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Original title: Meet season: 4 female advocate ending differs each, chen Xin it is to deserve the punishment really Favorable reply of You Yuanquan, thunder and the teleplay that Gu Nailiang acts the leading role ” meet season ” broadcasting, after this teleplay is broadcasting, the temperature on the network is higher also, the love between two family hates dispute, made the central point that everybody pays close attention to, yuan Quan excuses in the peace of the personate in drama, also be special the girl that lets popular feeling ache, of course in drama additionally a few female advocate performance is very good also, we also analyse them what to kind of final result have?

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1, Jian Minmin Jian Minmin is a medium old, in those days father be murdered, jian Minmin became the biggest victim, because of her lifetime, adapt because of this one thing, but Jian Minmin is right of the family pay, did not get father’s attention, so Jian Minmin hates father, special also to the little brother detest, peaceful excusing family, also made bicycle pump of Jian Minmin, and Jian Minmin also is sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, she in one’s hand asset, be cheated by Zhang Lixin finally.

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Zhang Lixin is outer edge act wildly against law and public opinion, the feeling between two people, already exist in name only, jian Minmin resembles is one complains Fu, was full of distrust to the husband and family member, jian Minmin is aimed at Ning Shu all the time later, because Jian Minmin does not know law, be set to issue a fist to cover by Ning Shu so, final need spends a year in the jail half, fortunately Jian Minmin put down the animosity to Cui Jia eventually, after all these year she also did good thing, and disaster not as good as 3 generation, ning You and Ning Shu, also be the victim of this case in those days. 2, Cheng Kexin

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Cheng Kexin not only young and beautiful, the most important is, cheng Kexin likes Ning Shu very much all the time, her family circumstances is very rich, father also has certain background, but again and again of peaceful excuse me used Cheng Kexin, peaceful excuse me of final Cheng Ke Xin ground, had begun some distrust, after experiencing Zhao Yajuan episode, cheng Kexin and peaceful excuse me also became stranger person, cheng Kexin likes Ning Shu first and last, ning Shu also likes Cheng Kexin, but Ning Shu puts no less than enmity, cheng Kexin also is not willing to wait for a person that does not turn round again, two people were missed so. 3, Ning You

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Ning You is the tall canal of the company, but matrimony is very unfortunate also blessing, excuse to did not like Hao Qinglin too actually rather at the outset, but because Jianhong is become step by step press hard on, final Ning You to escape as soon as possible Jianhong is become, so decision and Hao Qing Lin concern certainly, two people ever also had had sweet time, but Ning You is too strong, the 3 view of two people should not, also parted company finally. Peace excuses later and the heart knot between Jian Hongcheng also removed, this two people also can are without eventually scruple the ground was together, ning You’s son also adores Jian Hongcheng very much, although be to recombine a family, but the relationship of the family is very harmonious.

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4, Chen Xin Chen Xin be did not amount to a purpose by hook and crook person, she exhausted means to get Jian Hongcheng want, she knows perfectly well Jian Hongcheng not to like her, but still want to latch with the child Jianhong is become, final Chen Xin scheme fails, jian Hongcheng recaptured the child’s bring upping successfully to counterpoise, and broke Chen Xin living cost, chen Xin because cannot be accepted, spirit appeared problem, the parents of old still needs to take care of this innocent daughter, chen Xin always be try to make sb do sth which he can’t do, she gets such final result, also be deserve the punishment.

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