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Original title: Is this love apartment really? ” love 4 ” be in ” love apartment ” series most suffer when fixing eyes upon 1000 breathe out 10 thousand call out only then come out, of anxiously of how many person waiting.

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Seek theatrical work, play stalk, discuss gut with the friend, see domestic animal of B station ghost, have leisurely of Ji Tang of mourning hall song, lv Ziqiao of kidney treasure acting character, really its are happy boundless. Although, the ending of the four seasons left a lot of regrets to everybody, also a lot of hole were not filled, nevertheless, the bosom is putting this kind of regret, many people had been mixed in the heart at that time ” love apartment ” path fastened.

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One in an instant, went 5 years, ” love apartment ” 5 came back again actually. Do not cross this, the audience did not have the mood at that time however, ” love apartment ” 5, do not have really inside flavour. The battle array alternates ” love apartment 5 ” the biggest change, it is a few main actors, namely the core of this drama.

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Include absent member, more or less can also gues-star, give a reasonable reason, let us know: Actually Ta is in all the time.

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And to it relevant Tang You leisurely this part, also wave subsequently ocean crosses the sea, little patriarch of these two a bit of a clown, ” love apartment ” little the vigor of the half.

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The Ceng Xiaoxian that serves as patriarch likewise also be dead, just got card with Hu Yifei, was led to send distant desert. little of Ceng Xiaoxian ” love apartment ” , it is no longer really ” love apartment ” .

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Nevertheless Chen He still compares really something, the first collect came out to gues-star, but his condition however be dead, how to look, he is not Ceng Xiaoxian, it is Chen He performed Ceng Xiaoxian to stop again only. It is Chen He is absent not merely condition, other main actor also is. The evaluation of before a lot of people are right two collect is, besides Zhang Wei, someone else is absent condition. Lou Yixiao’s Hu Yifei, did not know why to do not have the bully gas previously, these 3 big character engrave on cerebral door: Lou Yixiao. And Lv Ziqiao, also become spend a heart no longer, begin to become maturity, sedate, priggish, want to try to become a good husband, good father, but he did not work as before however.

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Complete theatrical work, have Li Jia boat only, remain that Zhang Wei, remain that Sineike.

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Can be him as before unvalued, be ignored easily, conversation often is interrupted.

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Although leave,had attorney office, it is the exercitation lawyer that is in charge of printing only no longer, but the fact that still cannot changing him is a dish bird. Start the story of a play or opera formerly too dull the change that said cast, should say gut. Pure the first characteristic that achieves formerly is: Change flavour. If say the United States,drama Chinese is changed is ” love apartment ” before the feature with intriguing success, so song drama Chinese changes dance, the effect is not so good.

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More than form produced a change, gut also is done not have so interesting before, it is the Duan Zi that expired on the network a few bits when use completely. Be in e.g. carry desert Ceng Xiaoxian, return oneself head that uses sand carve, abbreviation: Sha Diao. Too too sedulous, make a person really cannot Get arrives laugh at a dot, comedic most be afraid of, carry Duan Zi namely, cover now directly, the netizen spits groove: Looking to come out is to be achieved formerly.

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Still the netizen says, before get over two collect, from the back not bad, main actor condition came back, also have inside flavour. But, at present I had not seen a few market from the back, not be not to think, it is to have a bit not dare. What be afraid of? A lot of people say: ” love apartment ” the youth that is our generation person.

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Be in ” love apartment ” 4 ends when, a lot of people are making a noise to want a result, the hope can have 5 season, tell the story that did not tell, once I also hope.

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The hole that does not fill, ourselves head fills, do not have the story that says, let it continue to keep suspense in memory. And of the 5th season be born, be like is the youth that is buried, abrupt cheat cadaver.

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Nevertheless, nevertheless, I still should thank Wei Zheng, he lets my expectation provide an elephant to change. We know in this one season, those people in our youth, had perfect story final result.

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Love apartment is forever over there, best sweetheart is beside, best friend is on.

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