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Original title: These a few low the play of movie and TV that opens to go high, belong to ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” the quarrelling sound is most, it is the disaster that money causes really See so problem: When what teleplay is patted the quarrelling sound, perform however finally really sweet? By drama of really sweet movie and TV a lot of, the element is much also. Because have,some are certain do not denounce happy actor to be in, some are begin not quite absorbing, because drama name is bad to listen,also having a few is. Anyway, a lot of drama are low leave to go high, such drama often develops as gut, the heart that gives an audience came a big surprise. Say for me now, 4 when oneself had looked, concerned Yu Yue looks to have the theatrical work of flavour more: ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” but undeniable, this is a good theatrical work. Young actor and old show bone people the setting that enrols too, it is to comparative light. As the development of gut, more the wonderful point that yielded people to see this play.

20220225161540 621900ac49498

” if exemplary,pass “

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Nevertheless, as go like exemplarying affective situation, week fast acting too erupt, can grind press N of Wu Jin character street. Those had abandoned the person of drama, come back to watch in succession, by if exemplary,falling mood is influencing a rise and fall. Link big final result, be like that meeting that exemplaries dead, do not know to look cry how many person. ” if exemplary pass ” it is one leaves sow be scolded, the person lets look to have the theatrical work of flavour more more from the back.

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” know to deny ” also be develop as gut, the Gu Erlang of Feng Shaofeng personate, the person is set more and more Anacreontic. Let everybody realise male advocate those who be inside is firm, right female advocate good. Audience people ability discovery, gu Erlang just is most that individual that knows Ming Lan, suit Ming Lan than him without the person. Ming Lan’s suffering he understands, ming Lan’s charming is revealed before him only, ming Lan’s adamancy becomes stronger after falling in love with him.

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” dear, have deep love for ” a lot of people can seek this theatrical work, because have Yang Zi,be. Since ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” hot hind, yang Zi became fire to arrive igneous actor. Have her place, also had receive inspected assurance. ” dear has deep love for ” at the beginning, do not have what heat. Plum the account that because the person is set,shows the Han Shangyan of personate, the appearance of one face paralysis, acting was to spit groove by more. As the development of gut, audience people the connotation place that just understands Han Shangyan, know plum those who show is masterly expression. ” dear has deep love for ” can from sow the change that spit groove to become erupt Li Chaojiang, it is support of the people of climate favourable geographical position. Plum now from go out to explode red, serious all the time him burnish acting. In this drama, got authority approbate. Thick accumulate thin hair, by the audience people fan went up he, in succession self-given he is now male friend, show husband.

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As a whole, such theatrical work is very much, say these 4 very fire has representative theatrical work again. Besides, still have ” Chen Qing makes ” , ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” , ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” etc, it is low leave to go high, sweeter and sweeter, let those who enter pit the audience is deep.

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