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Original title: This ability is ” elite lawyer ” best ending: Luo Bin repairs Cheng Zhengguo, 3 pairs of sweethearts become spouses eventually Act the leading role by the person such as Jin Dong, La Yingying, Tian Yu, Zhu Zhu ” elite lawyer ” , already perfect a few days ago receive an official, final result is satisfactory. That Dai Xi that ever let La Yingying personate cannot finish course of study, got even terrified the Jiao En of angst disease, received due penalty at long last, the authority that is immersed in the crisis was signed successfully at long last finally division east this big client, prospective company also will be in of Luo Bin guide next flourishing! Nevertheless, watch the audience of such ending, a little malcontent however: Ending is too brash, want to look fail to satisfy! Especially male advocate people emotional wire says, explain very unsharpness, what guess at the outset is so good, whats did not produce result final result, a little regretful rather!

20220225161443 62190073ec732

So ” elite lawyer ” to the audience people for, what is best ending? We look together today!

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3 pairs of sweethearts become spouses eventually, this is one of pictures that the audience thinks to see most! It is Dai Xi and Mai Fei above all compound! Want to say two people love not quite, after parting company, especially Mai Fei sunlights to wearing, have feeling already intended, he conveys himself clearly to want to recover Dai Xi’s determination, and when Dai Xi encounters a problem, mai Fei can do his best help, for instance for anxious favour be related, entreat Luo Bin under the counter, should know at the outset but be fed up with Luo Bin,wheat flies, for Dai Xi, he need not plan past grudge! So, audience people hope to be able to see this pair in ending more can compound, because wheat flies to suit Dai Xi very much really!

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He Sai and La Lan are together! The La Lan of personate of king dawn morning this part, be detested by the audience all the time, think she is together with He Sai additional purposeful, even the person sets collapse to wait! In the ending gut of this play, la Lan also did not come on stage however. She and the story that why surpass appear already success, go together after all nevertheless, also fail to give out result! Although the person is set,make a person unwell, but the enemy that the audience thinks to see similar of this pair of disposition more child, can have a good result!

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Luo Bin and Li Na repair Cheng Zhengguo! Make fun of from this one begin, the Luo Bin of the Li Na of Zhu Zhu personate and Jin Dong personate by the audience people acquiesce is is a pair, li Na can say is Luo Bin most accredit and the most reliable secretary, not only duty field, can achieve even the way of the world perfection perfect. It is nevertheless in ending, the emotional line of Luo Bin and Zhu Zhu is done not have Anacreontic, if two people repair Cheng Zhengguo in final final result, just be major audience probably want to see most!

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This drama to the audience people the concept that communicate special energy, resist for justice for instance the practice of undesirable and evil force with respect to ten cent vent one’s anger. Still one makes fun of in this Libuwen not igneous Mai Fei, actually he communicates energy, it is to let a person burn with righteous indignation more! “Report for duty, I am lawyer of newcome of place of authority law, mai Fei. ” fly to knock when wheat, when reporting, we saw justice or can get supporting. Although the meeting is a bit slower, but he won’t be late.

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Probably this ability is an audience want to see most ” elite lawyer ” ending, to this drama, do you hope to there is 2 season?

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