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Original title: Younger sister of Li Xingyun hold up beats small north, speak bluntly and Zhang Zifan break with, suggestion of A elder sister ” Zhang Lang ” regression? Younger sister of Li Xingyun hold up beats small north, speak bluntly and Zhang Zifan break with, suggestion of A elder sister ” Zhang Lang ” regression? Regard the undesirable person that draws all corners of the country as the leading role of series, it is very OK that person energy of life of Li Xingyun also is, by bedraggled he of so much season rose abruptly eventually, come on stage as battle brunt in the 5th season, he what be late begins beautiful muscle eventually, enter the court then side of body bully gas leaks ” fall on one’s knees ” , declare publicly his the emperor position, when catch even if revealing the identity, arrived closely! 20220225161134 6218ffb6dcd5a Begin from field of old Li Deng, he made temperament of whole story picture complete change, as expected lead gas field is different, and the position that he recursive also is him declare that spend type, have those who declare male friendly status, have the leading role place that declares him more! 20220225161135 6218ffb7bff61 Younger sister of Li Xingyun hold up amuses snow, “Astral snow ” CP is firm really return the Li Xingyun beside daughter-in-law, he besides expelled for her chase after outside arms, first job is sure cure is hurt so that be Ji Ruxue, the elder sister that compare A is even direct and crude, did force of work of sister of Laoli hold up rise again? Actual strength amuses snow he, that bestows favor on the mood of be addicted to, tender countenance, max of grown friendly force of old Li Nan, no wonder connects Ji Ruxue to be kept out hard! 20220225161137 6218ffb9dcf94 Come on stage to appear very tall all the time up to now cold Ji Ruxue, there is bit of young woman attitude eventually before Laoli, take out bead flower to let Laoli so that,had been put to her from the back can adorn for her, but the ability that underestimated Li Xingyun, bingle valiant also can be worn for her now, bashful the snow that lower one’s head, speak each other ” astral snow ” , dog food smell of Na Manbing is too full-bodied. 20220225161138 6218ffbaa8cec Speak bluntly and Zhang Zifan break with, is the Zhang Lang such as suggestion of A elder sister returned to? Not bad does the government also know too exciting bachelor is bad? Be bored with became crooked of many time ” astral snow ” it is normal to be returned to eventually, had appareled to go to camping ground, laoli returned divulge to give an important information during, that is he and Zhang Zifan look like break with, ” the method is different do not be seek ” , the brotherly situation that allows them for an instant becomes the topic that discusses for audience heat greatly. 20220225161139 6218ffbb761d8 According to before a few season the person of Zhang Zifan and Li Xingyun is set look, normally unlikely brotherly break with, otherwise the person sets the rhythm that has bit of OOC, associate again day-to-day government very the circumstance of meeting flicker, probably ” break with ” be to have many feline dirt! Add A elder sister that paragraph is done those who blame is extremely beautiful deduce, reemerge ” good see Zhang Lang ah ” , look allude Zhang Lang to you can be returned to? 20220225161141 6218ffbd603ad Cruel beat small north? Give heteronomy the leg! Bully gas declares male friendly dominion everything can wait for follow-up gut to spread out only, should meet have more message leak slowly, after the problem that before was being solved, forgets explains, old Li Ye is to take gut line formally, confront the man student that Luo Xiaobei appears this suddenly, he spoke appropriately ” rival in love ” , let more or less had guessed Luo Xiaobei wants male advocate is the person excited? Regrettablly the government makes a face badly however. 20220225161142 6218ffbe0d5c6 Luo Xiaobei is valued this by many people ” undesirable handsome successor ” , he and old Li Chu meet to was ground to press, no matter be Yan Zhi, imposing manner or actual strength,condole of old Li Dou hits him, after so begin contradiction erupts, old Li Ye is actual strength cruel beat small north, the name is a lesson his actually is to give heteronomy the leg, this is why old Li Zaiba is gas declaring male friend (leading role) dominion? 20220225161143 6218ffbf3c541 On put together, li Xingyun go up eventually line declare position! Younger sister of actual strength hold up is crueler beat small north, little elder brother’s true Shuai Ai! Do not cross his speak bluntly and Zhang Zifan break with, the secret of this backside looks but many, do you believe their brotherly affection died really? And A elder sister that paragraph droll deduce, be the suggestion wants to wait ” Zhang Lang ” regression? Feel Zhang Zifan estimation has what big job to want to do, do you feel?

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