low cost net, affecting people to watch the convention of drama stealthily. 2013, the State Council was released ” ” broadband China ” the strategy reachs executive plan ” , mention clearly among them ” to 2015, basic implementation city is fiber-optic enter to the building door, rural broadband enters a village into countryside, popularity rate of fixed broadband household is achieved 50% , city and rural family broadband receive ability to achieve 20 million bit basically every second (Mbps) with 4Mbps, the part develops the city achieves 100Mbps. ” net fast quicken while, every drama begins video website below every collect the dialog box that occurrence user can comment on.

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Sit before the television to see the period of TV, people conveys impressions, it is to turn the head follows family communication, lie between a day to go unit / the school communicates with fellow fellow student. Internet changed the property that TV times acquaintance communicates. Teleplay is the content product of linear and one-way output no longer, the comment is the power that the hand of a few write has no longer, want to have clavier only, everybody is the builder of drama anthology public praise. Develop with audience initiative synchronism, it is the carrier of teleplay, begin to experience from arrive from the television computer, arrive again mobile phone, big screen arrives of small screen stream change. 4G the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (2013) when, judge a person whether local tyrant, see him can be denied see play with discharge egoistically at any time and place (the new edition that this stalk broadcasted 2018 ” meteoric garden ” still using, visible at the outset of discharge expensive) . Roll out the Guangzhou of 4G mobile formula the earliest, in those days lowermost formula price 138 yuan / month, include include domestic data flow (2G/TD/LTE)600M, provincial data flow (LTE) 400M. Discharge of province inside and outside adds up still see a movie not quite. Although use discharge to look,drama is extravagant thing, but arrived 2020, of discharge of Chinese mobile phone average endowment cost relatively 2015, drop exceeded 95% , chinese user is average the consumptive discharge of every month is 10.86G, promoted 38 times than 2015. Discharge general benefit reflects the habit that watch opera, it is the mobile phone sees drama become poor and common. Below condition of new media words, video, screen, audience 3 person relation, from fixed time big screen opens a gender, change direction at any time and place close sex of small screen illicit. ” small small change ” below screen, the audience is aesthetic gout is increasing appearance, be net drama thereby inferior culture expression provided rich space. 02 nets feel, of the youth kill ability network drama to had experienced hop surely. Be born earlier, it is to be not entered flow. Before 2014, ” Duan Zi drama ” the largest tag that is net drama, of cost is low and much stalk ” absolutely did not think of ” ” silk man ” according to legend of youth mouth mouth, but in mainstream platform, the net feels too strong is stumbling block instead.

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Accord with the teleplay with aesthetic masses, the story is coherent, laugh at world of bit of general of common, affection, it is main essential factor. The net play that adapts till novel of famous 2014 network ” hasty that year ” broadcast in Sohu video, the net drama of in a popular style just calculates had prospect of a solution. Compare before net drama, weak market makes funds exceed 1 million ” hasty that year ” calculate go up to be made greatly, compare circlet layer clang numerous Duan Zi drama, year discharge exceeds 1 billion broadcast data, also prove net drama in a popular style has future quite. The academia thinks 2014 is generally later ” net drama the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor ” , ” hasty that year ” and ” silk man 3 ” two sort, all defeat 1 billion, representing the two sides of an organic whole of net drama. Network novel adapts net play, become later customary operation of a few years. Nevertheless, although there was high quality 2015 of new theme ” inadvertently rabbi ” , had 2016 ” more than blame ” , year after year of net play investment rises from 6 digit investment to 9 digit, but when Zhou Xun the person such as Huo Jianhua acts the leading role ” if exemplary,pass ” should be in certainly when network head is sowed, the masses still feels, platoon area is small. Make greatly, big star, high investment, good ordinary members of theatrical troupe, in inflexible impression, belong to small screen of big screen and rather than. But inflexible impression must want to succumb to reality. Examine when TV channel more and more severe, be restricted Gu Ling, be restricted amusement makes on blatant dirt, the eye is seeing big screen content is more and more conservative, small screen presents the state with a this disappear chief the other party. Because be restricted,be Guling cannot be in first defend inspect drama of broadcasted the large network that make to come to video platform.

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In addition, before 2018, mostly the checkup of net drama flow, it is platform as before from careful, what content conveys is comfortable, the umbrella of a few subject matter was formed on certain level. Public praise is being accumulated gradually, drama of early days net is worn in the exploration refresh on new theme audience impressions, arrived by 2018 wide report total bureau is released ” put on record about information of program of network seeing and hearing the announcement that the system upgrades ” , intervene net drama is superintended thoroughly, the consequence of net drama can be mixed already teleplay have equal shares. The rob a tomb that the TV station cannot sow, clever different, and the suspense with large scale, became net drama to consolidate the type of public praise. The process is here medium, zhang Yishan relies on net drama successful from actor of youth of Tong Xing transition, pan Yueming leans ” white night is chased after fierce ” regain masses eye shot, 1000 royal seal give easy melt now ” Chang’an 12 time ” in, the actor career of 4 words little brother opened a good head. The young actor that sends stride to actual strength chooses to use net theatrical work renown, star living energy of life also is in this field region tries to turn over. 2020, love is strange art upgrade ” dense fog theater ” , ” secret corner ” and ” silent truth ” present solid content with playlet form, bitter affusion drama is long the audience does it one brace up. Theatrical start shooting, ” secret corner ” in, rong Zisha of minor leading role (Zhu Chaoyang) Wang Shengdi (general general) be in ever since all sorts of make greatly in, play is made an appointment with ceaseless. Literary piece male advocate Qin Hao walked into masses line of sight. ” silent truth ” in, idol play one’s previous experience, delay changes the Bai Yu with famous drama, actual strength of successful transition youth is sent, cooperate with noonday sunshine ever since, perform Ma Baiyong again ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” leading role. Who still feels drama performing a net is not to enter drifting thing? The network playlet with subject matter new fast rhythm, it is discharge password. Accordingly, after head of start shooting of dense fog theater prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, the department of drama anthology card of carry on is macroscopical the ground is luxurious rise. ” deadly desire ” have Neozoic discharge Fan Chengcheng, ” who is a murderer ” the Zhao Liying that has postpartum transition, ” pan ” actual strength sends Liao Fan and Neozoic Chen Feiyu.

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Even if public praise not answer 2020, the enthusiasm from star is visible, playlet + suspense, it is they give a group as before / the good choice of transition. After delay changes to be banned, a password is blocked up dead, but network move did not discard. Network move, it is the sharp weapon that net drama gives a group as before. Capture the new theme that accords with young generation eye, it is to seize the sharp weapon that break a ring. Old Zhao Jin wheat was mixed to respect booth in vain in the waist, carrying a loop on the head the first drama comes on the stage, the novel sense that the form brings is enough production topic, lung-power is big, pay close attention to naturally much. The horse that bears figure controversy all the year round considers figure of pure straight face, do not perform Malisu, let macula turn pink into the dot instead. The net gives birth to a times, star gives histrionic market, the meaning exceeded work itself already. The audience watchs, already not bureau be confined to is onefold part. The appearance that the audience makes star and part unconsciously jointly regards as another kind of map in drama of movie and TV, the lung-power of generation, far get greatly than onefold part much. 03 traditional channel, the person that get an aunt as before gets the world but these way to do sth, to the person of mom generation, too complex. 60 hind 70 hind in growing course, witnessed Chinese average household, television from do not have have, from fill decline, the whole process because of get warm again after a cold spell of epidemic situation big screen. After Internet, IPTV, OTT TV watchs a habit to had caused brief effect to theirs, companion erupts as the epidemic situation at the beginning of 2020, never leave home, the center that TV returns to a sitting room gradually, master the person of the remote controller, it is to have the person that receives lip-read language right as before. Open big screen to go straight towards a theme to search the drama market that should see continuously unlike young generation / put together art, 60 hind 70 hind retain as before the habit of teleview channel. Find on TV channel be interested in drama anthology, go next network piece the volume number that library search has been sowed or has not broadcast, still be them close inspect logic. 60 hind, like when 70 the year after next are light ” longing ” ” Peking Man is in new York ” wait for teleplay leading role people, cease mostly shadow or often go, stay in the familiar face on screen as before, namely what fire rises after 2000 is medium unripe big flower, a few sort that the person such as favorable reply of Tong Dawei, Jin Dong, Chen Kun, thunder, Huang Lei enclothes female of the old age in the move to like.

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The clue of powerful pulling force of blood of bitter affection dog, to young audience generation, it seems that via removing deliberate and already outdated, but the close key that familiar recipe is remote controller of the old people in Jiesuo as before. Why to admire as to them do not come new theme? ” germinant ” circulate a few times, more than a netizen says, ” my Mom is what to always see same market through I asking when TV ” . Generation person has the habit watching a movie of generation person, also have the common divisor taste of generation person. The youth is looked at gradually insipid old stalk, the understanding that perhaps can change mother laughs. It is good that you feel thunder, she has felt miserable. ” stars sea ” give a mark in each platform mark is not high, but close inspect extremely beautiful. Ba Fu of stutter of knock of youth Diss yellow Lei makes stickup old part, ” small quick home ” pattern is small have two family only to the whole world, ancestors father generation grandson generation series is old in green 3 acting CP, it is to shine marriage it is cancer. When old people sees play in, those who think of is clock moves air 20 years, screen of fast of yellow Lei week parts again last time ” the world in April day ” and ” orange became red ” . When the star on drama anthology, its since serves an audience, want to guarantee viewing rate again. Watch the youth that is used to pure net to be born, not be the focal point that copyright buy just considers, even if youth goes up in the net how Diss drama good land, the influence receives those who inspect grail, with what form a topic, also not be a person. So Mesozoic Era often appears in TV, young star did not come in the rich in playlet. Namely the Spring Festival has a holiday a few days that, sitting room TV left, classical old drama is being put, in the atmosphere of reunion adding up to the home, the story that collective of a few acting people recalls is being sowed, a classical actor’s lines is heard between people Tan Xiao, qi Qi turns the head watchs Xiang Ying screen.

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That is this times, the preference that watch opera not the precious hour of because of acting border billabong.

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