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Original title: ? Drama of Zhang of this 39 parts, who is this year ” the king that divides Zhang ” ? | Before look up 2022 This is the member that the 1871st haematemesis of bright mew achieves mew a group of things with common features to pile up a word formerly: Month of Ren the third of the twelve Earthly Branches reachs Xu Xiao strange editor’s note, every phenomenon is newer. Enter brand-new competition ground, severe of Chuo of industry of homebred movie and TV is strenuous, with great concentration writes Chinese good story. Drama anthology dimension spends: ” between the world ” ” full-dress ” ” this life has you ” much subject matter of drama of net waiting for a stage blossoms, each arrogate to oneself gets the better of viewing rate; ” rustic love 14 ” ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” ” won’t of love us ” wait for network drama deep ploughing perpendicular domain, broadcast a quantity satisfactory. Dimension of courtyard line film spends: ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” ” this killer is not quite sober ” ” miraculous ยท stupid child ” wait for beautiful piece arouse long end effect continuously, before 3 all include ” billion club ” . Network film dimension spends: ” town of yin and yang talks quite ” ” big snake the battle of 3 dragon snake ” ” Zhang Sanfeng ” wait for work to behave bright look, the booking office that divide Zhang is highest breakthrough 36 million. In addition, domain of the drama that divide Zhang, small playlet all also has wonderful show. Be in next 2022, each are big platform, piece base oneself upon of the square, person that create is rich and generous reserve, be eager for doing sth, be about to show the gluttonous regale of content of a movie and TV for the audience. To be creation further Zhe Zhensheng carries gas, boil small delicacy (Pengxx01) be aimed at above circuit, release a sheet according to each platform, engineered [before look up 2022] special subject, aim to take an audience to be locked up ahead of schedule decide high grade work, support combustion relevant story person, and before the prospective trend of look up industry. A drama of the Zhang that it is cent piece. Expect trade of 2022 year movie and TV, group just belong to cease bright, jump scale in all by carry. The heart that B stands, the look up before passerby all knows Piao 2022 hang down kind ” revulsion ” , explode a preliminary battle? | Before look up 2022 winters abstruse be about to conclude, go paying close attention to these new piece | Before put together of archives of look up 2022 130+ art ” fight hand-in-hand ” , who will ” break through a tight encirclement ” ? | Before look up 2022 ” 3 models ” shortly, network film ready-made? The look up before Piao 202220220225161326 6219002664333 Big probability of anthology of the following drama can appear 2022 ” king of the drama that divide Zhang ” . From 2016 ” bewitching gives Chang’an ” broadcast case, the drama that divide Zhang had taken the 6th year. In relevant process, 2020 ” small hutch of terrestrial smoke scintilla ” became a partial Zhang to cut the work of 100 million, be up to now data ceiling. Enter 2021, although the market is done not have super explode money work, but ” gentleman of dear lemon essence ” ” my neighbour is long not quite ” ” like you pit-a-pat pit-a-pat ” ” 2 Long Hu love story 2021 ” depend on respectively 58 million + , 50 million + , 45 million + , 35 million + the booking office that divide Zhang, let the potential energy that continued to see the play that divide Zhang inside course of study. Meanwhile, enter the company ceaseless increase of the bureau and the type is multivariate, from the net firm of market of theatrical work of department of in the end of the situation since raw firm enters the arena, the plate of the drama that divide Zhang is bigger and bigger, cost also is sent more become tall. Of course even if is such, the market still exists ” see head flesh only, do not see lumbar boiling water ” spirit appearance, go up line amount is much, profitable amount is little, big earn can be counted on one’s fingers. Nevertheless, this may produce apparent change 2022. Be based on capacity of video platform oneself and cooperative mode upgrade, add the effect of big environment of movie and TV, end of unripe content C changes the net to already became general trends, and the main component that the drama that divide Zhang regards long video C as upright product, occupy than will surely promoting considerably. Can judge, future arrives two years, small system measures work to will decide drama of the Zhang that it is cent in much. 20220225161326 62190026dccc8 To this, about dividing Zhang theatrical work, boil small delicacy (Pengxx01) statistic the work of the line on 39 this year (include 3 already was sowed and wait for 36 times sow) , inscribe material type and creation ordinary members of theatrical troupe integratedly, before look up the trend of the drama that divide Zhang 2022, forecast future to explode paragraph. In already sowing work, ” flickering bright tiny spot ” go up line after 10 days, hit in fabaceous valve by right of 43 thousand person 7 high component, drama of the Zhang that it is cent was created ” make a good beginning ” . Wait for in sowing work, big probability of anthology of the following drama can appear 2022 ” king of the drama that divide Zhang ” : ” childe your name ” ” a thousand pieces of gold escapes hard ” ” lunar go to court colour ” ” madam, you are not right ” ” the summer of days fork ” ” candy of fine smell danger ” ” my god makes Your Excellency ” . In addition, ” Shaohua records Songci ” ” tear open case: Every phenomenon spells a plan ” ” dear farmer gentleman ” ” from 0 to the love of one ” ” love is troublesome, but sweet ” ” you are me is delicate ” ” pink clouds Yi Sanliu Li is fragile ” ” still adult of a the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” also be worth to expect. These forecasting have according to but abide. Pay the logic of cost according to weak market, of the drama that divide Zhang make more test producer and the ability of the person that create, the each market that they must assure work has ” hook ” , attract an user to view below one market. From this, if ever probed a successful case, so follow-up work is gone to toward get twice the result with half the effort. According to this logic, consider to divide Zhang drama female to hang down again kind suffer numerous characteristic, we can explode greatly from 2021 the just a little of the pry in creating ordinary members of theatrical troupe of work. Annual ring mirrors culture of picture He Benjia to made a two ministry high fever divide Zhang theatrical work together 2021, it is drama king respectively ” gentleman of dear lemon essence ” with head work ” days and you, will not in good health ” . 20220225161328 62190028c7861 2022, they cooperate ” childe your name ” will land love to surprise art, the achievement that divide Zhang is worth to expect. ” childe your name ” adapt self-love to surprise art the novel of popular person energy of life of literary Ni Shiyi ” drunk need to wait for gentleman to help up ” , told about the Tang Buyan of door of Tang Men palm with eccentric genius hand in hand the Li Chengqi of door of Xuan Jishan palm with cold abstinency face, set foot on jointly search ” the person of determined by fate ” explode laugh brigade, grow all the way results love, upgrade together ” dozen strange ” story. Its producer Gong Meihui is ” gentleman of dear lemon essence ” producer. Be able to bear or endure flying science and technology also is ” gentleman of dear lemon essence ” manufacture square, this company was born content domain to shine brilliantly in the net last year, distribute Zhang drama success not only satisfactory, have more explode paragraph network film ” Xing Anling’s hunter is fabulous ” . This year, its divide Zhang drama project to be ” candy of fine smell danger ” , it is to love to surprise art ” Yun Teng plans ” hatch work. This drama related a such stories: Run gallery together revive candy and marital Peng Zhe are a pair everybody is colourful admired perfect husband and wife, but the lipstick of a paintress disclosed the secret with old bury accidentally however, old bedside person difficult differentiate of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, the mystery deceptive battle array to mislead the enemy of first love is heavy, to the truth long for woke up revive of candy ” smell ” . Drama anthology advocate hit ” suspense + love ” element, progressively evolution becomes Gao Tian love elaborate fraud, suspense of a criminal case is layer upon layer and thorough. Well-known, type innovation is creation explodes one of advantage of the paragraph. Through gut brief introduction can see, ” candy of fine smell danger ” and ” gentleman of dear lemon essence ” same, all be the rare city suspense type in the drama that divide Zhang, add manufacture the making experience of the company and the deepness research that give birth to an user to the net, do not give an accident, this drama can obtain the very good result that divide Zhang. 20220225161329 6219002998271 Momentum of company of net unripe content is satisfactory, firm of traditional drama market also nots allow small gaze. Be based on them to make the demand with have particular to drama anthology, these company exit drive the making level of whole of the drama that divide Zhang probably directly, increase the creation experience of their itself, work yields to be worth to pay close attention to related. For instance ” lunar go to court colour ” , of drama anthology manufacture to just have job of Lu Ming film, the anthology of associate with drama that this department participates in with thematic give priority to, for instance drama anthology ” big decisive battle ” ” passionate years ” , gut newsreel ” hot snow — dynasty of great the aid that fight the United States ” wait, the film ” battle wolf 2 ” ” empty sky hunt ” etc. Again for instance ” the summer of days fork ” , this drama by hold a knife to pass ” spend 1000 bone ” etc numerous ancient occasionally the Ci Wenchuan intermediary of drama manufactures, adapt explode oneself paragraph caricature IP ” beautiful shadow ” , advocate hit ” green + psychology + suspense ” element, developed the individual character of adolescent teenager and heart meticulously, with them wonderful when grow and sensation metabolic course. Type innovation adds Ci Wen to be opposite the deep ploughing of female user, believe ” the summer of days fork ” can give out a pretty good exam paper. Enter bureau person grow in quantity, the choice grow in quantity of the audience, the doorsill that sees play becomes tall, actor or actress especially cruel ” after be being sowed first, judge ” politic, the income that shows the theatrical work that divide Zhang adequately is decided by the audience entirely. This can force necessarily the person that create ” involute ” , also mean in upgrade besides the level that make, seeking good story and subject matter breakthrough is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. About this bit, we can be adapted from type, IP and 3 dimension spend length analytic 39 drama this year. Spend from type dimension above all look, ancient costume kind still be the mainstream, occupy than 61.53% , city kind with green campus kind all occupy than 15.38% , suspense kind occupy than 7.71% . Although look from data only, comparative last year, ancient costume kind lift somewhat, other type is reduced somewhat, but fine fine fractionation, the ancient costume of single element is sweet bestow favor on drama to occupy than decreasing, “Ancient costume + ” scale is increasing, the type is compound it is one big remarkable trend more. 20220225161330 6219002a56263 Of course, amount of ancient costume drama still has a main reason more, this is battalion receives the stablest kind, those who have oneself is basic dish. Green campus and ancient costume are sweet bestowing favor on drama is with the female the user is given priority to, but get place of language of be confined to, condition of ancient costume words cannot resemble on creation same a powerful and unconstrained style, the element that abounds very hard with imagination so attracts an audience, the amount is less this year, have such reason probably. Ancient costume is sweet the radiant that bestow favor on drama is the foundation suffers numerous, suspense and city subject matter are the main kind that plays new user, drive tall age user especially. Inside this, ” tear open case: Every phenomenon spells a plan ” be worth to expect very much, its series the first work once small explode. Adapt dimension to spend from IP next look, traditional net article IP is remained yield large family. Include ” attract 1000 years old of adult that do not have ” ” I just am not become the leader of an alliance ” ” lunar go to court colour ” ” madam, you are not right ” ” love is troublesome but sweet ” ” a thousand pieces of gold not aggressive ” ” he spans hill sea and come ” ” punishment detect takes notes ” inside, it is the content that IP movie and TV changes. Be worth what carry is, the drama that divide Zhang is chosen in IP choose on the strategy that has oneself, a lot of and broadcast platform is bound, promote two-way ode to beg can, in be willing to choose at the same time, small system measures IP, already can cut cost, also can lock up calm most hang down kind user. 20220225161331 6219002b1b8b8 Besides net article IP, caricature IP also is the content source that distinguishs Zhang drama key this year, relevant work has ” smart beautiful woman is slight makeup ” ” jade of Ma Ye world ” ” lovely bad guy ” ” age apotheosis ” . The 3rd spend from length dimension look, length sends growth more. In 39 work this year, only of a 12 collect. Conversely, the work of 24 collect holds great majority, still have 36 collect and the work of 40 collect individually. This explains, the drama that divide Zhang is on whole, to the tradition in drama of system capacity network draws close. In addition, close considering cost and battalion, platform also is strengthening the operation of bisect Zhang drama, give resource and support. Broadcast with the beginning of the year ” smart beautiful woman is slight makeup ” for exemple, this is to love to surprise art give drama anthology channel BANNER first the drama that divide Zhang. Network of source of full text graph – END –

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