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Original title: They are in drama personate mother child, reality is husband and wife however, name to twin ” exactly like “ “I, wei Ying Luo. Inherent disposition is cruel, not to be trifled with. Who if again Ji Ji is crooked. I have a plenty of method to cope with her ” . In very long period of time, the author is having very deep impression to this actor’s lines.

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Believing a lot of audiences also is the psychology like be being held in the arms, after all this and wear Shaoxing opera comparing always to rise, it is a Qing Dynasty shedding undoubtedly. Without submit to humiliation, subdue oneself to do not displease others, rancor even day of rancorring ground rancorring emperor. . . . . . Because,be probably this a variety of different, just brought up teleplay explode red, and one numerous advocate those who achieve personnel have one’s moment. “Bai Yueguang ” Qin Lan, “Big pig hoof ” Nie Yuan, “Dare love to dare be hated ” Wu Jin character, “With affection concentrated ” Xu Kai. . . . . . .

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This drama also lets pure the wife of a prince act Zhe Wangyuan to be able to have his moment likewise. The person that has seen this play knows, she is in the part around contrast in drama is very big. Want how to let everybody accept the change with this kind of sharp contrast, this to an actor, it is a kind of test likewise. Be Ied hope, wang Yuan can be accomplished, and very outstanding finished, also harvested the fructification of the bumper harvest accordingly.

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Say, her act art the career is not very successful. Wang Yuan can be brought up in an average household as a child, disposition is very optimistic and lively. Give birth to an activity because of unexpected move, she what be recommended to sign up by the teacher, was on a brand-new road at this point. Wang Yuan can hold the state of mind that have a try in the arms to enter recruit students activity, did not think of to be admitted by institute of liberation army art really finally.

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It is very big that art is consumed one row this, to prop up the artistic dream that has a daughter. A lot of debt were owed in the home, was to borrow all kin almost. Fortunately Wang Yuan but recumbent finally oneself actual strength got admissive, also paid off debt thoroughly, change the corporeal condition in the home thoroughly. When still reading an university, she partner Wang Likun goes out jointly performed teleplay ” the river is like blood ” .

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Because of the wonderful performance in drama, wang Yuan but by more person place hep, also had more performance opportunities. Because perform,also be, the true love that she found herself — Wang Yu. The other side is an actor likewise, two people are get acquainted with when taking sport. Be worth what carry is, two people are in play of personate still is a pair of mothers child, outside making fun of nevertheless they develop the relationship between each other however for a pair of lovers.

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Having the two people of same interest, brush the scintilla that gave love gradually in getting along with each passing day, go at this point. Although grow sentiment with the person of the same trade, intermediate meeting has a lot of twists and turns, resemble getting together to leave less much ah, red is heard. . . . . . Etc. But they understand each other, also support each other, more become the support between each other. Feeling very the two people of earnest also are in later the hall that stepped marriage hand in hand.

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Be in later was to be delivered of a pair of lovely twin sons more. And perform art group heavenly body the name with 2 multifarious generation is same, this names to what husband and wife gives oneself the son also very interesting. They were taken directly ” exactly like ” name, the setting that after thinking of, attends class is a little comical still. The Wang Yuan nowadays but, not only the career has, still having happy and perfect family, undoubted work became life to win domestic about. In the life after also wishing two people are in here as always conjugal love, also bring more and wonderful work for everybody.

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