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Original title: ” between the world ” every day someone says to want to abandon theatrical work, close inspect live the matter that does not leave high however ” between the world ” I want to abandon theatrical work really, to perceptual person, do not suit to look really ” between the world ” , especially recently a few collect, true eye cries swollen.

20220225161503 62190087c2733

Former when Zhou Bingkun house is received, I had made the preparation that good Zhou Bingkun is imprisoned, but playwrite did not let Zhou Bingkun be imprisoned, let Luo Shibin and Zhou Jiaxiang be in very happily instead. I think playwrite he is softhearted, I am without when guarding against, he writes Zhou Nan dead. Zhou Nan dies too indescribably really, although send a hand to string together from Feng , when Luo Shibin says the gun can be bought at will, I thought of playwrite may be to making bedding, but what I cannot accept Zhou Nan really is dead.

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I think very should difficult somebody can be accepted, zhou Nan’s so nice person, dying ought not to be him obviously. The delay in the shadow that I had not died from Zhou Nan crosses a god to come, playwrite sends Zhou Bingkun into the jail again, beautiful letting Zheng strips off cut before everybody. Playwrite is too beyond the mark really, capture is worn a honest person but strong bully. I do not think Zhou Bingkun really again endure hardships, zhou Nan’s so dead that collect began me to did not look, after waiting for Zhou Bingkun to come out, I look again. Such I can treat as he had not sat the prison is same. Every day someone says to want to abandon theatrical work, but ” between the world ” close inspect reside however do not fall high, no more than these 3 kinds of reasons.

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One, the part takes the place of — dish loves to play again see TV resemble playing game, is what you think strong interest is large Wang Zhe? Actually otherwise, strong interest is large is dish chicken mostly, joy is found in only dish chicken ability grows in the again and again. Every time sees play, we can take the place of chronically the part into drama, what a lot of moment take the place of is leading role mostly. The part takes the place of, mean the joys and sorrows of life that he experiences, although we cannot be experienced completely, but our mood can suffer him to affect. Zhou Bingkun’s part is the part of an Everyman, dare ask who is an Everyman on the world? Zhou Bingkun is kind-hearted, diligent and conscientious, frank. If such person does not have good life, cross was full of in his life, that we? Not be do not have the life more approach a head. Zhou Bingkun is we are replaced in the part in teleplay, we look at his get into trouble, look forward to him to be able to walk out of predicament as soon as possible. When looking every time, feel very cruel, it is the edge cries even the edge looks, but one collect never is missed, expecting Zhou Bingkun to come out from the jail all the time, begin oneself new life.

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2, part hope for has had the thing of a lot of vexed in real life, do not want to see a teleplay, the character inside or suffering breath out the figure that breath out, think of life get into trouble minute minutes oneself, the interest that watch a movie is devoid, still affect experience seeing play. There is thinking in our be used to in, good person should want to have good cable, we hope he all go well, resembling because of him right now is ourselves, we also hope reality is medium oneself can all go well. But unluckily such good person experiences Zhou Bingkun even however heavy cross, this lives namely. The life, do not close namely had closed difficult pass a barrier? The life that who does not have is can plain sailing. Although Zhou Bingkun’s life is cross heavily, but always Shou Deyun leaves see a month bright a day. This also means the life that halcyon happiness also can harvest after ourselves experienced heavy cross.

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3, psychology is comforted there are a lot of people to be in adversity period now on the world actually. Such part figure can bring Zhou Bingkun them more encourage, let them no longer small talk abandons, no longer full of remorse, bring greatest life courage to them. This lives realistically namely the glamour of drama, the person can give again while recognize letting a person is actual in order to invigorate, let a person have ongoing power. See here actually, I seemed to understand why ” between the world ” in Zhou Bingkun is leading role. Zhou Rong’s life, too suitable too perfect, the person that cause resonance is little, zhou Bingyi’s life, too glorious too dazzling, more people are pretentious, it is to plaint, only Zhou Bingkun’s life just is real the world. The lifetime that who does not have is plain sailing, we always can be on Zhou Bingkun’s body find the sign that belongs to oneself. — End — the individual viewpoint that the article is small tea, those who thank everybody is careful read, nodding assist, comment to add attention is the power that I replace continuously, welcome everybody to pay close attention to small tea. Oneself state: The picture originates teleplay ” between the world ” , the person that copyright puts in original creative work ‘s charge is all, after if have tort,be being informed please, delete instantly.

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